After they squeezed through tight hole, Rex and Moles got out on the surface. Oh, what a tight hole it was. It looks like… back of a mammoth. Yes, it definitely was a mammoth’s back, because here’s his front. Rex decided to use mammoth as a self-propelled gun. I’ll be Janek and you’ll be Gustlik. Not yet… Fire! Mammoth, a useful animal. They managed to carve these big sculptures. I’m feeling more and more admiration for stone age. Or anytime we are currently in. It was scary! And it was just a cute, saber-toothed hamster who made a nest in a drawer. Whoa, what a car. Good morning! I’m commander Moles and this is brave dog Rex. And what are you building here, Roarus? And how is the progress? Rex and Moles went to the direction of the mound. Sink or swim, let’s go! Our heroes boarded the first car in history. Well, it’s a bit tough, but still less than Polonez. Escpecially Atu model. Pedal to the metal, Rex! It’s because of these square wheels. Maybe be should turn back and find some that are round, hm? We’ll push this faulty evolution forward a bit. Oh mather, oh mather, Oh mather, a dinosaur! Yes! I see mound. We did it! Watch out! And that would be the end of the first car in history. If archaeologists ever dig it out, they’ll think that a comet hit some Biskupin! Okay, there’s mound, but where’s the crater?

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  1. That's actually how I always did it. I knew of the "wheels" from the cave, but I usually didnt bother picking them up.

  2. Fajny film, ale wtedy nie usłyszymy tekstu Kretesa po rozwaleniu jaskini. Coś w stylu powiedział: Jaka ładna teraz ta jaskinia. Taka przestronna. Jak wrócimy do domu, to zrobię to samo ze swoją norą 😉

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