To record video on a Nikon D750 remove the lens cap turn the camera on press the live view button on the inside of the selector and then make sure you select “video” with that little white dot otherwise you can’t record and the red button on top of your camera will begin
the recording and you’ll see a record icon and a countdown timer. If you don’t see this you are not recording If you bump this with your thumb you’ll
interrupt your recording, and if you try to record when you’re in “picture” Live
View, you might think you’re recording because there’s that red box and often
red indicates recording. You are not. The red here just means you’re out of focus.
If I hold my shutter release halfway it focuses it’s green okay so make sure
you’re in Live View “video” mode, red button. If you need to record for longer
than 10 minutes, reduce your resolution or your frame rate. I’m currently at
1080p 60 frames per second which is the maximum this camera supports. If you
would like to change your focus mode there’s a button on the inside of this
focus selector you push in, and AF-S stands for single. And that’s going to
pick one point and just stay in focus with that, so this is blurry, and now this
is in focus, because that’s where I chose my point. If you want continuous
autofocus you use your thumb to switch between them while holding this side
button and AF-F will do continuous focus. So without me even touching the shutter
release, the camera will automatically refocus when I point it at something else.
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  1. Thank you very much for that all too short video on focussing for video on a D 750. Believe it or not I had a problem getting my videos in focus but now I should be ok. Thanks

  2. Concise and extremely helpful!!! It is easy to overlook critical features like switching to live view video, or autofocus continuous. Thanks!!!

  3. Thanks . Great info and right to the point.I was hoping you would mention something about shooting a still while in the middle of shooting video.

  4. Неправильно!!!! Снимать нужно в полностью ручном режиме, с ручным управлением диафрагмы, iso.

  5. Thank you! Your quick, but very helpful video resolved my continuous focusing issue. I was lost.. Now almost ready for Italian GP in Sept.

  6. Excellent! Thanks for the quick-start instructions. That's exactly what I needed to know.

  7. Odd, that after having my D750 for nearly two years, I had to come here to figure out how to use the video mode, as I'm a still photo shooter!   Anyway…only thing I found, was I had nothing but a 'black' rear screen when trying to take a video, and eventually noticed you 'have' to be in 'Auto-ISO'!   Won't work otherwise…or all I got was a black screen.   Another thing is that I use my AEL/AFL button for 'back button focusing'….so for how I have my camera set up, this wouldn't work to focus in video, as I 'had' to use my shutter button to get video to focus!   Just thought I'd mention these few things in case it may help others!   Thanks for the video!    Oh…I was going to ask, if I switch to FF for auto focusing, do I have to change it back when going back to still shooting?

  8. Thanks had this thing for months never tried then tried and couldn’t after afew minutes in she was rolling 👍🏻