ya know hello what a blessing what a wonderful team you have Calvary is blessed with many gifted servants when we were ago like they were asking me people were saying tell us about that church that you used to serve in Kalamazoo and I said they have so many gifted people it's like stacked with gifted people and coming here reminds me of that another distraction there we go oh my you should see the one that that I used to have on their body made me change it so it's a joy to be here thank you for coming out on Sunday night this is really this this gathering is so New Testament II you know that the early church was primarily made up of slaves and so they had to work all day seven days a week and so they always met on Sunday night and that's why people were falling out the windows and dying during the services because they were so happy to be together after sunset Paul would give them as much as they could possibly take in and I'm just so thankful one of your servants of the church one of the ushers came up to me during the offering holding the sacred offerings to the Lord and said the elders have told me that you can go for two hours Phil Stickney Phil Stickney said that that just wasn't very nice of him to to say that to me I'm sorry I'm have to turn off the Wi-Fi I'm sorry I'm talking to this computer I used to talk to my other one too there we go let's hope in our Bible study at chapter 6 and I'm going to first of all share with you what actually motivates us and drives us and guides us and really shows us God's expectations as we go out to the next generation as we bonnie and i for any of you i didn't even put in my normal you our prayer card but that picture on the screen is my wonderful wife Ambani and I are full-time servants Lord doing exactly what we did here only instead of doing it in one place we do it in many places and instead of doing it to everyone we selectively work with the next generation which are students preparing to serve the Lord in their generation and then for equipping those that are already on the front lines and there are many of them just this calendar year we've met with just about 1,100 career full-time missionaries and counseled them and as I said this morning there are more women than men that attend church there are more women than men that minister in the church at every dimension there are more women than men that serve both in in missions and in all branches of Christian service and so I am so glad that I go but where we go I'm constantly thanked for bringing my wonderful wife Bonnie because they said we can you know professors are a dime a dozen but they said none of them bring their wives and so it's such a blessing that Bonnie and you'll see tonight some of what the Lord uses her to do but book of Isaiah chapter 6 background how does God call his people to respond to an ungodly culture now that's what Isaiah faced I'm not talking about us I'm talking about you know six hundred and eighty years BC okay twenty-six hundred years ago the whole book of Isaiah is about salvation that's also what the rest of the Bible is about the first two chapters introduce us to the Creator from Genesis three all the way through revelation five is all about the Redeemer salvation chapter six a revelation on us about the judge and he returns God is appealing to the people he has transformed his chosen people who promised the Jewish people in the Book of Isaiah he explains to them how they can impact their culture see Israel had a culture I'm gonna describe it in just a minute and God said this is how you can maximize anyone you wherever you are and he addresses the entire nation he said you can impact this culture and what's interesting is no matter where we live in history God's Word explains his desires for our life the Book of Isaiah is about the character of God and his expectations of his people the character of God and the implications on that of what his expectations are for us as people no matter how dark no matter how evil no matter how morally decadent any people become God's plans for his people those that know him are always the same you know it's wonderful to read the Bible you see that God's plans haven't changed God's expectations are consistent God wants us as spiritually healthy and fit as possible many people think to maximize ministry you have to go somewhere I mean where there's a greatest need actually I don't know if there's any spot on earth that doesn't have greatest need we have a constant inflow of little pagans being born every day they're foreign sinners by nature and by choice and by divine decree and it's the duty of every generation to reach their generation with the gospel of Christ but how do you do that by being a spiritually fit as possible consecrated God wants us to serve him anywhere at any time but the key is by living that that life of holiness so what happens when a nation abandons God now again this is Israel seventh century BC what I think's amazing is when I was teaching Church History course apologetics course when we were in France and I took two students to see the the Egyptology a sea reality all the you know the the amazing things the French Napoleon boy we're thankful for him he just stripped all those artifacts out of Assyria and Babylon and Egypt and the Holy Land and took them to the Louvre and you know slowly all those countries are making the French return them but before they do they make copies of them and they have them most amazing biblical Museum maybe outside of the Israel Museum I think it's the most amazing but as we went there it was amazing to see how how clearly the the work God did through the Assyrians and the Babylonians to judge his people is portrayed in those exhibits but what happens when a nation abandons God this is what's going on in Isaiah's time 2600 years ago what happens when a nation with a long and deep biblical heritage begins to turn its back on God that's basically isaiah 1 verses 3 through 6 and those formerly devout followers of the lord who mostly have abandoned genuine worship also abandoned godly behavior that's Isaiah chapter 1 verses 11 to 14 so see the whole book of Isaiah is about when those that know the character of God drift away from that secondly what does God's Word prescribed now this again is the prescription this is God's character these are his expectations of his people God's character prescribes for his people when they live in the midst of declension this is what we're looking at what does God say you do when you live in a dying nation so what does God's Word prescribe when a nation that formerly honored him slips into Eastern mysticism and New Age errors that's Isaiah to 6 and accepts and dabbles in witchcraft and and gets involved in occultic errors and plunges into materialism and greed and allows false worship and idolatry to thrive that's what was going on in Israel in the 7th century BC thirdly what does God's Word prescribe God's character what does he expect from his people when the world around them were formerly god-honoring as a nation chooses the pathway of greedy overdevelopment of their land that's what Isaiah 5 said was going on in Israel it says they're joining house to house and they're pushing out the poor they're raising the rents they're just making every I'm they can off the land greedy overdevelopment 2700 years ago see the character of humans is very similar throughout the centuries and God says my people not to be acting this way what does God's Word prescribe when a nation that formerly revered God's Word becomes a place where truth is replaced with lies where absolutes are replaced with relativism where cultural and educational elitism begin to rule as pride and arrogance are promoted at the highest levels that's chapter 5 verse 21 of Isaiah where national heroes are actually people who are sexually immoral and often addicted to substances that control their minds and actions that's what it says in Isaiah 5:22 that's what was going on among God's chosen people in the 7th century BC and finally what does God's Word prescribed when a nation that was built on the moral law of God descends into a place where injustice toward poor people and helpless people reigns that's verse 23 of chapter 5 and when the land becomes a place of growing lawlessness where there are anarchists where there is just no rule of law what are the believers to do because of the character of God what are his expectations for the people of God well as I read that there are eerie similarities if you ask me doesn't it sound a lot like the current moral condition of the United States of America the similarity is Iria but actually every one of those five questions are behind what God Almighty Himself is asking Israel 2,700 years ago you see that the more you study history the more you see that the repetition of the same themes and we're just seeing the current playing out the primary targets of the questions that I just read were the people God Himself confronted in Isaiah 1:2 5 I remember the first canon of textual interpretation the first law to understand the Bible is not saying what it means to me it's saying what did God intend for the original audience to understand that is that's called the primary the first law of understanding the text of interpretation of hermeneutics of understanding what God is saying and as we sit with Isaiah open before our eyes I just wonder how impactful is this on us who live 2,700 years ago I mean 2700 years later I mean this is God's plan for Israel back then but you know what's fascinating the character of God hasn't changed and the power of God to transform his people – to transform individuals within their degenerating culture hasn't changed either and I think that the eerie similarities you could go back and find this in the 18th century in England the 1700s England this this powerhouse for the Lord had gotten so far from God that he raised up the likes of Whitfield and the Wesley brothers and many others who called England back and England did begin to be transformed and many historians think that the only difference between England and France and the bloody French Revolution that never occurred in England is what the Wesley's Whitfield the proclamation of God's righteousness that cause people by the thousands I mean we were bonding I taught in the United Kingdom last November I wish I had time to show you pictures of that and and we drove through the areas for the giant coal mines and saw the monuments of the Wesley brothers and and Charles Wesley would go out there and stand at the cavernous openings of the huge coal mines and there would be the whole group thousands of miners many of them children you know all the child labor terrible things going on many children all of them carrying their little buckets to go down there for 12 hours and risk their lives and out would pour those that had survived the last 12 hours and the people that had been down there in the mind were happy to come out alive and the people that were waiting to go in were scared to death they'd never come out and when those true groups converged Wesley would preach and his biographers tell us that often when he finished his message if you had looked at those who just came out of the mines their total blackened faces because there were no mass no breathing apparatus no equipment no you know health protection and they came out covered and coal dust so they were just like black statues except those who were there said you could see white streaks running down their faces from their tears as they heard the gospel understood their condition before God and responded so it always is the same plan God called Isaiah to consecration from the Old Testament we find our unchanging immutable God always has the same plan to reach a godless society God called Isaiah to reach out to God and experience what consecration is all about and it's the same for us today Isaiah was told the timeless truth more than anything you do God is interested in who you are we're all tied up with what we do most people identify with what they do that's their identity God says no it's who you are that's what I'm wanting you to be concerned about the key to usefulness in life is doing what God designed us to do and first of all that's being what God desires us to be our character who we really are if we listen to God's voice as he tells us the story of this call in preparation of Isaiah this chapter will show us the keys to a life that's useful to God and it's timeless it's worked in every generation every group of believers that have ever lived God's desire for each of us is consecration and God gives stages or keys to usefulness to God it's a pathway each of us who want to follow that leads us into daily monthly lifelong usefulness is basically a summation of of what we teach everywhere we go to every group whether they're young whether they're old it doesn't matter it's the same message you know it's interesting today the church tries to tailor the message according to you know the demographic because you know the Word of God can't do it it's the packaging that does it and that's the the weakness we've come to today well number one we're to remember God's holiness that's where God starts number two we have to realize our own sinfulness like that man I told you about this morning that sat there on that bench and said the Word of God is penetrating my heart I'm a sinner we have to realize my sinfulness and then receive God's cleansing and we'll trace these truths from the Bible but first we useful to God we must always remember his holiness now we spent a long time in the Lord's Prayer in Matthew chapter 6 Jesus said every believer that is following him that is his disciple must have a pattern that they follow as they approach God in the first part of that pattern is to remember our Father who art in heaven and to hallow his name that is to see the holiness of God every picture of God's throne of God in heaven of the surroundings of the throne room of the universe is filled with holiness in fact that's what the four Theo's centric as I call them the they they circle the throne and God is in the center those four cherubim are saying holy holy holy that's the message of Isaiah six and so look in your Bibles starting in verse 1 and the year that King Uzziah died that's about seven hundred and thirty nine BC and so this event is happening 2700 years ago I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up and the Train of his robe filled the temple and above it stood Serafim interesting Hebrew word burning one there on fire you know nowadays everybody relates with you know current thing Marvel heroes you know in comic book people you know and there's this one of them I think that burns but long before there was imaginary worlds this is the real world these burning once Serafim each one had six wings with two he covered his face with two he covered his feet and with two he flew and one cries to the other and says holy holy holy now it's interesting Seraphim seemed to be a separate class than cherubim but they are infected with that holy holy holy mantra chant to God and one cried the other said holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts the whole earth is full of his glory and when that statement was declared the posts of the door verse four were shaken by the voice of him who cried out and the house was filled with smoke the first thing God wanted Isaiah to see is God is holy you know it's interesting one church out of the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3 one church got a plus nothing to find that they needed to repent of the only church that no repentance is required Smyrna was suffering and and the Lord didn't condemn abhi said don't fear but Philadelphia was living the the life of no condemnation there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ and they were living that way were they perfect know were they confessing their sin yes where they forsaken their sin yes were they dealing with with increasing response to God and decreasing response to sin yes that's what that's what Christian living is it's not perfection perfectionism is a theological error of a splinter group and it's wrong and it's it's unbiblical but normal Christians confess and forsake and are constantly cleansed because they've already once and for all been given and that's what the Lord wants but what was the first thing Jesus said about the church in Philadelphia that they knew he was holy the second thing they knew he was true the third thing they knew that he had the key of David and the fourth thing they knew that what he opened couldn't be shut and what he shut would never be opened those four truths are pillars and right here the first one is exactly in Isaiah 6 remember God's holiness the first key to any usefulness for eternity is remembering God's holiness thinking about his holy presence standing before his throne falling on our faces before him and every time I talk about that I always remember the balcony of Tulsa Bible Church I was a new pastor there many years ago in the 90s and I was going through this and there was this fella and he was new in the church and everybody wondered about him because you know they'd never seen him before and he didn't look like everybody else he was quite unusual but as soon as I said that he came out of his seat and got on his face and he says I want to do it now and it kind of shook the people up around him because it was a real spectator kind of Church they just thought you know that we just watch and we don't do anything but when he heard that when God was holy holy holy they they fell on their face in Revelation Boom down he went being useful to God means thinking long and deeply on how far we fall short of his glory and how much we need is gracious merciful cleansing and reminds me of the hymn holy holy holy Lord God Almighty early in the morning our song shall rise to the holy holy holy merciful and mighty God in three persons Blessed Trinity secondly look at verse 5 when Isaiah saw the scene verse 5 so I said so this is the response woe is me for I am undone because I'm a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips for my eyes have seen the king the Lord of hosts what's that realize my sinfulness you know the key to all relationship with God Almighty is realizing he is holy and seeing my sinfulness and and knowing that he's dealt with it he's taken the record he suffered the penalty he's removed the power but I still have to remember that within me dwells no good things and in my flesh and it's always going to be rising up and realizing my sinfulness as a message of verse 5 and the closer we get to the light the more of our sinfulness we see yeah I remember Joe by the time we get to chapter 42 and he's gone through all this revelation of God it's one of the most amazing is you know books in the Bible what does it say in 42 that the job said I'm undone and I repent in dust and ashes when job came to understand Almighty Allah died he confessed whoa I'm undone I'm disintegrating God is so great and I repent of my sinfulness when Peter saw the power of God the Sun displayed Luke 5 he cried out depart from me I'm a sinful man you see the the more we see of God the more the light reveals how far short of his glory we are and how much we need his righteousness when John the Beloved Apostle saw Christ in his unveiled glory on Patmos he fell at his Christ's feet as if he were dead revelation 1:17 the theme of all who stand around the throne is that the lamb was slain for their sin you understand that's what they're saying in Revelation he is the Lamb that was slain for my sin he took my place we never forget that he took see justification removes the records and God remembers our sin no more but we remember what Jesus did and we worship Him for it Galatians 2:20 was Paul's testimony he gave himself for me the substitute that Jesus is the closer we are to God's holiness the more I realized my own personal sinfulness thirdly to be useful to God we remember God's holiness we realize my sinfulness and then we cry out and receive his cleansing that's what's going on look at verse 6 and then one of the Seraphim flew to me having in his hand a live coal which he had taken with the tongs from the altar and he touched my mouth with it and said Behold this has touched your lips your iniquity has taken away your sin is purged now it's curious that the one thing that Isaiah agreed with God about his life confessed as his sin was did he was a man of what unclean lips so what did God do he responded and touched the Seraphim with that cold touched and purged and cleansed that's the message received God's cleansing Isaiah 6 6 and 7 when we remember the holiness of God the light of our holy God makes us realize our sinfulness that leads us to the work of the Cross to the sacrifice Christ offered once perfectly and completely and we realized by faith that he paid the penalty that he took our place and usefulness comes to those who will be cleansed and then walk in the light and stay filled with the spirit see that's what usefulness is usefulness is not me just launching off and doing my own thing it's me being cleansed filled and walking in the power of the one who loved me and created me for his glory the most useful servant is a humble believer who readily agrees with God see confession is not admission it's not saying I did it it's agreeing with God and saying that I chose I yielded I gave my member as an instrument unrighteous whether it's my eyes or my mouth or my mind or my and I agree we readily confess the complete cleansing that the gracious work of Jesus accomplished and we thank him and once we're sure to his cleansing the evil one can't find a place to plant the seeds of doubt and despair do you understand why so many Christians never seem to get going because they don't forsake they don't experience the cleansing and so therefore there is fertile ground of sin that's covered remember whoever covers her sin will not prosper whoever confesses and forsakes it finds mercy from the Lord no matter how many steps we take away from the Lord it's always just one step back and that one step back is to repent to change my mind about the sin to agree with God about my sin and to receive his cleansing once again and removed the places where Satan's doubt can lead and grow into despair and hopelessness and doubts about God's faithfulness we can affirm that God will never condemn us remember Romans 8 for just a minute look at look at how this plays out if you just keep your finger there we're going back but look at Romans 8 verse 1 and it's just teaching on that this week and and reminded and I'll just say it again here Romans 8 starts in verse 1 with the declaration in verse 1 there's now therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus we stand on condemn before God God will never condemn me for my sins now my second grade Sunday School often did I've told you that story I mean I was abused as a child I would go into Sunday school I would step in side the door and my second grade Sunday school teacher would say go stand in the corner I had done nothing wrong yet but she knew I would disrupt the class and I spent my second grade year with my nose pushed into the corner of the room and you know I felt I felt I was bad but you know what as I stood there she knew that I listened I didn't miss a thing I mean there were no pocket distraction devices back there and you know my parents didn't give me a gameboy and my own you know iPod or my own iPhone or an iPad so I could just distract myself so I had to stand there and when one of our senses is impaired the other one's kind of go into overtime and so she was so smart this a HD OCD whatever all those things were that I was she focused me in the corner and I listened it's amazing once we're sure Dov his cleansing the evil one can't plant seeds of doubt and despair we can affirm God will never condemn us Romans 8:1 but look what it says in the last two verses of Romans 8:38 fact we did that this morning as part of our worship time for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor Angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any created thing will be able and there's a key to separate us so the same God this has no condemnation because of the sacrifice of Christ says there will never be separation from his love so no condemnation because of his sacrifice no separation because of his love now look at this this this is the one that most of us struggle with look at verse 28 likewise the spirit also helps our weaknesses for we don't know what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered so the Holy Spirit's working overtime because we don't even know what we should be praying for dropped down to to verse 28 and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God to those who are the called according to his purpose wait a minute when we connect the places or the dots that we're not condemned because the sacrifice of Christ will never be separated because of his love that we never have to be frustrated by what life brings us do you know most people wish they were some else wish they could do something else which they had something else they go through life frustrated they're frustrated about how they got here how they grew up what gift certificate says here God is actively working all things for good to those who love him God to those of us who have received us cleansing and are never going to be condemned those of us who have experienced his love and will never be separated he says don't live in frustration I'm orchestrating every event in your life to make you more useful to me don't be frustrated I am actively working your finances your health your relationships your unchangeable features I am orchestrating those things together and that's part of what his cleansing does for us his truth makes us full of hope and we well up with the joy of the Spirit and we're kept by his peace so what's the last thing look at verse 8 back to Isaiah I said keep your finger there it says in starting in verse 8 and I heard a voice the voice of the Lord saying and here's the key whom shall I send who will go for us then I said Isaiah says here am I send me and he said go and tell this people and keep keep on hearing but do not understand keep on seeing but do not perceive what is he saying there he's saying don't worry about whether they respond remember the next book is all about a man who preached for his whole lifetime Jeremiah and nobody responded Isaiah had a similar problem look at verse 10 make the heart of this people dull their ears heavy they're shut their eyes lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and return to be healed the Lord said I'm gonna let them destroy themselves with their everything I read to you that the nation that abandons God what are you supposed to do seek out individual and share the message with them who's gonna go and represent me even to a culture that won't listen and Isaiah said I will the Lord said you got a hard task ahead of you because they won't listen but the response is up to God not up to us well we get to watch God take his word and we get to Bonnie and I'm talking about as your representatives we get to see God changing the next generation and basically the the content of what we teach them is that God wants you to be as surrendered as consecrated as healthy as in step with the spirit as as possible and wherever you live he will surround you with ministry opportunities see the Lord is orchestrating all this and he will bring those divine appointments into our lives he will bring those opportunities to declare his holiness and his righteousness and His mercy in his love so basically as a report we were sent out from here I remember that night there's a picture of it look the sails are still there two years ago and we were commissioned with with some amazing kool-aid I mean on the left there skip and cateura I mean I remember when I came he was the chairman of the Deacons and what a chairman he was he was such a great organizer and Kelly Smith and and all this musical abilities and and just to see that we got to be sent out and dear Jeff there in the commissioning then we went from here after a commissioning and went out and what a blessing it was I got kind of a little Commission John MacArthur took a Bible and said this is for your last lap an ESV and he wrote one of the most beautiful prayers in the front of it and he says I'm praying that as you go the nation could be faithful teaching the word ambani and I stood there and and always remember that where I was trained I was recommissioned then we started flying I want to show you what our ministry looks like that's what the Pacific looks like for about 16 hours clouds there are so many thunderstorms that when you fly it whatever I don't know 40,000 30-some thousand I don't know how high we get but when you look out the windows all you see are those puffy clouds and then as it gets dark you see lightning I think the whole Pacific has thunderstorms most of the time this is what we see crowded airports with about 99% of the people looking down at their phones and I told you this morning we see steps Bonnie could tell you I think this is the 97 or 105 step place we stayed and you go up those stairs and down those stairs and then you get on the subways and you know what's really interesting half the people are wearing masks and because we don't speak whatever language of that country we don't know if that means there's an epidemic or they're sick or everybody's sick I don't know and then you get on the subways I mean it's absolutely jammed but you notice everybody is looking at their phone that's why I'm so thankful that in 2014 someone came up and said you know what if you want to have a ministry to the next generation of lost people you need to be on YouTube because at least the men will be there all the time and so praise the Lord while they're there on those phones looking down and doing whatever they're doing on them we know that today I mean I just look today today people watched 1 million minutes of services from Calvary Bible Church that's that's like three and a half years of non-stop 24/7 watching I mean they're on YouTube they're listening well we're called we're calling the next generation of consecration and so look at what's up there in the upper right beware of doing all the right things for the wrong reasons I mean that's what was going on in Ephesus and telling these young people that that they need to be motivated not because someone's going to cheer them or someone's going to think they're great or they're going to you know get get some kind of notoriety but the right reason is whether therefore you eat or drink or even go to the ministry or the mission field do it for the glory of God I talk about sanctification is crucified living and and actually stand in front of them and say crucified hands don't do what your hands used to do as pagans crucified feet don't go the same place that your feet used to go when when Jesus was crucified he had a crown of thorns and I said in pride should never be something that that dominates us we should be crucified with Christ including all of our appetites and desires sin was everywhere present you see on the screen and powerfully alluring it was like living in a cesspool of sin and that's how they lived most of our students are 20-something most of our students were dabbling and alcohol is as you know just barely double-digit kids most of them got sexually active in their early early preteen years and have continued most of them have been especially through all the gaming totally involved with the occult through gaming movies and everything else and nearly all of them are secular pagans never been in church until they heard the gospel and the light of the gospel dawn on their hearts they who sat in darkness in the shadow of destruction part of the way that we're involved in consecration is boy this was a fun one one of our former students once sitting up at the podium on the Left is talking to all the faculty that's this dear couple from Dallas I think he taught the book of Romans and I was there teaching the book of Revelation but what they did is they had all the boys write down the questions they always have wished they could have asked someone about young ladies and Bonnie answered those and that other faculty members wife and then all the young ladies asked questions that they always wish they understood about men and that fellow on the left the moderator asked the other professor and and me and they were really interesting I mean the question on the is what are some red flags in a relationship what are you know things that should make you think that's not a good person that you should even spend time with date or be involved with it was fascinating they're very very interested this is actually Philadelphia this is the what I just shared with you about the church that God told how to have an unconditioned a vid is the key of David Isaiah 22 22 is saying that Jesus the Messiah is the one who opens to us the treasures of God his presence you want to practice a presence of God be as close to Jesus as possible he reveals the Father and his power Jesus has those doors that never shut he opens the door of eternal satisfaction these kids have gone through trying everything they've tried the alcohol thing they've tried the immorality thing they've tried the drug thing I remember one of them I interview all the boys Bonnie spends time with all the young ladies and I said to him could you share with me you know how the Lord began to work in your lives in your life and in he was from Japan and I didn't get those words out of my mouth when he went like this and I thought they're so bored so easily they're so impatient he's looking at his watch to see how long I've been talking already and I'm only one minute in and he's got 15 minutes of our appointment and he just kept looking at his watch and then he said I came to Christ six months two weeks three days ago he was calculating from his watch how many days since he got saved how many of you in this room know when you got saved the date how many of you could testify in a 15 minute appointment how many years and months and days it's been he yeah praise the Lord I see hands all over the place that's because it was the greatest day of his life he was headed to suicide he actually went to where's skip and cateura are our missionaries from here are serving he went to the English class kind of like just to meet I guess some new girls or something and they're learning English heard the gospel his grandmother knew he was headed towards self-destruction he was sooo so suicidal so hopeless so despondent so despairing that she encouraged him because he came back happy from English class she didn't know if it was the sake you know the booze she didn't know anything about it she just said keep going you know cause she don't want her grandson to kill himself and there at that English cafe they let him to Christ six months three weeks two days ago and that grandmother saw the Shinto Buddhist grandmother Shinto worshipping the spirits of The Departed dead people Buddhists you know believing and in the lie of the devil she saw an absolute transformation in his life and she said does that English class have any follow up he said yeah there's a little Bible Institute in Korea and she said if it costs money I'll pay for it and boom like that paid fifteen thousand sent him there he was one of my students she got done I mean he went home for vacation halfway through the year that Shinto Buddhist grandmother saw him he was I mean he is just one of these walking Japanese smiles you know it just is kind of like you know mr. personality and Christ is just radiating out of them each is the way he says his verses what he prays it's amazing here it's infectious and contagious the grandmother said do they have any other levels of you know anything else she notices yeah there's a another school that cost a lot more in New York in America ago she said I'll pay for that and she's paying for him now he's graduated he went to jeju word of life korea he went to Scoon lake word of life in new york now he's going he's off to Cedarville that costs even more she says I'll pay anything now sooner or later I'm sure she's going to get very very confronted with the transformation that he has could be for her and I know he shared the gospel this is another one this is a sweet Korean fella what is he showing you he's showing you the back of his phone I mean these kids I mean I will go like this I use my phone for all kinds of stuff and say you know which is more important than all that and they all notice there's something on the back of my phone and so this fella came right up and said what's on your phone I saw just current passage I'm memorizing next class boom showed me his phone he doesn't just have the next verse he has a phone case and inside are all the future ones he wants to work on I mean these people they just excel in whatever they do for those in the occult God is absolutely all powerfully greater than everything that's anywhere they need to understand what Ephesians 6 says the pathway to consecration is understanding how to renounce how to no longer be involved with the ways of the past by the way I told you this morning usually it's one-third two-third it's usually 6040 60% young lady's 40 percent young men that's kind of what we see globally with the church now the russian church is a little different it's like ninety ten you know when i used to serve in russia it was 90% women maybe 10% men but the rest of the world is like 6040 but bonnie mentors these young ladies from the word of god she counsels them I mean so many of them have I mean the number of one Church where we were of refugees the people that are coming from Syria that are coming from Iraq that are coming from the war-torn areas of the Middle East and they they go on those inner tubes and float across the Mediterranean and get picked up and many of them drowned and everything else but when they get to those detention centers how do they support themselves you can guess the world's oldest profession and a lot of those refugee women are subjected to either voluntary prostitution or involuntary rape and they come to the West so scarred and where we were training they actually it was a refugee center that they asked Bonnie to come and minister to the women me to come and minister the men and for me to preach Titus to why because they had sinned scarred messed up lives they had no concept of what God's Word they were Muslims that floated over here and someone led to Christ and they had gathered them in this church of refugees Wow Bonnie counsels them quips trains here's what the door of our apartment looks like can you read that sign mrs. Bonnie is here and the women they come and that door is never shut and that Bible is never shut and I rarely I mean I have to knock on the door see excuse me I'm gonna go brush my teeth you know can I you know get a book or something but it's just worn out wherever we are and that's the door of one of the places we stay in the dorm this was they they just announced that bonnie was gonna sit at the front and talk about how to find a godly husband and who to date the whole room was filled there's even guys there because they the girls were there but the guys wanted to know what kind of girl to be you know look for because it was a kind Bonnie said they should be this is Bonnie answering their questions I mean they didn't ask me questions they asked her questions it was unbelievable another night she said that she would come over and tell how we met and the room filled with 80 kids at 9:30 at night and they sat there till 10:15 and they wanted more I mean it's amazing missionary wives students panel discussions discipleship with first-generation students I mean she comes alive at about 10 o'clock when I'm half asleep she's eating popcorn and having Bible studies with the girls and whether they're in Europe or in the OREA they're very lively and they gather and they gather and that's a stewardess that has lived the the life of traveling and doing whatever you want with no one watching you and everything that goes along with it until someone came and shared the gospel with her and now radically saved early 30s already speaks Arabic already is conversant in traveling the world now trained and this young lady said I'm ready to go I'm gonna go and share the gospel because from my country Muslim countries welcomed us they have no fear of our country like they do of Americans and she said I'm gonna go there and I'm going to share the gospel this is why we go we see transform lives I mean look at the smile on that guy he looks like art Linkletter used to look you know just this gigantic smile this guy was the son of a pastor who grew up in a Christian home his father was a generational Presbyterian minister and he never came to Christ until he was out of high school and had lived the dissolute life and someone at an English cafe like skip and couture at shared the gospel with him and boy some people get partially saved I'm just joking he got completely saved and and you should see him sing he leads the worship these are just some of the young ladies one from Taiwan one from Korea I mean we can't even I can't even fill because the the picture is too wide to look at the Asians from 19 countries that that stood out in the rain because they wanted a picture so I could pray for them and taking it there and these are the the Southeast Asians I mean there they were uniforms at their school but boy are they and if this group I happen to have been there in January when it was my birthday and we were at the missionaries house having dinner at night in the dark at 7 o'clock and their dog started barking the missionaries dog and they said huh dog never barks unless people are walking through the jungle and then you know because you know they don't really have windows over there they just have screens we could hear crunching and I thought oh maybe it's some of those giant six-foot iguanas they told us about they have here you know bonnie was starting to whine a flashlight you know to walk back to our door and then they heard a knock that entire student body had walked through the jungle assembled in the back yard with all the snakes and spiders and bugs and had brought a birthday cake to serve 60 in the dark and they each came forward in either share diverse how long this took or a little tribute of something they learned in class and saying to us serenaded us and then we ate cake together I mean these kids are serious about the Lord and we call them to consecration we call them to think about spending the rest of their lives for the Lord these are central Europeans these are the families that serve them these are Southeast Asians every one of those people are a national missionary going back to their own country not see if you let them get out of their country and come to America 80 percent of them never go back who would want to I mean you can get everything for free here basically you know your free education free health care and free everything and and and so once they get over here and get trained they don't want to leave and so the idea and the consortium the 14 missions we work with we take the school to them we don't let them out we keep their calling to their own people before them and every one of these and look at every one of these I mean what a group there are people there moving to the individual islands of Indonesia and of the Philippines in all of Southeast Asia and they are going there specifically to live in primarily Muslim areas to radiate the love of Christ this is a whole generation of Asians that every one of those are sold out our planning on lifelong missions for the Lord and I was speaking one place and they asked me to come this guy is a Chinese national he flew to the island where we were teaching and would would stay for the three weeks that China would let him then he went home for a week then he'd come for another three weeks so basically we say this thank you for sending us with your prayers and we're very aware of that I've actually only been sick once since since we left two years ago it works you know me I mean Bonnie and I are in airplanes where everybody is coughing and wheezing and rushing to the restroom you know and you're on the flight with them for 16 hours and you think whatever they got I'm gonna get and all of them are wearing masks and they're all you know and there's always an avian virus break out here you know the new flu two waves of it went through America and the Lord just through your prayers and His mercy keeps us healthy and thank you also for going with us by your investment in our support so God wants consecration and I hope that tonight that you will seek to be the most godly man or woman possible and let the Lord make great doors for you to go through and serve Him let's stand for closing word of Prayer and then it's time to go and serve the Lord that's about thank you dear father for the call that you gave to Isaiah thank you that his first response was he realized how much apart from you he couldn't do anything so he needed your cleansing when he saw your holiness he realized his sinfulness and he cried out for your cleansing and then when you said who's going to go and live a consecrated life to reach their generation for me Isaiah said here am i Lord you can send me I pray that from this room you who search our hearts would hear a lot of hear a my lords send me and I pray Lord that you will impact a lot of workplaces a lot of neighborhoods a lot of gatherings with consecrated believers who emanate and exhibit and overflow with your love thank you Lord Jesus that you went to Matthew's house as we saw this morning and reclined with the riffraff tande worst of society not because you enjoyed what they did but because you wanted to share new life with them I pray that we would go and share and live and see you at work as the most consecrated servants possible in the precious name of Jesus we pray and all God's people said amen god bless you as you go

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  1. take another listen to mcarthur, one of the errors is he preaches that you Can recieve the mark of the beast and Still be saved, the Bible says the complete opposite , he has teamed up with some of the false teachers and seems to promote them

  2. when you are Born with gifts they come free for my people. and when I came incounter with another World my loyalties lie with them I learned a lot from them and about life on Earth. we are behind the future by the greed in our world. we have been involved in war by the power of our World too we were educated by what they want us to believe and that was to turn against our People. and Yashua would have agreed. for the wrong doing and killing yashua Rome fell because yashua was sent by Enki and Enlil to guide the people to the prosperous land made them angry and took Rome to the fall., as I say we are not alone as Alien life lives near and my loyalties as I say are to keep them from harm from our World we are too evil to share with other to destroy them would break my loyalty and to move forward after death. our souls do move to the next life and if we are good then we move forward the bad are given a chance but if they fail then they are cast out to a place of their own kind. I spoke out about thew urgent mesage about our Ocean but ignorance fail to answer changed my thoughts in sharing my visit. communication with Alien is Telekinesis such a thing I never dreamed of. but to learn so much it stays with me and the gifts too. one day people with Talk and say these people were right seeing Alien life I am one of 135 and I still believe ignorance is still with us.willwe be the Next fall we will have to see.but there is Nothing I could say or do to prevent it. I love my world of People and those that come from afar sumerian gift gave me that Song about our world and what it had created. I bless your Path and I bless your thoughts on God my Friend,

  3. Ever since I started watching these videos and reading the Bible I now find it MUCH easier to live in this world because I understand what’s happening. Before I would get so angry at people for thinking the way they do , and not understanding how crazy they were thinking. My friend has a 10 year old son and his school is trying to force him into giving him hormones to make him a trans sexual. Adult teachers want a little child to take hormones drugs!!! I kid you not! Near Santa Rosa calif. I get it now. It’s the devil!

  4. How to do you live in a dark world for Christ? It's so simple, and you all want it to be so complicated. You won't find the answer pouring over the Old Testament, or Revelation, or Paul.. You live in the world reflecting the light of Jesus in your life. You do that by loving Jesus, by embracing the Holy Ghost, and by living by the directives that Jesus gave (not Isaiah) in the Sermon on the Mount. When was the last time any of you read the beatitudes? It can't be that simple, right? Yeah. It is. The Lord made it as simple as possible and so many still get bogged down with things and people whose time has passed.

  5. Anyone, as a Christian, who believes that "greedy over development" is wrong and against God's will, must–by necessity–be opposed to massive legal and illegal immigration. A case in point is California which has gone from 20,000,000 to 40,000,000 in a few decades WITHOUT any change in water infastructure or much change in power or road development. This has caused a huge dysgenic and destructive pressure on California. I refer you to the city centers of LA, San Francisco, and Berkeley. Yet, the Evangelical Christian pastorate seems curiously silent regarding the devastating effects of unchecked immigration on American culture.

  6. We want to visit Israel with Dr. Barton! We have been once but the tour was so large and fast paced we didn’t get to absorb and enjoy the experience the way we anticipated

  7. Give it up? This is pretty much 'the dark ages 2.0' and the only religion around has roots in satanic worship.

  8. I listen to your messages often. You are a rare gem. Shining light in a manner acceptable to all, reasonable, and packed with love for anyone desiring knowledge of our Lord and savior. Thank you!

  9. Good info but as for spirituality he’s a hypocrite who would never investigate true teachings like Vernon Howard.

  10. Can somebody reach out to me because I have been struggling I wanna follow Christ but I know I keep sinning and I don't want to live a sinful life I was raised protestant but growing up I saw the hypocrisy in my family and I turned my back on Christ thinking it was fake and a lot of christians back away from me because I'm intense for things I've learned I see this world as an augmenting reality and how its controlled my heart is broken and I feel great sadness seeing people I care about going the wrong way and myself

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