Hi I’m Chris Morales,
At my law firm we have helped thousands of people clean up their criminal records. A criminal record can prevent you from getting
a good job, it can prevent you from immigrating or from becoming a United States citizen,
it can prevent you from joining the military. Most of all it can prevent you from having
a good night sleep every single night. We can help you if you are a convicted felon
possibly reduce your felony to a misdemeanor. There is no reason to go through life as a
convicted felon if there is a way to get that felony off your record. We have even helped people reduce misdemeanor
to infractions. We have helped people expunge their conviction, which is a complete dismissal
of their case. We have helped people seal their juvenile records so that nobody can
ever see it. We have helped people apply pardons from the governor. We have many tools that we use to help folks
just like you clean up their criminal records and sleep better at night. If you been convicted of a very serious offense
what we help people do is go to court and get a certificate of rehabilitation. A certificate
of rehabilitation is a public proclamation by the presiding criminal judge that you have
been rehabilitated. It also acts as a application to the governor for a pardon. We have many tools in our dispose and we can
help you today to clean up your criminal record. Please call my office and we will set up an

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