trihex wag master Tribune series created by slash Mario lab alright dude you got it Domino's or Pizza Hut first off the fact that you even compare jizz Hut the Domino's is insane I understand that chain pizza is all trash compared to a local a local restaurant obviously but that's a boring argument the argument is out of the three national chains of Pizza which one is the best and the answer is that dudes like pizza is such a dick is so bad dude dude just Hut is garbage man Papa frauds is also you know not as terrible as Pizza Hut but they're a very very very distant second to Domino's let's get to it so teleport well you weren't but I block you know I see here you wanna you want to get on the Icicle and jump and to be on top of the flan Mario that makes really good level so I I would prefer to go when this as blind as possible no fair you're just grinding if practice is cheating then what am I to do if I'm not good at something and someone is just gifted or talented like do I just like you know you know say all right well you know handshake here you go just just give up my data you are better than me for reasons beyond my my ability to redeem for you see Chad if you were to grind and attempt to use practice in order to cheat your way to being considered good at something what will happen to those who are already good they'll just get better it's all a self-correcting equilibrium imbalance for you're trying to rupture the natural order of the world you were born not good at the game so just bend over and take it give up let go [Applause] yo yo ear onand err err errand or ero ero and there we go thank you for the prime sub it's kinda hard to say actually for me now back to my point here now chat I want you to think about every tournament you've ever watched and any fictional media depicted whether it be an anime or a series every tournament ever the protagonist always wins sadly in this reality chat you are not the protagonist you were not destined to win so why bother give up that looks very not doable oh I got no mice easy just in general so but yeah the idea is that yeah uh if you have a mouth or an anime TV I'm gonna tear ones that up whichever one if any of them would ever partner with me part working on it yeah the accounts are just synchronizing be able to like you know okay I got to bounce off the Cooper show oh my god ooh shit my juice shit right here I'm gonna outsmart you here all right I need a physics professor to come here right now and tell me why that wouldn't work oh my god there's a dark side look at that all right so once someone quit bad I get it you got a fragile ego you see me you know the face of trihex or the face of trihard successful entrepreneur billionaire philanthropist you know I'm I literally am in the face of twitch what's wrong here is your is your ego that fragile I guess to likely get to literally rewrite history to try to justify why I'm successful right now you got a problem with cheating or you got a problem with yourself thoughts on the levels so far oh it's fun it's really fun see I'm my my my fatigue is not like to burden full as far as they watching your level the levels are really good level dude oh my god me everyone falls from all F for the first time you know you just gotta it's like it's like joining a frat house bro you gotta do the initiation man to be able don't fall for it well I'm glad I'm glad that you're cool but you know if you were like eleven years old and you were very gullible I mean freedom but finally dude dude I got on I got on the thing here too that's pretty awesome here so who would want in a battle chat gigas Zoomer versus hyper Boomer 1v1 two wins this looks like really really tight okay what am i doing right do this do that do this I do that and then oh she can't do that all right come on they're taking third want oh my god the whole thing right there consumers or anyone who joined after the ninja Drake stream that is official that is mallet on the table here that is the final call so that means July 2018 right July 2018 if you're here post Drake you're a Zoomer I'm sorry I don't make the rules up that is what it is don't look at that time that time is garbage that time it's garbage dude that's like my that's my worst time ever I've never seen over an hour on one level dude without our without a reset oh my god I'm not there yet not there yet boys I want freedom I want absolute freedom I want these I want these chains these chapels these anvils these weights these ankle weights hold them all off me exactly really really exhausting to uh to sit through so happy – oh I got a little we got for a second my hands are like super shaky right now oh so I'm having like a full-body orgasm it doesn't stop oh man good good big shoutouts to tamari oh lab dude your loves the level is fantastic man that was the thwomp thing was super exhausting but that's nothing to do with you obviously that's like you know unintended strategies so know the level was fantastic Mario maker Marc Marc Marc a lab there was all right okay I dare I say Mario lab the level is actually harder than terminator also they'll think at the same time I was a lot worse at this game when I was doing terminator way back when so it's like do your love this level is intense I can't imagine you having to upload it and when it must been like I admire the I'm proud of that one man that one goes in the books that one that one goes in the dog sounds great and you guys don't even know that was oh I was so I was so scared man you don't even know how scared I was doing right if I had the heart rate monitor right now oh my god dude

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  1. Boomer beats Zoomer any day. Doomer just watches and ponders on the pointlessness of the fight and the rest of this existence.

  2. I dont even play mario. But you are truly entertaining to watch Trihex. I've been binge watching a lot of your videos

  3. 2:42 – true, just look at Freeza. Without special magic almost-death powerups and super saiyan levels, everyone else in the entire universe would either give up or die instantly, because Freeza could just train for a day and gain twice the power that the next-strongest person acquired over a decade.

  4. Dominos is the only pizza place in the entire universe that doesn't sell cheese sauce…its like a burger place not offering ketchup

  5. This is a fake run. If you look closely at 04:29 you can tell that he is grinding. Stop ruining this community for everyone.

  6. Ok so I don't play this game.. I know really nothing about Trihex and his history n shit…but I can not stop watching him. Loved this vid so much! Keep it up.

  7. why even include the lvl id no one is gonna be able to beat ur time hahahahah fck me that was hard to watch i was spooked haha

  8. its hard to beat an original crust the works from papa johns though… with papa johns it really all depends on location, ie. who is slapping the dough and topping your pie. believe it or not, you can suck at this and it will make the pie taste like shit. if done properly its hard to beat. but i generally will only crave the works, theres also the garlic parmesan breadsticks which are amazing. dominos has that white sauce though which is fye. sauce that bitch with some white, throw some chicken and bacon, pineapple if youre into it, and youve got an amazingly good pizza. lately ive been all about hungry howies. its new to my town, and its just right down the street from my house. but hungry howies has some pretty decent 'za. their gimmick is flavored crust. and they have all kinds of flavors, i get the garlic herb with asiago flavored crust and that shit is so rich and tasty. only need 1 or 2 slices and your set for a few hours. where as normally i can smash an entire large thin crust double pep from dominos by myself… thats saying something.

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