Hello! This is Cynthia Sue Larson with reality shifters dot com and I’m here today to talk with you
apache njan about changing the past. One of the basic requirements for changing the past is recognizing that we are able to do it
at all at all, and that’s a challenge because of the quote that helps to point out why that’s a challenge In the quote by Yakir Aharonov he said, “The future can only effect the present if there is room to write its influence off as a mistake.” This was a popular quantum physicist back in
nineteen sixty four and he was taking a look at the symmetry
of time–the fact that if we are aware that we can change the future, then just as space has symmetry– we expect that for every action there’s an equal
and opposite reaction– we’re looking at changes through spacial
coordinate systems– we can also expect to see a similar symmetry in time. The interesting thing is that some of the requirements logically for
for this this to even work at all require that we can’t
always know exactly how it’s working, or that it’s even working. So this explains a lot for those of us
that have experienced reality shifts and we’ve wondered how is it possible that someone could have had inoperable liver cancer or a tumor that’s just out of control
like my grandmother did which spontaneously goes into complete remission without any kind of chemotherapy, any kind of radiation treatment, anything like that… it really boggles the mind. So this is the realm of miracles, the realm of literally walking into some other reality. And when you think about it and you realize that quantum mechanics forbids a single history, which it does, then your mind can fully open up to some exciting possibilities here. You can also recognize that thinking in terms of retrocausality
and changing the past we would expect things like synchronicity to occur. We would expect to experience deja vu where we’ve got a feeling or a dream of something and then experience it. A lot of these things fall a little bit outside the realm of what
we can ordinarily explain but they start making a lot more sense when we look at symmetry in time. So today, thinking about how we can change the
past, or why we might even want to– it’s important to look at the motivation actually–Why do you
want to change the past? If there was something that you wish
you could change, what is your reason for wanting to change it? Because usually there’s something that we can
learn even from terrible crises and calamities in our lives. Hopefully we’ve become a better person
from it. Hopefully we’ve developed better character. I personally
believe these things are important because that’s part of my practice as a spiritual life coach. So I would encourage you to take a
look at things that have happened with an eye toward “How have I grown, and what has improved, based on this experience that I’ve been through?” Once we’ve gone through that process of
examining ourselves and looking at why is it that we want to do this, another good thing to do is to get to
a place of complete acceptance. You may think, “Well, that’s a little strange, because what I want to do is
change this awful thing that happened.” But mindfulness requires that we obtain a state of rising above our ordinary consciousness and looking at our lives as if we’re
watching a movie… watching a character going through a drama. And you wouldn’t want the main hero to be kind of caught up in a cycle of
resentment and despair that never seems to end. You would want that hero to grow. We
look for that in our stories and we look for that in our lives. That’s something to keep in mind when you practice meditation and
practiced any kind of Qi Gong, any kind of spiritual path, then you’re opening yourself up to an awareness of seeing beyond the ordinary limitations of your physical body and your mortal existence. It’s a way to rise up and look at
the story and see a little bit more than you might everywhere I would also recommend–this is my personal
recommendation about changing the past– you know I love to ask, “How good can it get?”
you get That’s the same question to ask for changing
the past you want to know “How good can the past get?” And one way to enhance how good the past can get is actually to
appreciate it. I told you many times throughout all these videos
that I’ve done that one of the best things you can do is practice gratitude and appreciation. It’s a form of getting to a place outside yourself and seeing the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you. It is profoundly important to stay in that attitude of appreciation… of gratitude… and that awareness definitely changes the past. And you can see it clearly when you look at
yourself when you’ve reached a point where you are able to forgive and move on. The real forgiveness–the key there– is reaching a place of appreciation –whether it’s for the circumstances or
another person– what have you– of realizing that there’s
something that came out of this that was good, and getting to that place of detachment where you’re just rising up above it. It’s just like shifting gears on a car. You
can’t change gears– and you can’t shift realities– until you reach that place of detachment. So these are the steps to work on. And to review again, You can play the video back. The reason I talk about some of the
science behind retrocausality and changing the past is to open your mind to stop believing that such things are
impossible. To become aware that not only are they
possible, but they are happening all the time. And to have a little better understanding of why it is that we often don’t catch
these things happening for the very simple fact that that’s just not the way they work; they can’t work that way. So until next time, keep asking, “How good can it get?” both about your future and your past. I look forward to talking to you soon. Take care! This is Cynthia Sue Larson with realityshifters.com

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  1. I love asking questions–and indeed, the answers will come, so be sure to ask questions you'd love the answers to! How good can all your past experiences be for you? 🙂

  2. You actually cannot change the past, you can only change your mind about the past which changes our perception of the present. The past is gone. But unless we let it go like you say through forgiveness, we might still be experiencing the affects of the past in the present (as if they were real) which is an illusion. A Miracle heals the past in the present and therefore releases the future <3

  3. Many physicists consider concepts such as parallel universes, time symmetry, and retrocausality important aspects of reality. From such viewpoints, we can well be changing the past each time we perceive it (look back at it) as easily as a train changes tracks at a switchyard. When a miracle heals the past in the present, that healing may be evidence we're in fact in an entirely new parallel world.

  4. Well that is one way of looking at it, the other way is understanding the cause and affect relationship. If you change your mind about a cause in the past then the affects are changed in the present which in turn creates a different future. We cannot in fact heal the past, only heal our perception of the past in the present. The ONLY thing that is UNCHANGING is reality. God is the author of consciousness and consciousness only exists "now". Reality is as God defines it.

  5. Retrocausality, like parallel universes, are theories in physics. These theories and others give us insights by which we can reframe our ideas of cause and effect on the quantum scale… and now also on the macro scale, since some behaviors previously considered quantum only (such as entanglement and teleportation) are being observed with things visible to the naked human eye. There are some experiments currently running that may yet show us evidence of the present changing the past.

  6. I do not look to physics to explain the workings of the mind or co-creativity! Quantum physics is about seeing results based on predictable theory, not seeing the actual object of the theory itself. It is all mind. What physicists cannot work out is that the mind creates everything but they cannot quantify the mind or measure it's principles with scientific theory! Until we have time travel the past is only a memory and to try and change the past is only retroactive distortion in the present 🙂

  7. To have a good understanding of physics we need to grasp "models of understanding" quantum physics is just one such model. A model of understanding is just a way of looking at the physical workings of the universe. Differenr models produce different results even though they are still using the same basic building materials. Another example of the mind shaping our physical reality.

  8. A bit like plants being all different, but the only real differencec in each plant species are the instruction set contained within the DNA and the idividuals plants circumstance. Actually DNA is much more than that. DNA is also a map of our location in the gene pool of the universe. Different locations in the universe provide unique DNA code which produces different species of plants. Everything affects everything else! And the two things living organisms have in common are DNA and God.

  9. There may well be parallel worlds but to reach one would be to be in a different location in space-time. Even though in this location in space-time there may be an ifinite number of dimensions.

  10. you're wrong, I'm from the country where a lot of professional shamans in my village, one of them helped to change the past to one boy through astral message to the past, the boy who lost his finger on the factory machine after he changed his past, he saw that after month his finger began to grow and now he have full finger. Real shamans never makes it for the show and media, that's why you can't see it on tv shows or news, but it's true

  11. He could only change his experience of the past reversing cause and affect in the present. He didn't quantum leap he only changed his mind, not reality. Miracles happen, I have heard of fingers regrowing, but that you think I am wrong means your mind is still caught in duality which means you are not fully committed to your ideas. If we could change the past then the past would not be real and that would mean nothing ever happens in the present and there would be no future….

  12. …to change our mind about the past changes our perception and our beliefs as if it actually happened which creates affects in the present as if the past were changed. On guy regrew a finger by dipping it in pigs stem cells everyday. He didn't change the past, he only changed his mind about what was possible in the present. I can count to 10 in the present but I couldn't when I was a baby! What changed? Only my mind.

  13. Consciousness appears to be the fundamental essence of reality. Our understanding of science and philosophy and concepts such as nonduality are limited by our perceptions, assumptions, and experiences… yet for all our human limitations, we do sometimes witness what we refer to as miracles, reality shifts, or quantum jumps. While the mechanisms behind what is going on are still debatable, the conversation about what we perceive, assume, and experience holds great value.

  14. Hi Cynthia, what we perceive, and assume ourselves and others experience, can always be transcended through grace and with miracles and knowledge, the Source of which comes from a Consciousness far beyond our own limitations…. how we judge this Source is what causes our perceptions, assumptions and experiences! Thanks for sharing your video and insights, and inspiring such a great dialogue 😉 Matt

  15. I love the conversation happening here–thank you for reading and sharing your insights about consciousness, source, perception, and experience!

  16. You don't need a Doctor to change the past… but please do tell me if you see an out-of-place blue police call box! 😉

  17. Reality shifts (aka quantum jumping) seems to consistently influence the past… so that any time a new reality is experienced, it's as if one is now living in a parallel reality with differences noticeable in present and past. We see this whenever spontaneous remissions of cancer occur, for example.

  18. It's possible to witness that the past has shifted, and in this sense it is clear that we sometimes are experiencing shifted realities in which someone previously reported dead is alive again. I so far have not yet met anyone who was able to consciously create such a shift for a dear loved one… which perhaps may be due to the fact that when we lose loved ones who are close to us, we have a tougher time attaining the requisite state of detachment (letting go) for achieving such shifts.

  19. I lost my child last year in a horrible accident, that was almost impossible given the many coincidences that led to it. I believe strongly that I can change it and actually my task is to learn how to do it. Could you please le me know where I read and learn more about i, how I could achieve the necessary level of consciousness? Many thanks.

  20. The best place to start learning about how to achieve the necessary level of consciousness to change the past is after lots and lots and then lots more meditation… with whatever method of meditation works best for you. I wrote an article on choosing the best meditation for you, but I can't post links here. If you want some links to pages on my realityshifters site and elsewhere please email me (click through my realityshifters site).

  21. My girlfriend has a past and come to find out she slept with my enemies. I can't shake the fact that she gave herself to my enemies for years. What do I do? This is our one and only fight….ever. No other fights have ever ever come up

  22. Emotions of forgiveness and gratitude can send healing to the past… so if you feel ready to heal your past, you can ask yourself, "What can I focus on to help ensure I'm feeling grateful and forgiving of myself & others in the past?" Let this meditation question be your guide, and you can bring healing to your past… and your present.

  23. Cynthia, I need your help. I watched your video but I didn't understand that much. I have a terrible past, and I can't forget it. Those memories are haunting me and make me want to kill myself every day. There are so many things I did that I wish I could go back in time and change it. I can't be at peace. Any advice you can give me? How can I have my 'ideal past'?

  24. By meditating & practicing things like yoga, Tai Chi, or martial arts that require we focus breath, movement & intention together, the more we see how right here, right now, all is well. Such practice reveals the inner "observer"–the part of us that is pure awareness & impervious to ups & downs of ego. The two steps of: 1. developing a breath, movement, intention practice long enough to 2. realize there is a part of us connected to the eternal infinite transforms us so we don't hit such lows.

  25. Thank you, Cynthia. This is great. I wish my past was the opposite of what happened, but it kinda runs away from my mind. I have two questions: Once we change the past, will we still remember the "original past" or will it be erased PERMANENTLY from our minds like it never existed? And how can I change it? I tried visualizing my past a different way and it works, but don't last that long. I feel like I'm lying to myself. Can you help me?

  26. Changing the past requires one to attain a state of open-mindedness from which alternate pasts can still be recalled, due to having reached an emotionally neutral state of mind. The energy of charged emotions can lock realities / pasts in place–so it's essential that one meditate enough to achieve a state of emotional mastery to the point of accessing various possible pasts through gratitude and love, rather than regret or fear. Meditate to the point of emotional balance / detachment.

  27. I know that one can change the past by altering the perception of it. So if one imagine the past differently, we'd be literally changing the past. But it's being hard for me. It's sort of like my subconscious mind doesn't believe me, it's rejecting it.

  28. Subconscious beliefs make a big difference in retrocausality. We literally do change the past every time we change our emotions about the past (such as feeling more gratitude). Starting a daily practice of meditation and/or prayer over time thus makes powerful changes in expectations about the past, which is the essence of retrocausality.

  29. deep gratitude to you Cynthia! wonderful presentation, and
    wisdom you bring forth, thank you dear Sister-in-Light for holding these new frequencies pls enjoy the Golden Lion : : Courage
    Codes for the 8::8 Lion's Gate Activation at greatdreams
    so many blessings, daphne'
    [email protected]

  30. Words such as mindfulness are labels (not meaning) & like maps, should not be confused with the "territory." The key is practicing compassion & kindness in thoughts, words & deeds.

  31. Mindful framing of one's most effective circle of influence, with a clear idea of knowing the difference between what we have power to immediately change and what we don't is essential for conscious transformation. The more we learn about time and space, the more we symmetry in both, recognizing in scientific experiments ways we are influencing our past–usually without noticing bicausality occurring all around.

  32. There is a symmetry to time, just as there is symmetry in space. While we see so-called evidence of "retarded" progression from past to future, some physicists suggest a theory that "advanced" waves travel from future to past. This could help explain some otherwise baffling laboratory studies demonstrating that people consistently demonstrate physiological signs of knowing what is about to happen before it occurs.

  33. To change the Past OR the Future is to Welcome, Invite and Accept what was, and what will be, unconditionally. WE are living and breathing creators, our manifestations derive from our choice of emotion and thought in every now!
    When we realize that we are our own patient and doctor an "AHA" moment should surface 😉

  34. There's a marvelous sense of Oneness experienced by quantum jumpers and reality shifters; near death experiencers are especially clear on this concept, and are accordingly often quite good at changing the past, present & future.

  35. sorry this is stupid. This is not about changing your past this is about changing your FEELINGS of the past!!!!!

  36. While retrocausality may sound impossible, there is ever-increasing scientific evidence that causality is as symmetrical as every other physical force. Medical records of people having experienced spontaneous remission of a wide variety of disease provides another clear indicator that we experience alternate histories–changes in the past.

  37. If you're interested in current research in bicausality, I cite several excellent studies and sources in my new book, Quantum Jumps, that just came out this month.

  38. Cynthia is spot on about actually changing the past – not just changing our perception of it.

    She is a true scientist – a heretic in the best sense of the word, on the leading edge.

    Alternate realities and multidimensional realities are real – and time is a mechanism  to keep everything from happening at once.

  39. Hi Cynthia, As Deepak Chopra says the cancer someone has this month is not the same as one month earlier as what is keeping it alive is our cellular memory. I have a healing hypnosis  which I recorded many years ago and its now free whereby it plants suggestions of miracles occurring and spontaneous remissions ( I had two in my family alone) and you can see videos from people who listened to it , one who came out of a coma after 55 days and lived and another whose thyroid problem healed and the drs were amazed plus my own families miraculous healing. I want to give it away to anyone who may benefit or need that extra support right now Here is the link so you can see the videos and testimonials 🙂 http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/free_download.htm#free_download

  40. hi Cynthia, I find very interesting all that you talk about and I have experienced quantum jumping my self several times without even doing any meditation it happened spontaneously, one time I was 10 days ahead of time for like a minute, and I didn't even realized it until I saw the same newspaper 10 days later, and  I believe it has happened many more times but I haven't paid attention to it, only  4 times I came to realized That I had been in the future, another time I was driving and I passed one street and then I passed it again a few seconds later.

  41. it all comes to what you believe, I believe that we create reality and we can create multiple realities and the more we believe the more we accomplish, now imagine the collective, all of us  together thinking that we can change this world, we are very powerful

  42. hi cynthia…im very glad i find you here in this channel…my intuition tells you are my lovely  spiritual guru that helps expand my consciousness in body mind and spirit

  43. I don't think this is good ! We are not meant to splinter ourselves through quantum leaps….we have not mentally evolved enough to understand this concept. It's dangerous !
    Why can't we just enjoy who we are and what nature has given in this moment of time. Who knows where we go or what we learn after our death but thats for then and this life is for now…. remember curiosity killed the cat !

  44. I would be skeptical about trying to change the past, because every mistake we ever make is a lesson for us all to learn from. As a youngster i made some of the most ridiculous and foolish errors, and although i still cringe at them when i think of some of them, they have been the very things that have taught me the most. Without the past mistakes or experiences how would we ever wise up in the first place, whether parallel universes exist or not?

  45. I am not sure about this phenomenon.. but I think I have experienced a reality shift maybe.. A year ago one of my friends told me that she was engaged and was very happy about it but when I asked her about her fiance two months ago she said who in the world ever told you that I have a fiance or a bf?…I was so confused because I'm sure she did mention that she is engaged and will get married soon almost a year ago.. o.o

  46. I am absolutely astonished of all those things you have said! Finally I can understand ! Apart from the example of the keys and a lot of similar stuff I couldn't explain why did I remember things from my past that for example took place 10 or 20 years ago and I never ever before had. It's like if I am asking myself : had I completely forgotten this thing? A few years after my grandmother had passed away(from my mother's side),my father entering a pharmacy sees her again live in front of him speaking with the pharmacist. She was exactly my grandma : her physical appearance, the way she moved, the way she spoke, even the way , the tone of her voice , everything. It was until now a mystery to all of us. He followed her until she turned after a block where he lost her.

  47. I am absolutely astonished of all those things you have said! Finally I can understand ! Apart from the example of the keys and a lot of similar stuff I couldn't explain why did I remember things from my past that for example took place 10 or 20 years ago and I never ever before had. It's like if I am asking myself : had I completely forgotten this thing? A few years after my grandmother had passed away(from my mother's side),my father entering a pharmacy sees her again live in front of him speaking with the pharmacist. She was exactly my grandma : her physical appearance, the way she moved, the way she spoke, even the way , the tone of her voice , everything. It was until now a mystery to all of us. He followed her until she turned after a block where he lost her.

  48. everything happens for a reason. I stumble across your videos searching for truth. low and behold your messages ring my Bell. mindfulness is key to setting oneself free. this Mandela effect throws a wrench into the true meaning of life. I believe the hanzel and Gretel story to be of utmost importance. the crumbs will lead you home. many blessings upon you and the readers of the comments.

  49. iv had this to happen a bunch of times I just thought I had imagined things I could of swore some things happened but when I asked some one they said no like I the buffalo bills lost five super bowls

  50. I'm watching this and thinking… Be careful what you are opening yourself up to. New world spirituality is dangerous…invites evil and demons. I think only God is outside of time and miracles are only of God… Dejahvoo , I probably spelt that wrong, is something we all experience. I have and have had premonitions of things that come to pass, but I can't say it's all me. God is working all the time. I realize that we don't even use most of our brain, but like when I dream of flying… Does anyone dream of flying ? Do you open your arms, Palms out , by your sides… Does it feel like you already know how to do this? Or that it is somehow coming from your diaphragm? Perhaps we lost certain knowledge, when we gained certain knowledge from the tree of good and evil… ??? All I know is there is great deceptions going on… UFO's being a demon deception and so on… I don't know the answers, but I do know it's God. God grants his gifts and gives us our trials,but always for our betterment

  51. I know no one who has changed the past. I just put the past out of my mind. God wants us to live in the present. I don't do anything like meditation. it opens the door to demons, IMO

  52. what about objects going missing like my keys this summer only 2 of us in the shop put keys on desk then both of us did a job I got called on radio that a machine broke down went to the desk keys gone I asked the other guy if he grabbed my keys he said no searched everywhere gone . a day later found them in the service truck

  53. A few years ago I had an embarrassing moment where I said something dumb to a stranger. Though the moment only lasted about 20 seconds and the stranger probably forgot about it years ago, I could not get it out of my head! I played it over and over in my mind and was constantly reminded of it. I tried several ways of moving past this embarrassing moment: accepting that it happened, distracting myself when I thought of it, etc. Nothing worked and I had no way of tracking down this stranger to apologize. So the last time I remembered the moment, I stayed in it and imagined myself apologizing and talking through all of the regret and embarrassment I had. I literally feel like I changed the past or at least remolded my memory of it.

  54. Cynthia Sue Larson, my name is Thomas. I could hardly believe that I got to your sight on utube. I have been studying Quantum Physics for over 15 years. Gosh! There is so much I want to tell you. I believe I may have possibly experienced the parallel Time shifts. Individuals who I swear had died. Public figures who I thought were dead because I could swear I herd about it on the radio. Then only to find out that they were alive. Then months later I here about the same individual on the radio had passed away a day before. This has happened many times with me. The other thing is. I believe that I made a very bad choice back in March 23 1974 in which I was17. I was at a very bad private school in Ohio. I had a meeting with a caseworker. He had told me some options other then returning to Chicago. One was going to a group residence and going into a special Education program that would be very beneficial too me. I made a very bad mistake deciding to come back to Chicago. It was not for a long time that I realized that I made a bad mistake that would eventually through my life off course. It was like changing a Railroad track switch and sending me off in the wrong direction. I should have gone strait. I feel today nothing is right. It's not supposed to be this way. Things have not been well for years. I have been almost ubsest with the idea of going back to that point in time to change the decision I made. But if I made one mistake in the past it could change a lot of history. It's like throwing a stone in a pond and the impact would be cause and the ripples in the water would represent effect in time over the last 43 years. Cynthia I find you to be a very interesting person.

  55. I believe this altered reality is actually created in our own minds. Follow me on this. OK when people are Hypnotized they can think back to a time of their past. Some Rape victims was hypnotized so they can imagine details about the Rape. I say imagine because they are asked to imagine details of things they had not seen. OK follow me on this. Lets say they wasn't even be in the place to where they could see the perpetrator's license plate, but when Hypnotized they were told to look at the license plate. A Hypnotherapist told me once that imagined details of a crime can actually help solve crimes. I told him maybe it wasn't imagined and they actually did something different when they were taken back to the time of the crime. Also when hypnotized people are taken back past their birth and taken into another life or a past life. This is in no way something they could remember because it wasn't them that experienced it. Some have collaborated some people's stories of past life regression hypnotherapy sections. How did they think past their birth to a time and tell of a life that was collaborated to be true? I think people can change their past and not even know they did so. I think this place is or was programmed to work a certain way and everything is linked just as it is in a program on a computer. I think any of us can change their past and maybe other's past as well.
    I believe this place is programmed to work a certain way; Some what like how a program on computer program works. I believe how this place works is all physical things are set to flow with time. Not able to move faster or slower in time, but as for going faster in time "forward" is possible. As for going back in time I believe all physical things are programmed to flow with this time thing, but our thought process isn't a physical entity. Yes it is created by a physical entity but if you think about it our thought process isn't a physical thing. That is why I believe this theory of mine is really what is causing this effect on history. All this teaching about Lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and all of this teachings that people are doing now is the real cause of the Mandela effect. Think about this also. This place is programmed to work for an out come. When somebody does something to change the past it makes sure to set it right. Using this Mandela effect as an example. Lets say somebody did something to change the fact that Mandela died, but he wasn't suppose to die. The out come of this programmed place will change the fact that he died because it was programmed that he was to be come the leader of South Africa. You get what I am saying? I don't think we can change major things in history because this programmed place we live is going to set it right. As for as less important occurrences we might be able to change them without any problem. Like people like to say that everything that happens happen for a reason. I believe that also, but not in a god way. In a programmed way. I do not think there is some force that says this guy will get a splinter to day and he will pull it out. I won't go that far to believe that, but believe major history events are set in stone if you may. But somethings can be changed. As for as somebody go back in time and kill their grandfather. I believe they could but the program everything works off of will set it right. Although there maybe some who remember his death there will be others who won't remember his death. You understand what I am saying?

  56. Today, I offered some wood from my garden to a neighbor who in the past asked me for logs for his wood burning stove. I gave him some eucalyptus logs,I still have some in the shed that I kept.
    Well today he looked at me blankly, said they have only an imitation stove. I've never been in their house, only know about the stove because he asked for wood before.. I said, you had one before and that's why I thought you might want the wood. He said we have only ever had this imitation one.

  57. I am going to try to explain how I think this Mandela Effect can be caused by mind Control. I don't believe all of the Mandela Effects is created by mind control, but do believe certain changes can be done with mind control. I do believe our Governments has the capabilities of changing historical events by nothing but the power of their minds. I think this can be one of the real causes of this Mandela Effect and I will tell briefly why I believe this to be true.

    I have studied Hypnosis and different Hypnosis techniques for many years now. I first got turned on to Hypnosis when I started studying natural cures years ago. I have had this belief that one could change their past with hypnosis way before hearing anything about this Mandela Effect and stuff changing at all. I first started studying Hypnotherapy since the mid 1990s until now. I have also chatted with Hypnotherapist about different hypnotherapy techniques. That is what shaped my belief that one could use hypnosis to change their past, and now believe our government can be and could be using some of the same techniques to change the past as well. I will try my best to describe how I think this is possible. First I will say I believe all this is possible because I believe this place was programmed to work a certain way much like how a computer is programmed. Some scientist believe this as well and have said they have found computer code in all our surroundings. This is the key to understanding how and why I believe one can change their own past and other's past as well.

    Going back to chatting with hypnotherapist about different techniques on Hypnosis. I done a lot of reading on Hypnosis and all the different techniques used in Hypnosis I even talked with some hypnotherapist online who shared their stories with me. I also had one hypnotherapist who gave me his teaching on self-Hypnosis that was all on three CDs that he took the time to write a slimed down version in the PDF format that also went step by step teaching me how I could hypnotize myself. He understood I couldn't afford the CDs and took the time to write it all down in PDF format. I really admire that he took the time to write a scaled down version of his complete course on self-Hypnosis. OK when people are Hypnotized they can think back to a time of their past. Some Rape victims was hypnotized so they can imagine details about the Rape. I say imagine because they are asked to imagine details of things they had not seen. OK follow me on this. Lets say they wasn't even be in the place to where they could see the perpetrator's license plate, but when Hypnotized they were told to look at the license plate. A Hypnotherapist told me once that imagined details of a crime can actually help solve crimes. I told him maybe it wasn't imagined and they actually did something different when they were taken back to the time of the crime. He disputed that as being imagined details not that they could actually change the past some how. Also when hypnotized people are taken back past their birth and taken into another life or a past life. This is in no way something they could remember because it wasn't them that experienced it. Some have collaborated some people's stories of past life regression hypnotherapy sections to be true. How did they think past their birth to a time and tell of a life that was collaborated to be true? Again the Hypnotherapist past this off as imagined details. I ask him how he justified the stories of past life regression that was collaborated to be true and he told me that was just an Coincidence. I ask him; So you believe; Two striking occurrence happen at one time was by mere chance? He told me yes just a Coincidence. How can both things happen randomly and be so accurate if indeed both is imagined and a Coincidence?

    The question that should be asked; Is when we go under hypnosis and are taken back to a time; is what we experience just in our head "An Imagined detailed experience" or can we actually be taken back to a time while under hypnosis to a time either in the past, present or future and actually change things? I actually believe we can change things and this programmed place we live is why we can change stuff, because just like on a computer everything is linked together in code. Since we all are in this programmed existence then we all are linked together much in the same way as everything is on a computer. I have shown why and how somebody can change their own past and other's past as well. Now I will tell you experiments scientist has done in the past on brainwave technology, and they experimented with some controlled experimenting. I also remember experiments where scientist was experimenting with brainwaves and found that if you tune two subject's brainwaves to the same frequency they could actually experience what the other was experiencing and experiencing the other one's thoughts. They proved this to be true. They actually proved two different people could experience the other's experiences when their brain was tuned to the same frequency. I know you have heard of how Twins know what the other twin was experiencing. Well They proved two different people could experience the same thing. scientist placed two people into two different rooms and let the two people meditate and try to think on the same brainwave. They hooked wires to their heads to monitor their brain activity and notice when they did see their brainwaves syncing and they would shine a bright light into the eyes of one of the participant of the experiment the other one in an opposite room would bring his hand up also like the light was shined in their eyes. One experienced the other one's experiences. They done multiple test and their findings was shown that when both of the participants of the experiment could experience each other's experiences when their brainwaves was synced. Now since I believe this place is programmed much like a computer is programmed then as those two people could experience the other one's experiences then we can link to different people also in the past, present and future just as I believe we can do to ourselves and change their pass as well.

    I guess now we have to ask ourselves if two different people was able to experience each other's experiences in two different rooms, then how far apart can two different people be able experience the other person's experiences? Well I think since I believe this place is programmed much like a programmed computer and everything on that computer is linked together in a bunch of code, then we all are linked in much the same way. Pass, Present and future events is also all linked in code and since two different people could experience the same things then we could also experience anybody's experiences pass, present or future just as those two participants did in the scientific experiments. This in a nut shell is how our Government can be changing past events by linking to people from the past and changing stuff.

    Another question to ask is If the things in the past has been changed then why do some of us still remember the changed past? The truth I believe is all this is programmed to work a certain way and although the past was changed the code of it still exist somewhere out there.

  58. another question, if you say a message to yourself, i.e., to do something, how long would it could take to notice the change in the present ?

  59. I see, I was wondering how crazy the reality can become if you send yourself a warning to prevent someone from dying in an accident, assuming that you know the details of the accidents, which could give you the capabilities to make it preventable

  60. I was tortured and molested for first six years.. what should I feel gratitude for? I have seizures from it daily and my son and husband died from my cruelty and neglect due tony disconnect from necessary guidance from feelings. Where should I feel grateful ?

  61. It seems like you are saying to think of the past in a more positive light. To be grateful and not regret the past, so we see it differently. Am I correct?

  62. In this method, So its also possible to change past events or accident? Physically change the past events and change the timeline in the present events?

    What i was trying to jump that i will change the events before the accident ever occured. Do you think it is possible?

  63. I really wish I had an opportunity to discover you much sooner so I can repair on some of the mistakes I made so the outcome could be a lot better

  64. Past, present and future share the same present!! I know this from experience, way back I used to watch the catholic mass on tv, and I saw correlations between what I was going through interiorly and what the priest was visibly reacting to it!! I thought the mass was live, but lo and behold I found out later that it was previously recorded!! That was retrocausation!!!! All Time is in superposition of states!! https://youtu.be/mAm7wAbeEsc

  65. This is mf ridiculous 😂😂😂☝️so u telling me I can CHANGE MY PAST ok so then I can go back to 2011 and change everything and come back from that thought and all of a sudden the 3 years I spent in prison didn’t happen and
    My parents won’t remember visiting me n shit. Lady u on that shit

  66. People like me have that motivation to stay eagerly focus without rejecting ideas. We all have escalated the truth and that's part of boundaries, it's like walking 20 miles away from the argument. But that advice is to teach us to stay potentially right.

  67. Dear cynthia, when miracles happened to you and your grandmother or your friend. say the incident about the dead cat that suddenly reappeared. Prior to the event, was there a meditation that went on using your methods or a direct manipulation to make this happen? Can you choose the miracles that will happen to you or the cosmos will decide? Can u desire it directly because u said there should be a detachment?

  68. Daniel 7:25 King James Version (KJV)

    25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

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