How to get juvenile court records from
the juvenile dependency court in your County. Hi my name is Vince Davis I’m a
trial attorney here in California and I represent people who are trying to get
children out of the foster care system. Whether they be parents or relatives
this video is going to talk about how we get those records to help you get these
children out of foster care. If you’re interested come on and join me. Welfare
and Institutions Code Section (WIC) 827 controls if you are going to get records
from the juvenile court. Last week we represented a relative who was trying to
get children out of juvenile court and out of the foster care system but there
were a lot of records about this relative and there were a lot of
negative things that were being said about this relative and the relative was
telling us 99% of the things that are being said against him are false. So we
had to file a petition within the juvenile court and there was a hearing
and we had to go to have a hearing in front of a judge to argue whether our
client who’s trying to get custody of children in foster care whether he was
entitled to have those records. After a long argument probably about an hour the
judge finally ruled that we could get those records. What a fight to try to
get to the truth. There are many cases that control this issue in California
but you want to start with Welfare and Institutions Code Section (WIC) 827. You can
google it you don’t have to go to the law library just google Welfare and
Institutions Code Section (WIC) 827. There are cases like Cesar V that talks about this
in Rea Isabela G you can google those cases and you can read those and they
will give you the information that you need to arm yourself so that
you can get the information. Also, if you are represented by an attorney which I
think that you should be you can help your attorney by giving him this
information. Remember when you go to juvenile court make sure you have all
of the records so that you can review them and so that you will know what
evidence the social worker is trying to use against you. Now I know many of you
have questions if you want to give me a call at 1-888-888-6582. I’m going to answer those questions so please give me a call
and find out what your rights are in the juvenile dependency court.

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  1. I called in about a year and a half ago to your radio show, I need some help in getting my four children back into my custody please, I don’t have much money, thank you for what you do, God bless you☺️

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