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I crashed my scooter! stoopid Lancaster 19th century roads and pavements!

the highly accessible and castle tour
Canada yet in the front door she badly crashed my scooter on the crossing
earlier two old lady well not old two middle-aged ladies are supposed helped
me with my shoes picked up my shoes i man a proper crashed they never had to
worry about disabled people back in the eighteen hundreds that was when the last
time they updated the roads in this place I’ve got my scooter alright that’s
okay Oh nobody go backwards
yeah like eighteen hundred was the last time there to update the roads and
pavements in Lancaster her back then if you got a disabled baby throw it in the
river doesn’t go down poop when you’re on your legs how are you supposed to do
any work like oh look we’ve got this table toilers though at least they got
some at least you can come here to take a piss you can’t do the tour but you can
have a piss takes the piss that does that I got another Sun in my eyes my
scooters making all sorts of noises because I’ve got crashed almost okay that should do it it’s fine
I need to pee though conveniently there’s some Jen’s there I’m gonna go to
the Asha I’m not gonna take you with me do you mind awfully not watching me pee
well I can wait a few minutes I can go there the steps but they’ve got a
handrail so I should be able to get up thank you they got disabled toilet as
well and I’ve got key can you see the key
I’ve got disabled radar key I tried to use it before and in and disables hollis
move wouldn’t have it just right no I was I put the key up but previously
people will put 20p in the toilets to go for a pee it used to be a penny that’s
why they call it spending a penny because you spend a penny to go in the
public toilets yeah yeah so someone put 20 pee in the toilet a door opened and
then cuz I put my key there cuz you know add scooter
I’ve excute here I felt like I was justified in demanding to be the first
to use the toilet cuz I’m disabled have you ever seen that
what’s that program called IT department when that gives it up their parents
almost over – oh man what are you gonna do what are you gonna do I can’t see our
man this morning right I was thinking ah all my sights fixed I looked up to the
left I was looking at a photo by nice on the wall it’s in focus
it’s a cure it’s a miracle Holland jr. but then I tried to look at the clock
across the way and I couldn’t see he was it was 12 12 22 nd I thought that’s not
right that’s not real time and then I realized we are easy come easy go look
at some stops there oh he’s one of them in the morning you
know in the afternoon is there any charitable this is lovely why is there no one here
I think they’ve all been in the tour it was having a big excitement over the the
chewing gum on that on the step even though it’s got a big step that I can’t
go up in this I can’t even get across the zebra cotton not as everybody
pedestrian crossing you does my head in if you want to be if you’re disabled in
Lancaster jump in a river there yo tradition drown him
bull even true hmm three lines on my shirt look up there can you see the flag
flying that was weird I couldn’t see what I was looking at then I was just
looking at the reflection is that of the the camera aspect so I’m trying to make the most of it
it’s hard work when you can’t focus my eye if I pull it a little bit that
everything goes in focus so definitely I’ve got muscle issue with the nervous
system trying to focus on the focal point I did think though I reckon
because my eye is and it’s pointing in too much I can make it go out by
focusing on the mirror but instead of looking at the image on the mirror you
know and that makes the image in the mirror in focus because I’m focusing on
the mirror because my eyes are pointing in to the mirror but the image in the
mirror is twice as far away so it affects me like that I can’t live like
that I have to go everywhere with a mirror and go hang on loo loo loo loo
oh I’m hoping that’ll go away though as I get a slightly better I can see the
time almost yeah anyway I go for a pee cuz if I don’t I might burst

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Sooooooooo glad ur ok Andy :(….you scared me for a moment or two!! So glad ok friend! Take Care! ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  2. Hi Andy . I am sure your vision will get better .That castle looks magnificent . You made me smile …best regards my friend…..X

  3. Pee at the bottom of the step and float up into the doorway. ๐Ÿ˜‰ All that construction back there but they can't put a board in over the step for scooters and chairs to enter?? Use that sign you went passed! Roll up over that lol!

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