Hi, Random Innkeeper here and welcome back
to my inn, where I make medieval food recipes in a modern way. In this episode I continue in my series of
“It looks horrible, but it´s delicious”. Another relatively good food, presented as
if somebody has already eaten it. Hmm.. You will need: Liver
Red wine Breadcrumbs
Egg Salt
Pepper Anise
Cinnamon Mace
Ginger and Carraway Chop liver into small chunks. On a stove place pan with water. There is optional way how to make cooking
brine. You can add root vegetables in it, various
spices except salt or you can use unsalted broth. I used only a few juniper berries. Cook the liver until soft, picking foam that
will come up after while. When the liver is cooked, strain them and
chop as finely as you can. Using the chopping method, when one hand is
on a dull side of a knife and the other is chopping, is the easiest way to do it with
a fair result. Heat up a pan and pour in the wine. Add pepper, ginger, cinnamon and mace and
bring to a boil. Then add chopped liver and salt it well. Keep cooking for a while to reduce and thicken
the hash. You can help it with a breadcrumbs if needed. In a pestle and mortar crush caraway and anise
seeds, then add into a hash. Turn the heat off and finally, while the pan
is still hot, crack in the egg and stir well, The residual heat cooks it. Transfer on a plate and serve with bread. It doesn’t look really good does it? At this stage, the dish is completed according to original recipe and you can enjoy it, but I wont. Lets make it better! Mince the hash in meat mincer to create a
paté. In the end grind some raisins too. This will give the dish extra good flavour,
when you eat liver and suddenly bite in little bomb of sweetnes. Get it in a bowl and add some lard to damp it. Using a fork you combine it, push it, mix
it, whisk it and make soft and fluffy paté. Spread on a bread and sprinkle over some chives
or anything you like. I hope you enjoy this video, leave a like
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  1. I don't like livers, so first (original) variant is certainly not for me 🙂 But the pâté looks edible, after all

  2. I wonder if it will still be okay with out anise (I hate anise), but I LOVE liver and finding new ways to prepare it is awesome!

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