welcome there guys back to another muggy record video and today it's day two of login it's actually 2:00 a.m. I was actually waiting for this bonus to come around but we are getting a 500 Maggie stones bonus so let's go ahead and claim these and we get 600 stones and let's do suppose we're gonna go ahead and just do polls forward actually before we spend them we're gonna go ahead and grab I believe let me go over here you can grab your cell a10 weave ticket set for 200 which basically means you save like 50 stones so you might as well get that that's what you want so I'm gonna grab that anyone ever you don't just like safe 250 you also you'll say we're at least 30 plus you'll get all these extra stuff like the AP potion the BB potion and yeah so let's go ahead and grab that we got that and let's get our weave ticket said it's also one of each might as well by then okay and you know I'm actually just gonna buy the rest of these because I feel like these would be are gonna be useful later on so I might as well just get them you know so let's just buy that out I think that's really nice and let's go ahead and do a semi with these I think I'm gonna say about these things for the AP potions cuz it probably will be really nice for that so I'm gonna have to make sure to follow a lot of people for that so let's go ahead and do a poll we have a tendrá and since we did get my Joker last time the same we'll go ahead and try for mommy so well do the rate up or we'll do the pool on the rate up for mommy and here we go we we do have what we'll have a couple extra left but I think it just letting keep my stones until I have more later on so we're just gonna do this let's see who we get let's fix that little anomaly in your faith the best we can whoo all right I'm not sure what I still don't know what these pictures mean and there's a I think I'm what did they call it hey I was using these all day and I forgot what they recalled already not equipped I don't think they call it quips they're called like something for the SATs no no that's that's something else actually entirely any to start then wait no no okay wait no wait wait no no no we go wait it's a rainbow what does that mean wait no no I don't really know what that means yeah that's why it's back-to-back rainbows what does it mean I don't get what it means isn't like Limerick material does that mean I haven't now Limor broken as a forester I really don't know what that means I'm guessing that's how you get the wait a minute oh it's just a equip thing well it is a fork one so I take it actually I'm getting excited over no reason just yet and that's a normal card I think baby might be a three star yeah I think that's a three star actually I don't think I've seen any 30 stars yet to start kind of go okay a lot of stuff in this one yeah I'm up stuff in this summon a lot of interesting stuff I keep seeing the rainbow and I'm thinking that might be added but it's knotted I was just confusing myself thinking that's what it was and I'm not too sure what all these animations made entirely like I didn't know what the rainbow meant time-traveler that might be good why me I got four start guard that's probably really good for home or uh you know we may go ahead and just leave the tea bowls I think I might as a different story mommy and Kyoko I guess all really depends on whatever we get here because I we're getting some interesting stuff I'm not sure egg like oh three star there all right okay so like I'm not sure also this is like Limit Break material right so because wait I think we ready header and then we have this for started card and then we had a pretty start card another character so we had to carry no three characters it's got memoria yeah okay so we had three magical girls and we got a bunch of Memoriam okay so they call me Mario so we do have a couple of gems I feel like I shouldn't be wasting these I really feel like I should not be wasting these honest extra summon but the youtuber in me says I'll do it so let's go do it mommy you know we need you it's probably a bad idea and I should be saving these pearly tickets and stop your specials let's go ahead and do it oh I didn't mean to skip your light you see now that's where we're gonna get all the bad luck so I can't get excited about a rainbow cuz I don't know what the rainbows mean exactly under one of these I can let me break it again you trip to restart a chef I think I just got that within the last poll that's probably fine those little animations in the background was like do those mean something matter one of those like the way the pattern moves in the background is that like this is like three does that mean like it three start no Matt it might mean new though when it has that pattern I think we're gonna get it to a bunch of memoria there's a lot more yeah so as father we're gonna be getting we're getting a bunch of characters though and I think I have I got something limit broken I'm not sure again I mean I check that out later really just a lot of memoria and this 100 we got a we got a for start more okay victory time wait and so it could be just IRA Moria okay it's a red card so I'm not gonna freak out it's probably a two-story or does that make me like the type of unit it's gonna be first started Rica and it's a fire unit I think I think I three start it's not bad three stars better than anything it's a rainbow but I'm not gonna freak out cuz it might not be anything might just be another like Limit Break so sorry me Nagi what what what what does it mean when it's rainbow and it's us and it's like that though I don't get it does that mean that we get another limit we got another like one another copy later on in the poll I think it's it right yeah I said I don't give it I really don't get it we got a three start but we're gonna check this out later and also but you should probably save up for one more poll and do what we're pull as well with that probably gonna play through a lot of story today so we're gonna go ahead and do that I might even just make it in this video so let's go ahead and check out the teams and then I'll tell you guys what I think I got so I just realized I've been recording at like 7:20 this whole time but just we're ready here I might as well just keep going yeah so this is just like later in the day and um I've been crated up by Madoka actually lately so I've actually been working on her a little bit and I've actually got her to level 46 now I've been doing a lot of special training and I you saw my EP potions I don't know or my BP yeah my appt potions so out of the eight pmax potions I don't know I really want to use those like I want to save those up until later on once I have more AP but yeah Muslim AP is almost restored and so we'll probably do some more special training and the day's gonna roll over in like an hour from now but I still want to do one more pool before I end this video this was just gonna be it's just a summary video that's all it is make sure you guys you guys haven't already done your special training to work on it make sure they get your in hands and your episodes because once you keep working on that you'll be able to go into the shop and in the shop you'll actually be able to buy them the medals and some AP potions and I think there's a lot of stuff here you can actually buy I think the rainbow orbs are probably a good thing too but the medals you use at the top are actually part of this for the you know house out the subset outfit and you can also get some more weeks tickets with that too you can get two more we've tickets so you can you get the swimsuit outfit after twenty twelve days login or you can get the swimsuit outfit but if you do some of this you'll be able to you're gonna buy a couple of these and you'll be able to I think by the swimsuit outfit in at least one we've ticket and probably like an AP potion I'm not sure if we'll be able to get more of these more of these uh what is it called again the release celebration tokens but we'll probably get more and also I finally realized what the mirror coins are hadn't realized this game how to PvP system so the mirror coins is I guess maybe like a monthly thing these are sets like every month and you'll be able to get like maybe like monthly ten we've tickets and like that or maybe it's a weekly thing I guess it it might be a weekly thing actually but yeah so if you haven't done any of your PvP battles this is a mirror battles then yeah I would probably suggest start working on that for me I yeah by team is really weak so I need a work on that a lot more right now I can I don't think I could beat anybody so I'm just gonna keep like forcing myself to fight that way I can just at least get some points so I can buy a couple of tickets before the reset happens so yeah so let's go ahead and do that last poll and I'm talking let's get this pulled over with alright so I do have a couple ticket tickets but I'm gonna wait until I have more tickets today with polls and for now we'll just go ahead and try to get some kind of get mommy we have 250 stones I probably should not be using these stones I definitely should not be using these stones like I said I think earlier in the video but I still really want to try to get mommy mommy or Anna so come on I believe hey maybe get a guarantee matchup girl after a hundred after ten so baby with all this whoo let's go let's see you know maybe the way what she says specifically is what like also triggers Eddie any really look us up I stopped I looked it up I'm not sure everything of this is good yet okay so we got a guy keep memoria memoria oh three star memoria so that's the first one 3 star memoria how many hopes and dreams tight we still got a lot more stuff here so remember I'm not gonna freak out over rainbows anymore cuz I sigh I was freaking out earlier open a reason to start memoria Carolee I still can't really tell like when it's natural for star or not I feel like there might be something there did like reveal that it's a four star nod okay that's a three star that was a three star rainbow massively muscled Academy restart units nice Netta rainbow there's a lot of petals on this one though does that mean yeah that's lit up yeah okay so it's a limit per it's more like not let my break material but it's something similar to it I think I'm a bit little in my break material and I'm just not getting it just yet livermorium a star memoria that means it's a juicer memoria I really need to like look at the different animations just I realize I'm sure over time I'll figure it out some another memoria do you start memoriam I would took a little while I think we're almost my wall was pulling everything did you start more yet you have another bit more yeah every time I see them amore I just get so disappointed I am happy to see any new characters honestly but I do get disappointed what I don't see like the little rainbow or blue or something what would I wear see that I just love just like oh it's a memoria so I know it's not a character at least and that's it okay so we got a we got one new three-star character and some more of that I think Limit Break material so we need another seven pools and we will be able to get a guaranteed I do like the fact that we can get a guaranteed and there's still a lot time – I honestly get never guaranteed I kind of still want to keep going until I can get one I guarantee it honestly the rates are I think goes here the rate goes up or you just guaranteed after I started out of pools right so like hold on go rate guaranteed your d3 starter higher it's 1% of magical girls did you I forgot what the well Ceylon we stopped somewhere we've tickets that we collected my weed tickets over to do some more polls for later but guys hope you guys enjoyed this video it's just a little bit of 17 kind of just seeing what I was like again but Inc admit it we didn't get that lucky this time around we didn't get as like it's the first time but we're gonna keep going I'm gonna give tried to pull and I'm gonna keep trying to get this does that really one which is one more I know I should be saving cuz I know you guys are telling me I'm saving for future banners and stuff but I just want to have something right now you know all right I'll see you guys later

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  1. all magical girls can be turned 4 stared if indicated with awakening material but those rainbow shards you get (when you pull another girl that isnt new) helps you equip more memorias

  2. Pretty sure the rainbow you saw in those cards is standard for the "star element" magical girls, in fact other element mg cards didn't have the rainbow!
    Btw i tried my first ever roll with the 10x ticket in the Madoka rate up banner… well i got spooked by Mami! What are the chances lmao (Rate up is a lie 😆)

  3. also when summoning the random lines of light will literally turn into a rainbow if u get a 4 star character but only then they remain the same with everything else.

  4. the 1st picture determines what star memoria you are getting (regular flower = 2 star or a weird gray flower = 3 stars and above), the 2nd picture predicts one magical girl's element and the third picture determines what star that magical girl is (Iroha alone = 2 stars and above, Ui disappearing = 3 stars and above, and the magical girl group together = 4 star).

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