What’s up guys? In this video I’m going to show you how
to record your screen on your Mac for free. So to record your screen on your Mac it’s
really easy. All you have to do is use QuickTime. QuickTime is already built into Mac OS X so
open up QuickTime Player on your Mac and then go up to the QuickTime Player menu bar and
do “File”, “New Screen Recording”. Okay and you’ll see this little box here
and click this little down arrow. It’ll show you the microphone options so
you can choose to record a microphone as well or just leave it on None if you don’t want
to record any microphone. And then you have this option here. It says “Show mouse clicks in recording”. If you leave that checked it will do little
halo effects when you click on your mouse during that recording so I’ll leave that
checked so you guys can see how that looks. So once you’re done with those settings
just hit the Record button, and it’ll say “Click to record the full screen” so all
you have to do is just click once if you want to record your whole screen or if you want
to just record a particular part of your screen click and drag and choose your part of the
screen that you want to record. So we’re just going to click and record
the whole screen for now. Okay so once you click it will start recording,
and you can go in here and do your thing. Record what you need to record and then up
here at the top right of your Mac click the Stop button. Okay and then it’ll bring up the video here
and show you what you just recorded. And you can play it. So here’s the video and you can see during
the mouse clicks it will give you that little halo effect showing you when you clicked the
mouse, when you right-clicked or left-clicked. And if you want to save your Mac screen recording
just go to “File”, “Save” and then we’ll just save this to the Downloads. Actually we’ll save this to the Desktop,
and there you go. You now have your screen recording saved on
your Desktop so you can do whatever you want with it. There it is right there. So that’s how to record your screen on your
Mac for free using QuickTime Player. Hope this helped you out. If you liked this video make sure you give
it a thumbs up and check out more of my Mac videos if you’re a Mac user. I’m assuming you’re a Mac user if you’re
watching this video and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you so much for watching. Keep having fun out there, and I will talk
to you later.

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  1. How do you record the audio? When I did it, it recorded the audio from my mac SPEAKER, so the quality doesnt sound good and treble is quite high and hurts the ear. How do I record the sound w/ this method…from the computer system itself (not the speakers)

  2. Super helpful… I wasn't sure if I had just imagined that quick launch exists Xb
    anyways your channel is super cool. I know I'm part of a blog that creates content about almost anything related to the media- if you ever wanna check it out its themediashop.org

  3. Thank-you so much! I just did an update and now my screenflow won't work, you just saved my ass and my wallet! Much appreciated.

  4. i use Quicktime to rec screen video i use Quad=Capture interface but after rocord the sound come only one speaker.Can u hep me how i can make both spesker sound

  5. is there a way to make it so you don't get feedback from your internal microphone? And if I plug in headphones, will the computer know how to just record what's on the screen instead of recording my own voice or any typing going on?

  6. Thank you, now I don't have to buy one of those free one that last 30 second and would need a "premium" for longer

  7. Is there a way to record what on your screen with the Internal Audio?

    Its only given me the option to record with my microphone, and that's not what I'm trying to go for

    Also, this is a helpful and well-made video <3

    Thank you!!

  8. This Guys: Teaches us how to Screen Record while his screen is recording.