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I Bought an Entire Record Collection & Amazing Audiophile gear setup!

hey everybody donal nova records connects with another video it's been crazy if you guys weren't able to come to my pop-up have that big pop up I was talking about my last video it was a madhouse there was I don't know hundreds of people there I ended up selling 2600 records round about really really great lots of people came I met a lot of people from the VC local band dog raphy his name is local band ography on here he was there there's a guy named Chris that drove up he doesn't have a channel but he he drove up from Georgia to come see us and then there was a guy from rod that came see us and just a bunch of people but a lot of people said that they've been watching the videos and really enjoyed it Pennywise huge blowout sale we have like two huge cars packed out full of Records and we came back with six crates so it was just a very a huge success it was great best pop-up I've ever had so thank y'all everyone who came also quick plug we just got a lot of new shirts in I know a lot of people will comment and ask where we get the shirts I'd love to have a shirt if you want a shirt email me link is in the description this video to email me send me email we got I'll show you the the colors that we have the shirts now we have a gold color a blue color you got white we got black we got red and so check all those out the shirts for $15 each and like three dollars to ship them anywhere in anywhere in the US when he gets outside of the US it's a little bit tricky we also have these noble record stickers it's on this Yeti here my wife actually drew that that logo so anyways really cool stickers these are three dollars each and so if you want any merch read like that I try not to plug it too much thought people been asking so that's how you get them love to send you guys a shirt or something okay so what the video is about right after my pop up a good friend of mine that comes to my pop-ups all the time he's been coming to my pop-ups for like a year and his name's drew I've known him since like 2006 we used to work at Guitar Center together when we were in high school a really really nice guy he had this incredible setup and like six months back he sold me his clip speakers wish on you guys might have seen in my last like I had a update video but my setup likes maybe four or five months ago where he sold me these sweet clip speakers there are 26 s and then he sold me his Marantz pm6 0:06 receiver and anyways so I got all that stuff from like like five or five months ago some like that and I've been I've been loving it that's been my setup and all the stuff but the speakers were kind of big for me and they were I kind of out in the middle of my whole setup and and that was my only problem with them really and so I was thinking about moving them or getting something different and so anyways I have to pop up he sent me a message as I started gonna pop up long story but I am selling everything he said me and my wife or going to take a year or so and go on the road and RV and we're selling everything we have I'm just gonna go go minimalistic and just sell it all so he sold me his entire setup really sweet setup which is now my setup cuz I kept it sometimes you got to treat yourself you know me but I sold the other speakers and the other receiver and I kept this setup and it's beautiful stuff I've really never thought I'd have a setup this night it's incredible um and he sold me all of his records which his records are great he has great taste and like you know most of it is really really good stuff for the majority you know there's some cheaper stuff in there like a few Frank Sinatra's so like that but other than that it's a lot of really good high quality stuff so first um I'll run you through the setup of what sound equipment we got here so what components we have alright guys we could start it out with so this is my turntable that's just staying with the whole setup that sale in basic with an Aikido tonearm and a k-9 cartridge this is my just the old faithful man love this love that turntable and he actually he made this woodblock that went under his turntable and he threw that in with it so I'll go over here this is this turntable came with it and I've actually already sold it to a good friend of mine well actually I'm trading it to him but anyway this is a u-turn orbit with a 2m blue order fong so yeah that came with it and then this VCS to record cleaner really cool I might do a video on cleaning records maybe at some point but I've always wanted a really nice record cleaner and I've never had one so that's really cool uh okay so with the speakers this is a monitor audio silver 200 s these are incredible they retail for I think he said like 1600s so they're really really nice it's got that wood green all over it's just a beautiful beautiful speaker but sound incredible – they're not too big they're not too bulky ever really clean sound um and then you know obviously got the other one over here if you see my setup before you see it you're seeing that I have changed it quite a bit I took a shelf out to make a room for everything but anyways this is a peach tree Nova 150 this is a really great amp it's it's incredible they have a 300 that's a step above that kind of has a lot more pop more power can power a lot more things so got the the you turn orbit the the record cleaner the the is a project audio VCS to the monitor audio silver to hundreds and the Peachtree and over 150 so really really killer receiver I wish I could play it for you and see how it sounds but it's just gonna sound like something recorded from an iPhone because that's what it be now I'm going to show the records that I'm keeping from the lot now I was really proud of myself because I didn't keep that many depends on you know what you think latias but out of me he had like 200 records maybe 250 I kept 20 or so so these are the records I can't this is the first one that really stuck out to me this is Muddy Waters and Rolling Stones I live in Chicago it's on white and black vinyl one-one records white one records black I've already listened to this a couple times since then and this is great really good and it's actually worth quite a bit of money I didn't realize it's got like a DVD inside and all this other stuff but really glad to get that one whoo this one is called the order of time by Valerie Jun I've seen seen this album cover somewhere I think I've heard a couple tracks off of it but I couldn't remember so I'll put this on this is a great record really really good soulful modern music but like soulful R&B type stuff really good girls got a crazy good voice Kenny Burrell guitar forms Japanese pressing I love Kenny Burrell I'm really having a hard time here cuz I'm starting to get into jazz and I do not want to be like tunes from the man cave and spend all my money on jazz but just what it is this is Howlin wolf the best of the Sun Records sessions I've not heard this yet but it's Howlin wolf I've probably heard a lot of this material before but this is pretty cool when it comes to Blues stuff I have a hard time not keeping it this is uh you better run the essential junior Kimbrough junior Kimbrough great great blues yeah you know a lot of times junior Kimbrough is associated with the Black Keys because he wrote a lot of their stuff how long wolf moaning in the moonlight this is a reissue and there's only a couple like original pressings and here a lot of the to reissue but this is still good I didn't have this so glad to get that reissue I moaning in the moonlight Halla Wilson's that's an incredible record since muddy waters live a Newport it's a picture disc he put everything in sleeves and mofo sleeves formula sleet or three mill sleeves and motor puppies so that's pretty cool Muddy Waters Howlin wolf and Buddy Guy folk festival blues this is a you know a newer newer pressing I've not heard this but it's gonna be awesome Lee Morgan the cooker this is a cooker great album a lot of guys talk about I know tunes from the man cave it's like its favorite record ever one of them and so this is not an original pressing isn't OJC pressing but this is a it's a great sounds great it's awesome original pressing I don't think I'll ever have but you never know howling wolf this is the you know their whole rocking chair album self-titled this is a picture disc I'm not gonna pull it out but that's what that is pretty cool I'm gonna sure I've not seen this picture this before I don't know where he got this Exile on Main Street actually was looking and I didn't have a good copy of this this is a newer reissue but it sounds fantastic and so I'm probably hanging on to this one for a while this is Cooper session Al Kooper and Shuggie Otis anything we show you notice I keep it now I have this actually don't have there's a couple Shuggie Otis a need so yeah phenomenal guitar players so I thought I would keep that I just had all of the Nirvana Japanese pressings but recently traded them to get a bunch of stuff for my pop up that's how it goes so got a Nirvana nevermind from him and a Nirvana bleach from him so he's you know reissues this one oh man it's fantastic a light in Hopkins folkways yeah there's a long story behind this this record but somebody heard Hopkins it kind of came after him to get him to record some stuff so this is uh I love anything we'll folkways but with lightnin Hopkins it's a high-dollar record this is a reissue I didn't realize they were reissuing the folkways stuff and it looks just like the original folkways stuff really cool the way they do it because the original folkways just have this paste everything and it looks a lot like it but anyways very cool back in rightful home Dan Auerbach Auerbach keep it hid dan auerbach from the Black Keys I've heard this album online and all that but I've never owned it so it was a good excuse to keep it since I already have it this is Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison is a box set this is a like 5 LP something like that yeah 5 LP s LP one is show 1 LP 2 is another part of show 1 LP 3 or 4 show 2 and LP 5 is a Folsom rehearsal so it's just a really cool box set tunes from a man cave had that one a while back that he was selling and I missed out on it I was like 10 coming and he sold it to this guy so I ended up getting it anyways this is a the mod jamol trio The Awakening is a fantastic record and he was in France and bought this in France so this is a French pressing so that was pretty cool so anyway so for the most part there's actually a couple on I'll specify which ones I'm keeping there's a couple within these crates that I actually am keeping I forgot to pull out but um so these are the records that I'm probably I'm gonna be selling so three sounds Japanese pressing it's pretty cool Duke Ellington Louis Louie Armstrong Leon bridges Chris Stapleton I've already got that this is have a hard time keeping this as Japanese pressing with a white album which I've had before right now The Clash London Calling reissue Jack Johnson and Kurtis they just smile today this is super cool steamin Miles Davis this is Wynton Marsalis there's Willie Dixon best member of lives up so that's always say Yusef Lateef some of these arc of all series want to keep pulling them up like that so white white vinyl Alabama Shakes Alabama Shakes this is back like he's Amy Winehouse this is mute math Jay Cole J Cole some of this stuff I don't know what it is like Charles Bradley I know what that is but some of the stuff like this rock buried in I don't know what that is um Diana Krall butch Walker Adelie she's great Roberta Flack Stevie Wonder Sharon Jones & the dap-kings yes please it's got some monk Tony Bennett queen Ramones some killer stuff in here um he actually bought me this this is I'm keeping this is a French just called it's a cold late so I don't know obviously I'm making that that sound but he said this is a neo psyche that he got from France they bought it he listened to it so it was really good that he was gonna give it to me anyways but I ended up getting everything so some basic classic rock stuff Jackson this is Greg Vaughan Oh Paula nice you got this for me actually you got a lot of these for me Andres please and then this is like I think it's an anniversary how the moon I'm keeping I had this but traded it for stuff for my pop-up but then he had one this is a Bill Evans portrait or jazz mobile fidelity Sound Lab ultra disc one step this is still sealed too excited to get one cuz I was really bummed out I traded my mom was sealed I never got to listen to him so this was actually still – this is a Art Blakey a night at Birdland this original first pressing balloon oh look at that beautiful thing those were some some bucks I may sell it if it's if I find a good buyer for it it's interested what I'm actually keeping I listen to of course jarred the videos the stacks does the Beatles really really great Stax artists I like Booker T and the MGS and stuff doing Beatles tunes really good Allison of their Booker T and the MGS version of the Eleanor Rigby holy moly that's it that's really Green Day this is something French this is Jay Roddy in the business yes blues you know pretty good this is django reinhardt holy moly genius oh this one build Big Bill Broonzy sings folk songs this is great this is a bottleneck please reissue this was so cool it's like a purple vinyls beautiful young whole string yeah that's the stuff alright guys hope you enjoy that really super excited about all this stuff the speakers are beautiful I would never probably go out and pay as much money as these things cost but now that I have them I'm gonna try to hang on to them I'm not a big audio file guy by any means but man this stuff sounds fantastic I mean my setup sounds beautiful now and I thought I couldn't sound any better than the last setup in this setup it's just so clean it sounds so good so you have the peachtree nova 150 that's an incredible amp sounds great I mean I would never probably like I said never been able to afford something like that I just don't spend a lot of money on gear so it's nice to get that and then the monitor audio Silver's those speakers are beautiful and they sound amazing so they they there are really clear really clean sound and then I have my l88 my JBL l88 that kind of have more of the lower end bass so my setup I honestly cannot complain at all about my setup right now we really like it so anyways hope you guys enjoyed that shoot me a comment let me know what you think and then again if you guys want a shirt send me email link to my email is in the description of this video thank you guys so much for watching see you next time

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  1. you have a house if so then you couls have kept more records records are very hared to come by and to get them handed to you and to not keep them is a crime in my opinion you might have kept half of them . the turntable is great I am the type that if I were to get a hold of records I would keep as many as I could but the set up is great and enjoy it great video

  2. Chef hours suck. Charlotte seems so close but so far away sometimes. Doesn't matter anyways when I'm working on a Saturday. Happy Father's Day.

  3. The albums by Chicago, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones,
    War, Steely Dan, and Al di Meola were the good albums. If I didnt have them I'd recommend selling them to me.

  4. Hey Dillon another amazing find ! Not only do you come up with great records, but a great sound system as well ! send me one of your rabbit foots so I can have the same kind of luck at tag and estate sales as well !!!!

  5. how much for the Stevie Wonder? I bought that album in a box of records at a yard sale but when I got home I found that the record was horribly scratched up. But there was another Stevie LP sandwiched in there, and that record was scratched beyond playing too. I also need a copy of Revolver. Shoots.

  6. If you like the blues, you should definitely like jazz. Most collectors go for the Bluenotes but the Prestige, Riverside, Savoy, and Concord often aren't far behind. Any mid to late 50's session is usually worth acquiring as most titles are real strong and there always overlap with the session men.

  7. Hi I’ve been watching your channel and saw this. Is the Dave Brubeck Tine Out a Columbia Six Eye? If it is and is in ex/ex cond I’ll buy it if it’s not too much? Or tell me how many you can send to Australia for same cost and I might buy some more, by the way are you in North Carolina? My family was from there.

  8. Great pickups Dillon. I have been looking for that Ahmad Jamal Trio – The Awakening for three years. Killer album.

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