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  1. When common app is live around early August, some college specific supplemental prompts may not be available. Is it normal or something goes wrong?

    Is it the best to submit both the common app and the college supplement at the same time?

  2. Hello! For some reason the scholarship information section is not showing up o my common application.

  3. Mam, is it possible for some people to not have the "Scholarship Information" tab? I actually don't have it in my commonapp.

  4. I feel so stressful recent days because I apply these top colleges as an International student… making the application process even more competitive😭

  5. So what do I put on the common app activity section if I don't have an activity that I did for all 4 years of highschool??? In freshman and sophomore year, I tried out a variety of clubs until I finally settled with the ones I truly like in junior year.

  6. Hey Brooke. Thanks a lot for the tips. What if what you're committed to is a non traditional activity?

  7. How do you put middle school courses that count for high school credit? I earned 4.5 credits in middle school.

    6th grade- computer and Spanish 1 (both one semester)
    7th grade-Spanish 1 And Algebra 1( Spanish for one semester and algebra for the whole year)
    8th grade- Spanish 2 and Geometry full year

  8. Also, could I add camping as an activity? Every summer, I go camping with my dad at our family's cabin. It's a large part of my life and who I am as a person. How would I add this activity if it's mainly during the summer though?

  9. For the activities section, what should you do if your activity is only about once a month? I am an officer for my school's best buddies chapter. We only have one meeting a month though. I was the social media coordinator this past year, plus a peer buddy (buddy of the student with a disability). I will be an officer again this year, but in a different position. Should I count in the time I spent doing the social media and spending time/talking with my buddy each week?

  10. Super informative video! Would you recommend placing a self-founded non-profit organization in additional information? It is my most involved extracurricular and a component that will come into play in my essays. Thank you 🙂

  11. Thanks for all the information! But I have a question, if i`m not planning on writing about it in my essays, would saying that I suffered from depression/ there is a history of mental/personality disorders run through my family, and due to external factors (two friends attempting suicide, they`re both fine thank god) caused a drop in my grades/ my failing of a class? or should I write that in my essays? My guidance and parents are literally useless with this application process and you`re honestly such a god send.

  12. SupertutorTV can you tell me how can I send my certificates of extracurricular activities to college through the common application.

  13. do you think owning your own business should be an activity or be put in the additional information section?

  14. Brooke to be honest you speak to fast.Here there are many International students.Please take of it for the next time.Thank you..

  15. Thank you for the video, Brooke! I have a question- what if you're doing the IB program? How do you fill in the common application in that case, because there is no such concept as "Honors" there?

  16. These videos are super timely and relevant and helpful and I really appreciate it! Thank you for doing this 🙂

  17. This website is great and I am in eighth grade only. I learned so much and thank you!