Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today’s political landscape is, for
lack of a better term, a bit of a mess. It is characterised by two
warring camps, one on the left, one on the right, plus a large group
of exasperated, disaffected centrists and moderates in the middle,
whose necks are getting increasingly sore watching the back and
forth, back and forth of the bitter ideological tennis match that is the
culture war in 2019. It started off as a few hypersensitive university
students lamenting being “triggered” over certain words and
demanding safe spaces being gently poked fun at by snarky, witty,
highly amusing, very attractive right wingers who were sick of
being told what to think and say. However, it has turned into a vicious war
of not just words, but actions. From online dogpiling, to professional sabotage,
doxing, street brawling, and even mass loss of life;
the culture war has escalated to a place it never, ever needed
to go. So, how did we get to this point? Well, before I tell you how, pretty
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and smash that notification button right…now. Thank you! Here we
go. The left will have you believe the political
tension, or “division” as they call, it is caused by racist, sexist,
bigoted conservatives spewing so called hate speech led by a man named Donald
Trump who is apparently the second coming of Mussolini. To be clear, when I say the left, I mean the
“regressive” left; the faction teetering on the extreme, who, while
making up small minority of the population, occupy a disproportionate
number of influential positions in the media, academia,
Hollywood, and big tech. This allows them to dictate the cultural narrative,
and determine what is and isn’t publicly acceptable
to talk about. The right, however, will tell you this cultural
friction is caused by the blunt refusal of the regressive left to consider
opposing opinions, as well as their vicious smearing of any opposition. After all, if you tell a
group of people, that is conservatives, often enough that their entire
moral core is questionable because they support a certain political
candidate, you’ve got to expect that maybe those people will get a
little bit angry, eventually. And considering the left’s hostility i has
amped up bigly since the election of Donald Trump, for no other reason
than they are such appallingly sore losers, it’s no wonder
we have a reached a point where certain members of the two ideological
camps are role playing at civil war. From what I have observed and experienced
over the past few years, the regressive left, with their neo-Marxist
mentality of pitting people against each other as either the oppressed
or the oppressors, seems to have made it their sole mission to inflame
these tensions. So much
that conservatives, after years of ignoring or downplaying the
provocations, are starting to react. This is quite a big deal, because conservatives
are not naturally reactionary. Conservatism is not about reacting to things
so much as conserving what is good and true and functional. Conservatives want
to create and maintain, rather than react and destroy. Leftism, on the other hand, is by definition
a reactionary ideology. They are not about building things up; they
prefer to tear things down, with no discernible plan of what to
construct in their wake. It is in their nature to poke and prod and
harangue conservatives, to proverbially stick it to the man. Funny thing is, what the regressive
left doesn’t realise is that they already won that culture war back in
the 90s, and now they are the proverbial “man” to which people are
sticking it. Considering the tendency of the right to placate
rather than react, the regressive left has been dealt a surprising
hand in recent years, with right wingers finally making it known
they are fed up with the left’s rudeness. One thing I noticed after the 2016 election
is that it always seemed to the regressive left who were
suddenly talking about this “division” in society, and
how everyone was “divided”. And I remember thinking, uh, this isn’t
a new thing; everyone has always hated you, it’s only now that people
feel empowered to say so. You could say that the regressive left is
the ideological equivalent of Mean Girls Regina George So, why am I relaying my concerns and mournful
musings about the state of the culture war? Well, because, no joke, the West is on the
brink of devouring itself. We’ve seen this multiple times with the
violence perpetrated by Antifa, and also more recently the mass loss
of life caused by right wing extremists. There are a number of people out there who
are very keen to escalate, and I think we can all agree this
needs to not happen any more than it already has. Now, I’ve seen commentary from people who
tend to be somewhere in the so-called sensible centre lamenting
the fact there is not enough listening going on; that the two sides
are failing to hear and understand each other, and that’s why there’s
so much resentment and vitriol. Well, that, I think, is a load of rubbish. Conservatives do listen to leftists, because
we have no choice. All
they do is talk, we couldn’t not listen if we tried. They are so noisy,
and as I mentioned before, occupy such a large chunk of institutions
like the media there’s literally no escaping them. And the thing is,
conservatives are happy to listen! We don’t find hearing opposing
views offensive simply because they’re opposing views. The reverse,
however, is just not true. The extreme left is more than happy to admit
they will not absorb any opposing viewpoint. That’s why they demonize outlets like Fox News and Breitbart as fascist and company. It’s so they can excuse
themselves from tuning in on moral grounds; and thus avoid the
sheer trauma of listening to people they don’t agree with. They are
also much more likely than conservatives to break off friendships
over politics. A survey taken after the 2016 US election
by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute found Democrats
were almost three times more likely than Republicans to
have unfriended someone on social media after the election. There was a similar
disparity for self-identified leftists versus conservatives. Democrat women were by far the most likely
to unfriend someone because of politics, with 30% of them saying
they had done so. This
was followed by Democrat men, at 14%, then Republican women at
10%, then Republican men at 8%. Funny how those who so rigidly
preach tolerance show the most extraordinary intolerance while
doing so, amirite? This unashamed habit of packing themselves
into echo chambers, demonizing any opposing voices as morally
repugnant, and slicing people into tribes based on arbitrary characteristics
like race and gender, is why the regressive left, not conservatives,
are responsible for the division in society. I’m calling it, there it is. And they will
never, ever, ever see it. They will never admit fault, or consider that
somehow their behaviour is less than appropriate, because
they are so sure that they are the true, pure, moral, enlightened
class. Therefore, they feel
they are justified in being as vicious and as cruel as they want to anyone who disagrees with them, because they
believe those people are not only wrong, but evil reprehensible
scum. That’s the key difference between the left
and the right. The right
think the left are naïve, but the left think the right are evil. Big and
very significant distinction. Once you understand that, you
understand the mindset that we are dealing with. There is no
measure these people will not go to in order to protect their
narrative. So, if not enough listening, at least from
the right, isn’t the problem, then what is? Well, I would say it’s not enough talking,
specifically, talking from conservatives. As I mentioned earlier, conservatives are
not naturally reactionary. We’re also, funnily enough, not interested
in engaging in conversation with people who are going to
screech RACIST at us whenever we suggest something so horribly
radical as perhaps open borders aren’t such a good idea. That is what has landed us in this mess. Because of conservatives’
totally understandable unwillingness to let their opposition screech
at them publicly about what bad people they are, the regressive left
has been led to believe that their way is objectively the correct way
of thinking and speaking. And because there is no ideological balance
in popular culture, people in the middle who are desperate to
hear a different perspective are not given a reasonable alternative. All of this has allowed the regressive left to get away with
their thuggery and intolerance, under the guise of working for
the common good. This hall pass for bad behaviour they’ve
been handed is also what causes social justice warriors to act with
such hysteria whenever they suffer a loss. They are like spoilt children; their ongoing
global tantrum over the 2016 election proves that
they’d had it their own way for so long that they’ve forgotten how
to share. They are so emotionally attached to their
political beliefs that even a hint that maybe they are wrong on one or two
things goes to the very core of their being. To admit they are wrong would be to upend
the very fibre of their identity. Because of this, and also because of the left-wing
obsession with big government, it makes perfect sense they would
stress about who is going to lead them, and which politician does
what. Again, they’re
like children; they need to be reassured that the adult authority
figure is in the room, or they’ll become anxious and act out by crying
or throwing things. Literally. Conservatives, on the other hand, do not get
emotionally attached to our political beliefs, or at least not as
attached. This is, again, the
nature of conservativism. We don’t like big government. We would
prefer politicians to have as little to do with our lives as possible. Unlike the extreme left, we don’t look to
politicians for moral guidance; that’s what religious and community
leaders or family members are for. As such, whenever our political parties lose,
we shrug it off with an oh well, let’s work harder and win next
time. We do not need
therapy dogs and play dough and colouring books to get over the
appalling traumatic experience of losing an election. So, what’s the solution to all of this craziness? How do we generate
not necessarily a more conservative society, but a more balanced
one? A cultural zeitgeist where everyone feels
they can express their views without fear of losing relationships,
or having their reputation destroyed? Well, conservatives need to start finally
speaking up. It is very important we challenge the noisy
regressive leftists in our lives, but not for the reasons you think. It’s not to change their
minds; that’s not going to happen. The only way a social justice
warrior will seriously consider other viewpoints is if they go on their
own personal journey of soul searching. You won’t convince them of
anything. But, you can convince those who may witness
the discussion. To borrow from the Gospel according to Ben
Shapiro, never argue privately with a leftist. Always do it with an audience. They are the
ones you are going to persuade. Some of the best advice I ever got
when I was starting out on this journey of culture warrior-dom in
2017 was from my editor. Before I did my first TV panel gig, he said
to me, don’t go in there trying to win an argument. That’s not your job. Your job is to present
a particular perspective in an entertaining and interesting way, not
for the other panellists or the studio audience, but for the people at
home. Those are the people you are going to influence. The same is true in your own lives, without
cameras and studio audience. While you probably won’t influence your
opposition, they’ll be too busy hand-flapping and calling
you a bigot or something, you will influence your audience. Donald Trump embodies this. Yes, while he may be brash, and
seemingly spontaneous, and rude, and crude, he is what you would
call the first wartime president during the Culture War. That
brashness, while not typically conservative, is what is needed. Until Trump, the left has been the only side
actually fighting for what they value, and what a dirty, dirty fight
they have put up. And while
conservatives pride themselves on being dignified, and polite, and
not at all reactionary, that strategy hasn’t worked. Trump, for all his wonderful flaws, is actually
fighting that Culture War, using the left’s own tactics against
them. He is calling them out
at their own game, using words, not violence, and while he won’t
change their minds, he is proving to the silent masses just how
unscrupulous, disingenuous, and power-crazed the regressive left
actually is. His strategy, while unorthodox and uncomfortable,
is working. And yes, I know regressive leftists are aggressive,
I know they will denigrate and mock you, I know it is intimidating. But it is so
important we do engage with them to somehow swing the
pendulum of acceptable public dialogue to a happier medium, even if they cast you as the villain. Sometimes, you have to be ready to
play that villain to get the message across.

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  1. True, I don't need therapy dogs and such, but I sure lit up my social media channels, when I saw how much of my hard earned money obumma and his voters took from me.

  2. Leftist SJWs are scary. They're scary because they're dangerous. They're dangerous because they're emotionally unstable. Why are they emotionally unstable? Who knows? Regardless, it takes a brave person to try and reason with these bullies. Good luck and stay safe friends

  3. I used to be a screaming liberal. Now I consider myself a "classic" liberal. Sadly, most of my :"friends" who are still screaming, crying liberals have disassociated themselves with me entirely.. just because I don't hate President Trump. I don't like a few of his policies (I honestly think the border wall is a very bad idea… but I am all in favor of his immigration reform otherwise) But… ggez.. I've been called a homophobe because I supported his trans gendered ban in the military – and I'm an openly gay man. I've been also called a white supremacist.. with zero evidence to support that particular claim.

  4. i disagree in regards to right wing extremist – the shooters in el paso – christchurch and dayton were all left wing – the majority of their views were left wing orientated – fascism is left wing

  5. I have been telling my wife the left is throwing a fit and doesn't share well since just after the 2016 election.

  6. Wow! This was so factual, concise, and gives great advice on dealing with the brainwashed minions. Honestly, how can you convince someone that is unable to accept facts that hurt their feelings that perhaps they're wrong? You can't. You can't reason with unreasonable people. They have the emotional IQ of toddlers so you have to treat them as such.

  7. Love your work but until you recognise Zionist jews like Ben shapiro are part of the problem (the jws are behind the culture war) you aren't truly on side. Please research the role js play in our down fall.

  8. Love your work Daisy but until you recognise Zionist jews like Ben shapiro are part of the problem (the jws are behind the culture war) you aren't truly on side. Please research the role js play in our down fall.

  9. I would love to support you my dear cousins. Really not able living on fixed income though. Love ur commentary. Bob

  10. "I don't need a 7 year degree in sociology to know bullshit when I hear it……… that's why I spew bullshit all the time." – Ben Shapiro

  11. Leftist say Trump is a racist and if you ask for a specific example of this they start screaming like a pod person from a 50's science fiction movie.

  12. I'd say speak out at your own risk. I have had death threats through fb, pm's and had to back away from public forums. Even if it was just a news article with 1 sentence from me. The second post I was labled a Nazi and that I suport the concentration camps along the border (the article was about Antifa attacks on small business). Im not joking your friends who are deep blue may attack you…

  13. The left has used 'racist ' too much and to often where it has lost its meaning, which is why they are using 'white supremacist ' more and repeating themselves

  14. Please stop accepting all racist as right. The shooter in Texas was an eco fascist and a racist. I don't know about you but I don't know anyone who knows a right leaning eco fascist. I have been asking around to find one.

    A good argument at this time is that ALL racist are left in ideology. Why? Because the left advocates for more government involvement in everything. The right supposedly wants smaller government. The racist wants to use government to enact their ideas and would require a massive expansion of the government.

    Why do white supremacists vote right? I don't know. Maybe it's because their racism prevents them from being logical. I do know is that the marketing of the left is destroying the country and you are helping them.

    Please up vote so she see this even if you disagree. Maybe if she sees it she will respond.

  15. We have to nullify the “Moral High Ground” argument by sticking to the facts (a la Shapiro). For example: the statement “no one is illegal” has been seized by the Left to falsely humanize legal status and off-handedly promote open borders.

  16. The Left needs parenting. That is why they don't get independence. It scares the hell out of them to be left to their own devices.
    Terrific points and well worth further application!

  17. This is absolutly my favorite of your videos that I have seen so far .Big TRUMP supporter and you definatly infiuence me with every one of your videos .THANK YOU VERY MUCH keep up the good work you are doing and I really hope you are getting paid well for your efforts you truely desearve it because it is so important!!!

  18. Conservatives are the patient parent to the Left's insolent spoiled child. Appeasement doesn't work, so the belt is finally coming off.

  19. These baby-snuffing democrats have no idea how they always do the devil's bidding, betraying and sacrificing everything and everyone on their altar of ambition. To me, each of them including the MSM anchors perfectly match the famous quote from "Terminator," describing its character: "It can't be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear."

  20. but many conservaive candidates says they defend family and etc so how como conservatives dont look for moral guideness in their politicians ?

  21. There were no far-right extremist attacks recently. One was a Eco Terror who was the Democrat and a racist. The other was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and an open socialist.

  22. You look really pretty in this video Daisy 🙂 not that you don't in others lol but I really like the pink on you!!!

  23. That's not what reactionary means, as I understand it. Reactionary implies that you are against progress for the sake of tradition, etc. Like a guy who doesn't like women in the workplace because "things were better before".

  24. I really enjoy this channel but I'm getting pretty sick of the please subscribe segment in every single video. People will subscribe because they want to (like I did 100,000 subscriptions ago), not because you ask them to.

  25. I have had to unfriend 3 people on FB. When every sentence was an insult, I decided that they were not my friend.

  26. The left are NPC's. Anyone familiar with that term knows that the left isn't worth talking to. They are pre programmed. If you want stimulating conversation, don't expect it from a leftie. Don't kid yourself into thinking you can educate or enlighten a leftist. Some of them may say they want the other side's input, but most of them are lying about that. They just want to engage so they can lecture you and shame you with all of their dirty tactics they learn from their fellow bots.

    Please, wake up and do not make the mistake of trying to educate or enlighten a left bot with facts and reality. They literally don't have the stomach, nor the instincts for that. Instead, exchange ideas with reasonable people who actually yearn for truth, even when its uncomfortable.

  27. We're willing to play the villain, Daisy. We don't even mind being hated by our "friends." What we're NOT willing to do is risk losing our jobs or have our living situations turn into hostile environments. It's just easier to laugh at John Oliver with our roommates on tv and go "Yeah! I know, right?" then to push back and wind up with people HATING us and eagerly trying to beat us down with their "logical arguments" for the remaining 4 more months we have to share the lease (assuming they don't have the power to kick us out and steal our rent money 'cause "We talked it over and it's just not working; we'll leave your stuff on the porch").

  28. Just want to thank you for not calling them Liberals and for distinguishing the center from centrists. So few get the distinctions and it goes a long way to undo some of the damage to political discourse NeoCons and NeoLibs have done in my country.

  29. Make American Grapes again! I don't know if I should laugh, or cry at the re-emergence of the whole socialist agenda in our society. " The right " tends to do a bit better at remembering the errors of the past. To bad we can not, as a nation, take on the mantra of " fix the problem, rather than affix the blame."

  30. You make slot of sense.Easier than talking to a brick wall.Tulsi Gabbert is the only Democrat I would even consider voting for.

  31. So we conservatives win the culture war…then what?

    How do we prevent/mitigate the pendulum swing back?

    Some conservatives believe we ought to teach Christ within the public schools again, teach creationism and abstinence solely, and remove Roe V. Wade and Gay Marriage Rights.

    Because of this culture war conservatives have built a large base that share a unified American identity three likes that the 90s dreamed and the likes Bush had to have terrorists attack thetwin towers to achieve.

    Liberals,Conservatives, anyone, what/how do we implement that best American culture from here on out so we be a more perfect union for another 250 years?

  32. I swear any powerful organization has been coopted and used to push policies and tactics to better produce the most obedient and dependent populace.

    Plot twist: those in power have been honest about "birth control" 😈

  33. Oh, be rest assured, I absolutely think the left, at least those extreme parts of it, subscribes to an ideology of evil.

  34. Wow Daisy, you have verbalized what I have believed for several years now. Reaching anyone that processes information differently than you do requires an approach they can understand. Unfortunately, dealing with a petulant child often requires a firmness that the child understands as "I no longer give a #&[email protected] what you want, here is how it's going to be". POTUS exudes that firmness. He will continue to take away toys, candy and The View until the child understands.

  35. I think you raise some good points, but having had a rather heated discussion with one of my left leaning brothers, I noted that he was misunderstanding the language I was using. As a conservative type, I use more mathematical/scientific language. He, on the other hand, used more artistic/poetic language. So when I used the word "average" he heard "mediocre" rather than the behaviour of one demographic evened out over the people within that demographic. This kind of basic misunderstanding is one of the many barriers that affect coherent communication between left and right. Great video btw, and you are very stylish and beautiful in all your content that you create. Please keep posting your fantastic videos xx.

  36. Thanks! Been looking for videos to show friends to help them understand what im rambling about all the time.
    I feel like im on another planet sometimes, Or a fucked up video game…
    Most likely Nintendo made

  37. Left wing in El Paso and then like a Sleeper Cell 13 cyl hours later Ohio and they both wanted this Democratic socialism and they're both trying to fight for their cause so that you can have Americans rights taken away like you can't have 30 round clips and working out at 10 o what somebody did something with those 10 Rounds they can only have three shots know somebody did something else with that and you can't have no gun it's it's chopping the top of the tree and taking out the middle then getting it down to the stove and then rip it that stump up and we no longer have a constitution nor the Bill of Rights

  38. That's why they've had almost 24 Democrats debate all over the place about the same thing and they're all speaking the same type of language and they're all going for the same type of causes so they are connected to like antifa mommy's misseri these attacks on ice places that espetacular Ohio the Tacony Paso they're all linked to the Democratic party and one way or another you know whether there for them where they're bowing down and worshiping them and they're trying to help push that agenda which is social democracy which is no such thing as they just want a dictatorship of Republicans and socialist country so it's a socialist dictatorship that's what they're really hitting for taking away Second Amendment from people the First Amendment for the Fifth Amendment are the fourth the fourth

  39. My childhood friend and I have been republicans for years until he went full democrat in 2016 just because he's gay and believed everything the mainstream news told him about Trump. Needless to say he don't talk to me anymore because I support Trump, because I saw how close minded and crazy the far left have become.

  40. Mentioning "open borders might not be such a good idea" and portraying the left screaming "RACIST!!" , lands you the racist, bigot, Etc. card, you see, criticizing the left ideology, makes you racist and a bigot, Etc., its and endless wheel, nothing is ever enough. its ME! ME! ME! US! US! US! and the they, them, alskjdkeslkfhsdkfös, rubbish. Their way or no way, ooh, the progress is overwhelming.

  41. Agreed, and I've been saying much the same for some time, now, in reference to Trump's tactics against the Left. Most people out there don't seem to get that because they're too busy buying into how supposedly Trump is racist/sexist/whatever to think about it. Just because his name isn't Hillary–who famously has gotten away with calling black men "super predators" in the past if you want to talk "racism"–the mainstream dutifully hates him because they're told to. Yet, of course, these same people are the ones who firmly insist that they are the "free thinkers" of society just because they hate Donald Trump the way so many others out there hate him and have been told to hate him as well. Go figure!

  42. The left claims they are the victims and that they represent the fight against racism and that they are against oppression. They control most major media, social networking platforms, and hollywood. Women are NOT a minority! If you classify people by gender, race and sexuality you are sexist and racist.
    Education is strongly left leaning as well. Right wingers are not throwing quikcrete mikshakes at people or disrupting leftwing speakers.
    If you control the media and education and large portions of the government you are not the minority.

  43. I have no illusions about the regressive left. They are and continue to prove to be evil incarnate. They have no scruples, no morals, no shame and are certainly cowards. Eventually, I predict, these antifa morons are going to run into one or more people carrying concealed either legally or illegally, and the doo doo is going to hit the fan. Not sure when that will be as, if you notice, antifa only seem to cause hate and discontent in gun free zones. Why is that I wonder? Oh yeah, I know. THEY ARE FRIGGIN' COWARDS!!!!

  44. You have dimples. That's nice.
    Just a thought about what 'reactionary' implies in the political context.
    It implies a return to the past. As in paleo-conservative or the like.
    You are correct that 'conservative' broadly speaking means keeping the standards and values that have been proven valid over time.
    Thus, conservatism is a positive thing. Reactionary is usually a negative term and viewpoint. But not always.

  45. I “unfriended” 2 people that were friends from years back because after checking in on them, I found it would be embarrassing to be associated with what the had become… part of the fascist, leftest, victim creating mob that is a wart in today’s west.

  46. I debate the Left on fb all the time.. Had one earlier. I created a post on "How Roe v Wade has deatroyed/depleted Social Security" here in the u.s. I put the rules for the debate in the comments. If chose to do this. Make sure you have your facts first! 1 rule I have is you have to back up your reasoning by posting links or your comment gets deleted. Have fun and Trigger some snowflakes!❤🇺🇸👊

  47. Just noticed that the closed captions used different or replaced words than the ones you speak. At minute 14:13 "UNSCRUPULOUS" was added before disingenuous in place of "AGGRESSIVE" was added. Also used "POWER-CRAZED' vice POWER-HUNGRY. What gives????

  48. Great video, but, just one glaring omission: Democrats are twice as likely to not actually have views, but, just mindlessly repeat dogma. Hence, their aversion to listening to someone who might present facts.

  49. Smart, and concise, as always. I wish you'd do a light-hearted video once though. You need to smile now & then! I know the lefties will cause you heartburn, but they aren't worth it. 😉

  50. Women are more likely to depend on the herd and because of that are more socially compliant they don't want someone in the friends list commenting positively on things they don't like. Especially Democrats ! I have never unfriended someone on Facebook. Nice pink rose, really going the extra mile with the accessories, (rose in your hair, roses on the bookshelf, pink glass on the left) nice to see !

  51. Great video, but I'm not sure I agree that talking is going to solve anything. I suspect Trump is going to win again in 2020, and the insanity on the left is only going to become more pronounced. Yes, more of the center will side with the right, but that won't stop the left's war on all things Western.

  52. Aussie chicks are to be feared. I mean look at this Daisy chick, a rational, eloquent and intelligent humanoid, sweet and pretty yet with more balls that a shotgun shell. Daisy is a sharp one, but pretty indicative of Aussie chicks in general, and we blokes have to live with these terrifyingly together mammals. You can see why big tough aussie blokes have learned to shut up and do what we are told by our women. Well the smart ones have… the rest will eventually we eaten or something.

  53. That flower matches your blouse perfectly. You look very pretty today. That aside I really enjoy your insightful views. And I agree.

  54. I'm not sure I'd go with the "right wing" extremist, the dearth of coverage after the initial screeching of the usual corporate media propagandists indicates the "right wing" bit was more of the usual "white man" done something dogma and less a reflection of reality. Also the other 34 other mass shootings by black people in the same month garnered no coverage and the term "black supremacist" was never mentioned once.

  55. I have dear friends who are way on the left, I find myself constantly keeping my mouth shut. I have also been doing a lot of thinking about how to approach and broach my views.

    I wouldn't say I have had success persay, but I have been at least able to counter a few points unemotionally and under the guise of playing a bit dumb.

    Sounds like a lot to go through, but I care about my relationships and I feel sorry for the poor @#$*@#$*.

  56. Not enough listening? Failing to hear and understand one another?

    We've been listening to the Left's precious opinions for decades now. It's time for them to sit down and shut the ** up.

  57. what is scary is in the UK and the USA if no when the left gain control again there will not be a next time we will work harder the left will make sure they dont lose again why open borders ? a slave voting force ,pretend elections where everyone standing is a member of the same party. its not something i want to see in my life time .

  58. It would be stupid to think the left r naive, the hardcore lefties r evil. They want Soviet style gulags for us, plain and simple.

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