Derral here. So you probably all know that
YouTube tracks what videos you watch, but they also track what you search for. Well,
in this training video I’m going to show you how to delete your YouTube search history.
Stay Tuned. Ok, you always see this “recommended for you”
in your feed, these videos that show up and you’re wondering why that shows up. Well let
me show you what happens. Every time you go to YouTube and search for something, so let
me show you here real quick, “YouTube loves to track what you search” and hit search it
actually records that in history. Now if you’re looking to delete your history let me show
you how easy it is to do. So the first thing you need to do is go over
to the right-hand corner, click this little arrow, and then over to video manager. And
under video manager you will see over here, mouse over to search history. And you can
see that 19 seconds ago that I searched for “YouTube loves to track what you search”.
Now to clear this, all you need to do is select that, hit remove. Or you can clear all search
history, where you can select everything, hit remove or you can hit clear all, it’s
that simple. Now I know there’s people right now watching
this video wondering what can I do to stop YouTube from tracking my movements on
All you need to do is do something that was invented back in 1945! You take some aluminum
foil, and you wrap it around your computer a couple of times like this, and it’s amazing,
they can’t track you. Ok now for added protection make sure you add the hat. Very, very important
to do that, very stylish, but it also stops YouTube viewers from reading your mind. I
wonder if I can get them to subscribe to my YouTube channel… why would they do that,
you idiot! You didn’t even iron your shirt today, look at it!… That’s ok Derral, people
on YouTube don’t care that you didn’t iron your shirt they just are grateful for the
great quality content and that’s why they’ll subscribe… Go iron your shirt!!

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  1. Crazy Derral seems to know what I need help with. His help is the most consistently accurate of all the Youtube info channels I have seen.

    Thanks Derral. Now excuse me, while I go weld up a good solid hat.

  2. Irrelevant. Where we're at now as far as"big brother"is concerned? You might as well clear your whole life history of that was possible, which it ain't

  3. On top of utube music channel please remove search sign, red m and whatever black thing is on the heading of page

  4. you really suck at that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😎😎😋😊😂😎😃😂😄😎

  5. I don't get it, I clear my history but I still get videos recommended for me show up, like fishing or crazy stuff I don't watch, I hate it, I click them not interested and then click why. use to get mostly what I watch now im like where the heck are they coming from. thanks

  6. Derryl question for you I accessed my watch history this morning and the 4 most recent videos I had not watched. Can you please explain if you know how someone would feed my watch history?

  7. I can't remove anything from my search
    What do I do
    Cuz everytime I try it wont go away
    I tried restarting my phone, I click clear search history but it wont work 😭

  8. I'm currently happy with my search history. I figured out a way that stops YT from recommending me right wing/skeptic vids/alt right/dipshit videos.

  9. Ok that wasn't funny what you did with the tin foil. You are basically saying youtubers are f*king screwed.

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