How to download historical climate data from NOAA

hi all housing buying so today I just wanted to show everybody how to access and download some very simple climate data from the NOAA website so what I'll usually do is just type on my Google search engine NOAA climate data and then it's dispersal and climate data online so this is what it looks like NOAA's the National Senator for no noise the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of day/night seats and they deal a lot with climate stuff if you go down here and click on this Orange Box map and tool it's what I've been using recently maybe there are easier ways to find stations but I just don't know them and if I learned them I can do another tutorial with a new skill as I get but this is a window that's gonna pop up and there's daily summary observations monthly summary observations and the other ones I haven't checked out yeah don't really know how they work but between daily and monthly I think it's a good idea to go with daily because sometimes stations will not have monthly data because no one's calculated them yet maybe there's no automatic process to do that but if you get to daily you can just calculate monthly by taking the average of your daily data and how this tool works is it just shows a map of all the stations according to the criteria that you use in this box to your left and right now you can see there's always Asians in the states right this is an American agency maybe they don't keep track of other countries data but if you go here on the left you can see that the date is set for 2017 that's this week and a lot of sanctions are not updated this frequently so if you just go back in time and for me what I've noticed is that 1987 April 7 1987 usually works quite well and I'll just choose any climate variable here because it doesn't really matter at this point you're just trying to find stations but I will switch it to degrees Celsius because honestly America is the only country that uses right and then now you can see that other there's other stations in the world surprised so yeah these are all the points all the climate station locations that have data for April 7th 1987 and I did I do find that this is not very accurate this date thing because you can set a date here and then a station will not show up but then when you look at the station records they will have data for that day that you chose so I just finished a report about Peru here so I know they have really good data but I'm just going to do this for the first time to show you how how I do it let's say you're doing a project or you want to find out just out of curiosity what has the temperature and let's say Saudi Arabia been like for the last I don't know 30 years right so you can just go there and you man a little bit and you can see that these are decisions that Saudi Arabia has right there and if you play around with the dates maybe you might get more stations maybe some will disappear but let's just try it out so let's do 1973 just people random they update map and so yeah we lost some of the stations here so for some reason 19 1987 1988 are good good ears I just stumbled upon it by accident actually I was just trying it out for the first time for a different project so okay you can you notice that you can't really click on the stations right and then you can go on this map tools and then choose the identify tool and then with that identify tool you can click on those thoughts and see the name of the stage right and then this is the temperature average for that date that you've chosen and okay this looks interesting I want to do a temperature and about central Saudi Arabia right so you can do view station details so that station has had records from 1958 to 2017 and that's a pretty long long period of data and then here it also shows how much of the data has been filled so you have 75% of the data from 1958 till 2017 but don't let that scare you away because it just might be that from 2010 until 2017 there's no records but from 1960 to 2000 it's been pretty solid right and that's really all you need and then if you want this you can just do Add to Cart and then it will go up there I was I was playing with it a little bit earlier that's what I have other things in my cart and for some reason no one makes it seem like you're buying stuff and it makes it seem like you have to pay for your data but it's completely free completely available to anybody who wants to look for data and best you see right now we want to see the temperature in the coastal coastal area has been like so we choose this location again we do few station details 1978 to 2017 not too bad you can and Add to Cart and then let's just check out the rest of the world right so some of you may be surprised but there's actually quite a bit of stations climate data stations around the world and if I ever just curious what has the temperature been like up here in Greenland for the last 30 50 years depending on how much data they have you can just go there and see for yourselves even in places like Africa has quite a bit of stations more than my father would be I was actually surprised when I first saw this and usually there are around airports airports usually it have climate climate stations so if you go back here to the station moves across station details let's say you went to your map you got all the stations you were interested in looking at and this is just preliminary analysis ready how to get the data to look at it to see how good it is and then you go here click on your cart and then they'll give you choices on how you want this data to be delivered I honestly I only know how to work with CSV files haven't tried a PDF or a text but CSV it's easy to use it in Excel or in R so I'll go with that and then you can choose a range of your data I think it's a good idea to go from the earliest to the last day that they have and then you can cut it according to your own needs and continue and then here you can choose some of the things you want to add the unit's your standard which I think it's American haven't tried at I will often use metric because everyone else cares about Celsius and then here you can choose what kind of NATO you want precipitation maritime feature oftentimes the temperature data is more there's more there's less missing data and temperature than precipitation and then you just click here and continue here's the summary of the data you're requesting and then down here you can just add your email address and then when you click Submit order you get an email like this say your door order has been submitted and then you just have to wait I haven't had to wait more than two days for this yeah you just wait for one to two days sometimes you get on the same day but this I ordered this morning and it still hasn't arrived and then you get another email your data has arrived maybe I can find one to show you what it looks like hmm see this is what it look like when the order arrives and then here's a file you can just download it it's not working for some reason – earlier than one you find another one maybe it expires after a little bit yeah you can what I've done previously just click on that and then you get a CSV file with all the data that you've requested and then you can play around with this see what years you actually have often times and years they say they have it's just empty data with yeah and a values instead of actual recorded values oh yeah I've been wanting to make this video for quite awhile there's a lot of public information that's readily accessible but a lot of people just don't know how to get there I just learned how to do this on my own because I needed this data and then I just somebody told me that Noah had data so I just googled for it but I sure everyone's just curious about climate climate data you can just go here do a quick search find the data that you need I'm interesting around with it you know I do want to do some more tutorials in the future for anybody who's interested in climate climate change and climate data analysis I have some ideas that I'll start putting out but honestly I just wanted to do this for anybody who's interested in this stuff and wants to do it what kind of information you can get on the internet yeah that's it for it for now thank you everybody for watching and I hope to see you in the next one please let me know if you have any ideas of things you want to learn any skills in climate data analysis climate change climate change adaptation so if you want to learn about I am a grad student in Canada studying climate change impact assessment and I just hope to share all this knowledge with everybody out there and all y'all who are interested thank you so much for joining me on the next one

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  1. Great video, this really helped. But African precipitation data is almost nonexistent on NOAA, am using CHIRPS now

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