Hello, everyone. My name is Kara. There is nothing as powerful as the unspoken. You never know where it will lead you one
day. Unfortunately my father and I had to experience
it firsthand to realize this truth. As long as I can remember, I’ve always considered
my father an indifferent and insensitive person. And it’s no wonder! He has spent his whole life working as a policeman,
so he has seen some crazy things in his life. My mother died when I was only three years
old, so the only person who gave me love and care was my paternal grandmother. It was nearly impossible to have a heart-to-heart
with my dad, especially when it came to my mother. He would always get irritated and refuse to
talk about her. I loved looking through my mom’s old pictures
in family albums and trying to imagine what she was like. She had the most expressive eyes I’ve ever
seen and a tiny spot above her lips. My grandma always used to say my mother had
loved me to bits and that she had been a very good person. And I bet I would’ve never ever learned more,
if I hadn’t argued with my dad about my grades at school that morning. I would not have decided to take a walk in
the park just to not have to go home. So, I was walking along the road when I noticed
a poorly dressed woman, walking toward me. She passed by me very quickly, but I managed
to see her face. It sent shivers up my spine. Those eyes and that spot above her lips! I knew it was impossible and that it was all
probably a giant coincidence, but my legs just carried me and made me follow that woman. She walked out of the park and turned down
some unknown street. Within a few blocks she stopped near a supermarket,
laid out a blanket on the ground, and sat down. I kept my distance, but I tried to get a better
look at her face. I couldn’t believe it, but that homeless woman
looked very similar to my mother’s pictures, just much older and crumpled! I don’t know how long I was standing out there,
but it was dark when I got back home. I immediately rushed to the living room and
took out an old photo album. There were incredible pictures of my mom and
dad’s wedding day and of my mom and myself. I kept flipping through the pages and I saw
a photo of my mom, which, according to the date, was taken not long before her death. I could swear that it was that homeless woman
looking at me from that photo. I took it out of the album and put it in my
pocket. The next day after school I headed straight
to that supermarket. I had to wait for a couple of hours, until
that woman finally showed up and sat on her blanket. I plucked up all my courage and went up to
her. She gave me a listless look and asked: ‘ Do
you have any change, young Missy?’ I mumbled a quiet ‘no’ but stayed where I
was. She got annoyed and asked me what the hell
I wanted then. I took out my mother’s picture and handed
it to her. I saw the woman flinch as she looked at the
photo, but she didn’t say a word. Then I asked: ‘Is that you?’ The woman quietly nodded and gave me the picture
back. I caught my breath and said: ‘I am Kara.’ She looked me up and down with interest and
gave me a bitter smile. After an awkward pause, we fell into a casual
conversation. I told her that I had always been told she
had died. I asked her to tell me the whole story, but
she didn’t want to talk about it. She also made me promise I would not tell
my father about our meeting. I was overwhelmed with both happiness and
anger on my way back home. My father has been lying to me all my life! And he probably made my grandma keep her mouth
shut as well! But I kept my promise. When I opened the front door, I said hello
to my dad, gritted my teeth, and headed straight to my room. ”
“From now on, I would go to see my mother every day after school. We talked about everything! But when I tried to find out what had happened
many years ago and how it had all come to this, she would always try to avoid answering
me. But the more time we spent together, the more
obvious my goal was becoming. I had to get my mom out of this, no matter
what it took. Winter was coming, so I brought her some of
my warm clothes and food. I also gave her all my pocket money. She never asked me for anything, but was always
very grateful for those little things. I felt I had to do more, so I started inventing
ways to get more pocket money from my dad and my grandma. This still wasn’t enough, so I began to steal
it. I didn’t feel ashamed, because I was sure
I was doing it for a good cause. And I was pretty successful, until one time
my father finally caught me doing this stuff. He was a policeman after all! You can’t even imagine how furious he was. He was screaming at me and telling me the
most offensive things, so I broke down and told him everything. I called him a disgusting liar and threatened
that I would leave home to live with my mother on the streets. My father went pale. He didn’t say a word and quietly went to his
room and shut the door. The following day when I went to visit my
mother, I saw a man talking to her. It was my father! He didn’t look friendly at all. My mom was trying to say something, but he
didn’t even let her speak. Then he quickly turned around and left. I saw that she was crying. I headed to her immediately, but when she
saw me, she suddenly jumped to her feet and ran away. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t manage
to catch her. I was filled with rage and hatred, so I caught
up with my father on the street and attacked him right there. I was yelling so loudly, people were staring
at us and pointing fingers. And my father was just there, standing still,
all stone-faced. He waited until I finished and said: “”She
is not who you think she is. She is the one who killed your mom and walked
away.”” I was standing there, stunned, in the middle
of the street. I had nowhere else to go, but to my grandma’s
house. When my grandmother heard the whole story,
she burst into tears. I started begging her to finally tell me the
truth. It was all I wanted. And soon she gave in. She went to her bedroom and came back with
a photo. When I looked at it, I almost fell off my
chair. There were two smiling girls in the picture. And both of them had the most expressive eyes
I had ever seen and tiny spots above their lips. I couldn’t believe my own eyes! My grandma pointed at one girl and said: ‘That
is Jennifer, your mother. And that is Grace, her older sister.’ And then she told me everything I had been
after for such a long time. It turned out, that my mother and her sister
Grace were very different. My mom had prospered in life. She was a good student and had a successful
career afterward. Then she met a good guy, married him, and
had a precious baby. She had me… And Grace had gone down a very dark path. She quit school when she was fifteen and spent
most of her time drinking and partying with her friends. But despite all this, my mother and her sister
remained close friends and eventually my mom happened to be the only person in the world
who tried to support and help Grace. Mom loved her sister with all her heart. But Grace wouldn’t listen to her and kept
on living the way she did, until the time she suddenly started to feel really bad. She lost weight and couldn’t get out of bed. She was diagnosed with late-stage liver cirrhosis. My mom would take her to the best doctors
in the country, but the only way to save Grace’s life was a liver transplant. And no matter how much my father tried to
persuade her not to do it, my mom became a liver donor for her beloved sister. Grace survived and started feeling much better,
but not my mom. She began to have bad health problems and
she was just wasting away to the point that the doctors couldn’t manage to save her! However, this didn’t stop Grace from drinking
and having the same lifestyle she used to have before. Finally she ended up on the streets. So, my mother died for nothing. Her death was a heavy blow for my father. Grandma said he changed completely. He just threw himself into his work and became
hard and heartless. And even an adorable child like me couldn’t
manage to melt his heart. This story just broke my heart. I was looking at the picture of my mother
and Grace with tears streaming down my face. The reality was nothing I had expected and
I didn’t know what to do with it now. I went back home and found my father sitting
in his study all alone. He saw the picture in my hand and realized
I had already learned the truth. He said he was sorry he hadn’t told me anything
before. He thought he would keep me safe if he didn’t
dredge up the past, but he actually broke my heart instead. He told me he had been helping Grace even
after my mother had passed away, but she was a lost cause. Well, whatever it is, life goes on. Even though I know everything about my mother
and Grace’s past, I still turn down that street to the supermarket from time to time to check
and see if Grace is there. But I have never seen her again. My dad says she hasn’t contacted him either. We both are getting along much better now
by the way. This awful story brought us closer. We both now realize how important it is to
listen to each other and to discuss things in order to avoid those horrible misunderstandings. I hope you’ve never ever had to hear stories
like that, but still it might be cautionary for you. I would be glad to read your comments to find
out what you think. And mark my words, even a little white lie
can kill you.

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  1. We hope you've never ever had to hear stories like that, but still it might be cautionary for you. We would be glad to read your comments to find out what you think. And mark this words, even a little white lie can kill you.

  2. 2019:I thoguht my mom was dead untill i saw her homeless in the streets
    2039:I thought my friend died untill her voice started speaking to heaveans a became alive

  3. Am I the only one who saw this?
    At 0:55 the spot above her lip was on the left side
    At 1:02 the spot above her lip was on the right side
    Have you seen it?

  4. This story makes me feel greatfully that my mom and her sister, who is one of my aunts have a good relationship since they were born.

  5. Alcoholics generally aren't put on transplant lists if they can't prove they've given up drinking. Otherwise they just waste the donated liver.

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  7. I realize that comments in this channel are the same of boring (i mean the type that asks for likes and that stuff) than the spanish version of this channel :v

  8. The thing I don’t understand is why her dad hid it from him and if so how is he just finding out like if I was him I would be 😳

  9. I'm sorry to hear that your mother passed away when just one or two but I must say she was very kind and loving to her sister 😊😊💝

  10. I like the person that made this actually put a comment because everybody’s that should make something that on YouTube to put a comic effing kill you if you have comments you are a good person who amazing I love you guys see you tomorrow and everybody knows you’re always be on Facebook like 10 minutes and

  11. My dad cheated on my mom and I’m serious I’m only five years old and my dad still comes home for me and my mom still live should be ashamed of himself Mom my mom was rude as to who’s your emails of him and

  12. Oh my god this is like.. my life! My mother died when I was 3 my dad can‘t show me love and I live with my grandma.. but sadly my mom really died

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    Kara: greetings. My name is Kara.

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  15. Aw good people learnt a lesson by dying the family you made is more important than the family you came from. Both parents ugh

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