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  1. Thanks for watching guys! The SAT prep videos are coming tomorrow so stay tuned! Comment down below what you thought!

  2. Can't believe that I watched this as a rising sophomore and now I'm a junior finally starting to put together her Common App!!

  3. Should you just say that you are interested in participating in something similar in college regardless?

  4. Hey Josh,
    I have some awards that I won in interschool Competitions which were extracurricular-not academic in nature but were one time things and did not require weekly participation or anything. Should I list them in the activities section? If not, where then ? I'd be very grateful if you could let me know. Thanks.

  5. I've had this question about college applications for a while, but do you know if there's a way to put a resume in place or in addition to the common app activity section?

  6. When i put down the years that I participated in a sport, should i put down senior year, even though i havent sign up yet because the season hasnt started?

  7. How do you indicate (or do you need to?) if for example you were an officer in a club one year but not others? I was VP only my junior year, but in the club three years.

  8. Um… his hours can't be right because if you add up the the hours/week from all of his activities it is like 49 hours/week and I don't think that someone can do 7 hours of activities a day????

  9. lol who tf is going to have done 15-20 activities in high school? Is playing video games an activity? Making really good cereal? How serious can they be if you've got 10 going on at once?

  10. Hi, josh! I’m a eighth grader who will soon run a marathon at the age of 12( I skipped a grade) Is this a valuable extracurricular?

  11. Hi Josh, just have a quick question. Should internships and academic summer programs (for college credit for ex.) be put in the academics section or would that go on a resume?

  12. What do you do if you played a varsity sport and you also played travel sport. Should you list them separately?

  13. damn that’s kinda not fair, in our country high school has only two years of studying. what should i do..

  14. if awards were judged awards won during competition on a robotics team can they be listed as awards? my son has a very long list of these kinds of awards 9-11th grade so far. some are state championship awards. the team has been just 2-5 team members so he has played a key, hands on role in winning the awards.

  15. hi guys I'll be glad if u help me

    look in my country we have only 11grades, and let's say I was in soccer team for 10th and 11th grades. now in application process should I say that my years of activity were 11th and 12th grade????? because if I say I was active only in 11th grade they will think that I was just hanging out in 12th grade….. I'm so confused

  16. Hi! Thank you for uploading this video! When did you begin applying for colleges? Did you begin the summer after your Junior year (on college websites) or did you begin the first semester of your Senior year?

  17. hi josh i am from Pakistan , live in a very small city, my school never had any club neither it had any extracurricular activities , I am planning to apply for ivy league university, but I don't know what to do , are extracurricular very important , pls pls tell me , I have no one to ask

  18. As someone who moved high schools, what advice do you have for handling that on your application? I attended a public high school for my freshman and sophomore years, and am now at an academically focused residential high school entering my senior year after transferring for my junior year. The extracurriculars offered at my residential high school are very different from my old one, so I'm not sure how to explain that on my application. In particular my largest commitment at my old school was marching band, which isn't offered at my new school, although I've continued my other band related activities. There are also some clubs that I wasn't able to participate in during my junior year, but plan on participating in my senior year, and I'm worried about how colleges will perceive that, although I genuinely want to get involved in the activities, but either didn't know about them or couldn't fit them in my junior year. Finally, I haven't participated in any academic honor societies because my new school doesn't offer any, reason being that the school itself bases admission largely on academics, so nearly everyone there could qualify for one, rendering them somewhat useless. Do I need to explain that and these other things somewhere on my application, or should I just let my application and activities speak for themselves? Sorry for the long questions, there's just a lot of things to get overwhelmed with when dealing with moving schools.

  19. why do you use so many hyperbolic words in your statements? It makes them confusing to understand. Not everyone is you ffs.

  20. Incredibly useful, thank you so much for posting this… I started on my application and got really confused about how to describe my activities in such a short amount of space and this really cleared things up for me!

  21. I have less than 5 activities due to my current high school extras system that doesn't allow students to make a new club or organization and it sucks cos i really want to participate in somekind of public speaking extras or writing club which i spent most of my time on at home. i feel like my application won't be that interesting. what do i do now:(

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