Subtitles by @Dawahtweet, make Dua for me!! How the Bible Led Me to Islam:
The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister
Br. Joshua Evans
February 6, 2009 Assalamualaikum warehmatullahI wabarakatuhu Dua I’m going to tell you tonight About my journey From why once was I a former Christian Youth Minister To how I got to where I’m now There are a lot of bumps on the road You know, it seems pretty clear Yeah, you were a minister And now you’re Muslim There’s a little more to it, inshaAllah So just bear with me And hopefully you’ll get something out of it Because the point is, At the end… I want you to get the message behind this story Because if I was travelling around the country Just to tell my story Then I would be wasting time It’s on YouTube anyone can go and get it From anywhere in the world So inshAllah We are going to begin at the beginning I was born and raised in South Carolina *repeat*I was born and raised in Greenville South Carolina. And I was raised by my grandparents Because at a very early age my mother had stepped out And my father was working two jobs So it was me and my grandparents And my grandparents were The traditional conservative southern Christian folk as the say They were very very conservative In their ideals and their ideologies In their ways As you here about people Being set in their ways That was my grandparents This is the way they did it And you did the way every single day and that was it Umm We were very religious in the sense that we went to church on sundays sunday evenings We went to church wensday And in Christianity that is considered very religious It wasn’t hard for us to go to church, and it wasn’t difficult for my grandmother to drag me to church every sunday This as a kid is what they had to do because the church was two houses down from our house there were two houses and then there was the church It wasn’t hard for them to drag me every sunday I hated church as kid because of the simple reason that we were bought up as United Methodist And methodist is,for any of you who know is very traditional Its not like you think about screaming and shouting in church and all that you listen to the preacher stand up and you sing you sit back down you listen to the preacher you stand up and sing you sit back down and listen to the preacher and that is it that’s all that happens The pews as they call them, the chairs Are made out of wood They are hard You are tired of sittting there
You are fumbling around Playing with the money that my grandmother Gave me to put in the offering plate That’s what I remember from church As a very small boy The thing that I do remember enjoying About church Was umm Sunday school Sunday school was from what I got my enjoyment from Because I went to Sunday school You are painting pictures Of Noah Building the ark All these pictures Of Moses splitting the red sea You learned stories of Moses freeing the children of Israel From Egypt You learn the story about him splitting the red sea U learn the story of Noah and the ark You learn the story of David and goliath You learn all these beautiful stories Is in Sunday school This was basically as coming up This is what I knew about Christianity Were the stories that learned at Sunday school Because I never listened to the preacher During regular service So that was the only thing I knew about Christianity So coming up this was how it was This was the norm And the conservatism in my house Just to give you an example And about the level of conservatism Is Umm Let’s talk about gender issues Let’s say when I became 12, 13, 14…yrs And I started to actually notice females And I actually didn’t think that they had diseases And didn’t want to run away from them every time is saw them Let’s say I wanted to have a girl over, or something of this nature It was so serious to my grandmother That I had to make an appointment with her Let her know that this girl was coming to my house We had to sit in the formal living room Which in the south don’t know how is it here But you have the dining room; you have the formal living room With all the nice stuff That you don’t go unless you have company over And my grandmother had to sit IN the room with us, or in the kitchen Where she could see directly in the room I mean this just how it was In my house This is how my grandmother and grandfather were They were very stern They were very loving But there were rules, and the rules were as they were And they did not change So this was my upbringing And I would say that about the age of 12, 13 14 More along the age of 13, 14 I started going to the Saturday Evening youth services At my church They were for 12 and up The youth services were held in the gym And they were totally different than church At the youth services you went We played basketball Played volleyball We played dodge ball We played every kind of sport And we ate pizza And cake And candy and all of The stuff that kids like to do And at the end The youth minister Who happened? To be my catty corner neighbour Across the street When I was fourteen He was 17 Umm He was the youth minister So he would sit us down And give us a thirty minute lecture About Christianity About something about God You know he would give us a thirty minute sermon And that is how the youth services were And going to these youth services I met some other people who went to other youth services They invited me to Young men for Christ And other things that were going on inside Of South Carolina And so I started to go to these different retreats And camping trips with them And so that is why I would say that I started to become a Christian Out of will I became a Christian because I wanted to Not because it was something that I was dragged to I started to actually want to be Christian That was something wanted to do My own choice My own decision So when I turned 15 I started to go to high school And when I was a freshman in high school My best friend who was a youth minister Was a senior in high school? And I remember we had a very close bond I didn’t have my license yet, so I used to ride with him To school every day And it was a big deal for me to ride to school with a senior Especially since he had a brand new….a. a… I don’t know if it was brand new But he had ’67 Mustang Which I have always been a fan of course When I was kid So we had a very close bond And we were very good friends Because both of our parents They didn’t let us do much So we spent a lot of time with each other And when I became a sophomore (Second year in High school) He graduated And started to attend Bob Jones University I don’t know if that rings a bell with anyone But Bob Jones university is a very Prestigious conservative Christian college In Greenville, South Carolina It’s probably the most conservative College I have ever Seen Because the Moody institute is known as one the most famous in this country It’s in Chicago But Bob Jones is conservative to the point where When it comes to men and women Men and women are not allowed to get caught talking to each other,in the room alone If they are not married Holding hands On campus The men had to wear button up shirts Or polo shirts Tucked in with slacks Or jeans And the women had to wear skirts No jeans Skirts that came down to the ankle And a shirt that came to the wrists And this was the part of the guidelines For Bob Jones university You didn’t party You didn’t drink There was none of this to happen At Bob Jones university Um And he started going There And his major was textual criticism And textual criticism is probably Doesn’t ring a bell with anyone And to explain it in detail Will probably take An another entire lecture But just to give you a brief Synopsis Of what is textual criticism? Textual critic takes the ancient manuscripts Of the bible The pieces of parchment that were found all over the world And he has to learn Hebrew Greek Aramaic Latin These languages In which these parchments have been found And he has to take these scriptures And try to find out Where they came from Why there are variations in the many different versions of the same parchment let’s say you have Mathew chapter 1 from the bible there might be 5000 variant different readings of Mathew chapter 1 in 6 languages and he has to take all these and sift through them try to find out why there are so many variations in the readings and then determine which one is the original um and that’s not as easy a task as it seems which one is the oldest is probably the more original which is not the case since there are no originals you might have one parchment which is the oldest parchment of the group but it might be a copy of the copy of the copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. which is laden with mistakes and then you might have the newest parchment in the series that might be once over copied from the original or twice over of a second copy of the original therefore making the newer parchment making more original than the older one so it’s not a very easy field to go into and he started studying textual criticism and being that I was his best friend I also started studying textual criticism whenever he was doing his homework his research papers I was right there with him whenever he did his homework he would always let me read it when he finished his papers he would give them to me he would pass down all those papers to me every textbook when he was done with it he would give it to me I started to learn a little bit of Greek little bit of Hebrew um so I became a laymen textual critic and I applied to Bob Jones university in my sophomore year because there was a 3 year waiting process for Bob Jones and when I turned sixteen almost 17 My friend came to me one day and he asked me a question that I had never even really pondered upon he asked me and said have you read the bible? and I said uh no, in church, we have all read the bible in church you know your parents make you open it up and look at it and for bible studies I went to young men to Christ we did have bible studies and we read a few passages and talked for 2 hrs about those few passages but he is like No have you ever read it you know like you read a book beginning to end I said No, I don’t know anybody, and nobody that I know may have ever read it beginning Genesis 1:1 to the end he said so this is the inerrant word of God as we are taught but he said that this our instruction on earth why haven’t we read it? you know why we haven’t read this book And I said you know that is a very good question and he gave me a challenge basically the challenge was for us both he said let us start with genesis 1:1 and let’s read the bible and let’s see what God says to us because this is the the inerrant word of God inspired to men for instructions for us so let us see what God says to us if God can talk to the preacher through this book why can’t he talk to me? I said your right I said that is very good I had a lot of time on my hand wasn’t really allowed to do much anyway So after school I said why not the bible read I was somewhat nerdy as for a 16yr old so we started to read the bible and we decide to go from genesis 1:1 and what we tried to do is this was the attempt that we made was to not think of anything that we had ever heard about Christianity but to open the bible… let’s say I just found this book in the desert and really see what it says to me let it talk to us so we started from genesis 1:1 and we started reading though the bible we did some of it together most of it I did it by my self because I’m a very very quick reader so I sat and read a lot on my own and as I was reading through the bible um I started to notice the story that I had heard in Sunday school u know u started reading genesis and we read about Adam and eve you know we all know that story we started to read about Deuteronomy, exodus you know stories of Moses story of Noah the story of Lot and Abraham and all these stories that I know but I was surprisingly and astonish shocked by some of the stories that I read about the same people that I learned about in Sunday school just for instance and this is a big testament to why Allah kept send us prophets and why was Islam sent as a completed perfected Deen with the Quran if you read about Noah in the bible there is the story of Noah saving the humanity from the flood with an ark and all of that there is this in the bible there is another aspect to this story of Noah that many people know about and not many people take the actual time to open the bible this story will not be taught from any pulpit anywhere is that the bible says that Noah was an alcoholic this is the bibles portrayal of Noah or Nuh alayhis salaam that he was an alcoholic that he was a drunkard this the word used in the bible that he was the man given to alcohol and I’m a Psychology major and my… my… my field of specialty is mental illnesses and alcoholism is one of those mental illness and I know from seeing alcoholism’s effect on one of my close friend”s parents I know that someone who is truly addicted to alcohol and if Noah lived for so long addicted to alcohol he was seriously addicted to alcohol um it is hard for someone addicted to alcohol to hold down a 9-5 job at McDonalds flipping hamburgers much less construct an ark to save humanity from a flood that has never happened so that stopped me for a moment in my tracks and I said Noah was an alcoholic you know and it bothered me because I said things started to pop in my mind if Noah was a drunkard how did he know that God was talking to him? you know I’ve seen some people alcoholics *laughs* You were just asleep in my dog’s food bowl the other night drooling and now you are telling me that you were talking to God last night to rationally that did not make sense to me that’s like an alcoholic like on the street coming up to you and saying God’s talking to him you know this man has no validity with anyone I didn’t pay it too much attention. It caught me but I said you know what I’m going to keep going because there is one thing that you don’t do in Christianity and I will tell you what it is in a minute…..when I started doing it then I came across the story of lot or Lut alayhis salaam and we all know the story of Sodom and Gomorrha and these stories but there is another very twisted story in the bible about lot and his daughters there is a story of lot and his daughter in the bible that says that his daughters got him drunk one night and seduced him and committed incest with him audhubillah this is one of the bible portrayals of the prophets of God the person who saved his family from Sodom and Gomorrha this is the story that is in the bible so I’m catching myself again like how it is becoming a really bad bad habit this is becoming a bad recurrence that I am seeing over and over again in this bible so after that I started speeding through the other mumbo jumbo to get more of these prophet stories and I got to the story there are others and there are some stories in the bible that are not PG rated period. they are not rated for talking anywhere you would need an 18+ id card to be able for me to even tell you these stories the one that intrigued me the most that caught my attention the most was of my most beloved story in the bible and that was of David and goliath that was my most intriguing story to me because not only did it say in the bible that David was a very small man, and goliath was a very big man and that was very appealing to me because I have always been very short as a kid I was really short so… you know I said this was a very beautiful story for me in its prose in its concept of overcoming so I started to read about David and there are very beautiful stories about David in the bible they are indeed (beautiful). but there is one story about David in the bible that shocked me to my core and it’s a story about 3 people in this drama david, Bathsheba and Uriah and it says that David saw this woman named Bathsheba and she was one of the most beautiful women of her time and she happened to be married to one of his commanders in the army , named Uriah but David on this day decided that he was not able to resist his temptation to be with this women Bathsheba so he did and he committed adultery with her and knowing that he did this the way he decided to cover up he sent a letter to the generals of his army saying that when the battle was fierce for everyone to pull back and abandon Uriah so that he would be killed and when he dies he could have Bathsheba no harm no foul David went from being the slayer of goliath the hero of man to an adulterer a plotter and a murderer and so this is when I really caught myself and said hold on now something’s is wrong in here I said because to me God’s prophet in my mind were people with examples people who I could follow as an example someone who was supposed to be the best of us so that we could follow them and emulate them and they are turning out to be some of the worst people that you see on Americas most wanted David was somebody… If I only knew this about him from the bible I see him coming down the streets I will go the other way and call 911 because he has to have a warrant out on him for something this is what I am thinking about in my mind this man an honourable man at all he he…ok he killed goliath but he killed this other guy named Uriah to be able to commit adultery with his wife so I committed sin in Christianity I started asking questions this is one thing that you do not do in Christianity is that you don’t ask questions especially not about issues like this so I went to my pastor and I started asking questions what’s going on here? Pastor there is this very bad recurring habit about these men in the bible what is the deal here? and I remember he told me the same thing that I almost every pastor or every evangelist or anyone I talked to about… same answer they are almost like he was programmed they would put the hand on my shoulder and say brother Joshua don’t let a little bit of knowledge wreak your faith because you are not justified by knowledge you are justified by faith and they would quote me verses like “lean not on understanding you know Pauls way justified by faith in Jesus Christ this they would quote this whole line like it was already pre-programmed they like programmed the pastors when people ask you questions and here is the answer *laughs* so I said to myself you know I don’t know pastor this seems kind of odd he said let me tell you something what you are reading is the old testament referring to the covenant of God with the children of Israel and they were a different people people who were very stubborn crazy people so why don’t you move on to the new testament in the new testament you will find the new covenant underwent with Jesus Christ and I promise you things will change and be better I said ok perfect so I read all in one hit and finished then got to Malachi then started with the new testament so I opened the book and said here we go let’s start of over again But there were a few things that I had learnt from the old testament that I wanted to keep in mind when I started to read the new testament I learned No.1 That God was one in a unique sense this is what I learned from the old testament that God was one in a singular unique sense this is over and over and over and over very clearly in the bible God’s nature is one this is so clear through the old testament and that He was very jealous about His worship and every single time the children of Israel would turn to something else other than Him He would punish them and restrict their lifestyles this is something that I learned and it kind off. similitude to me of how God dealt with the children of Israel I hate to use this stark contrast but it’s almost as if one of us went out God forbid *audhubillah* I hope not and let’s say we went out here and robbed the bank u rob a bank u go in jail for a long time and every dad when you wake up Do you think that the jail is going to look like the Hilton at LAX No I doubt it it’s probably dark, cold bad food orange jumpsuits not nice people the whole 9 yards and the reason why this is and I study psychology I know that this is supposed to be a stark reminder every single day this person wakes up that you are in jail this is supposed to remind them every single day you are in jail because you committed a crime and we run this not you this is the message that is being portrayed to the person in jail So the children of Israel kept rebelling against God He restricted their lifestyle If you study Judaic law now it is one of the strictest religious law you can find all of the good things that we enjoy as Muslims even when it comes to dietary laws like the good parts of the meat that we are allowed to ear they can’t have these things these are the things that are restricted from them Why? because God. Allah wanted to remind them everyday That I am Allah I am your God and you will worship me I RUN this(emphasis) Not you and I understood this from reading the OT this is a concept that I have come across So I started with the NT Mathew mark Luke and john and one other thing that I did when I started to read the bible was that if you go to Barnes and noble let’s say you go to Barnes and nobles and you take a book of the shelf what is usually the first thing you look at? the title then the next thing, the author you want to know the title and the author what is the name of the book? and who wrote it and if you do this test with every single book of the bible you get a title and no author or author unknown or author is appears to be so and so or we derived this so and so has possibly written this you know like, just say like for exodus they say that Moses wrote the exodus which if you read some of exodus he couldn’t have written all of this because the last part of exodus is Moses’s death burial and Joshua taking over the children of Israel and now unless Moses was a sure indeed prophet that was able to write things after he died then he did not write these things so when you go to Mathew mark Luke and john I wanted to know Mathew who? mark who? Luke who? john who? because it’s called a gospel according to Mathew the bad thing is that no one know No one knows because no one penned their name down to these things No bible scholar in his right mind will tell you that “we know for sure that Mathew so and so wrote this mark so and so wrote this Luke so and so wrote this john so and so wrote this its factual information that we do not know who write these So I was intrigued I am like why would somebody write this book that is? supposed to be passed down to generations and people are supposed to (believe) this is the inspired word of God to guide mankind and nobody decided to pin down who wrote it but anyway I started to read it and I started to notice things about the teachings of Jesus Christ and they were not what I had learned in Church when Jesus spoke he spoke of the nature of God and when he spoke of the nature of God it was the same nature of God that I found in the old testament Jesus said many times that God is one? God is unique he would even quote from the Hebrew scriptures hear o Israel the lord your God is but one when he was asked what is the greatest commandment? he said that the greatest commandment and every Muslim should understand these two concepts this should be nothing new to you the greatest commandment is to love your lord the God, with all your heart with all your might with all your strength and to love your neighbour as you love yourself he said the rest hang on these two in Islam we have rights of the creator and rights of the creation so this was the concept that he was teaching and he even said in first john 5 and 17 and this was clearer to me than anything else can be This is life eternal that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent and when you look at that in the Greek and the Aramaic it is almost exactly like of la ilaha illalah muhamadur rasullalah
(There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger) Now that I know Arabic and I have understood it very same similar same statements yes indeed there were some implicit statements about …that if you took them and separate everything else. you could derive that Jesus was trying to claim some divinity or something for himself but… but I also know from doing psychology and I did a little bit of Law implicit statement cannot overwrite an explicit statement an explicit statement always takes precedence so if Jesus said God is one and he may have allegoricaly alluded to God being more than one Then the clear statement overwrites that each and every single time so this is what I found through the new testament and I also found that Jesus taught salvation but his salvation that he taught was obeying God and following the commandments this was his mode of salvation one man asked him good master tell me how can I inherit the eternal life he said follow the commandments follow the commandments (emphasis) so even Mathew was so sincere about this, he said that whosoever shall follow the least of these commandments and teach men to do so shall be called the greatest in the kingdom of heaven but whosever shall break the least of the commandments and teach men to do so called the least in the kingdom of heaven So this I understood clearly that Jesus taught the same nature of God that was in the OT he taught that salvation lied in the worshipping God and following the commandments this I understood Mathew mark Luke and john very clear about this you know there were other things the only begotten son but these things were not in red letter so I did not give them as much weight like I did to the actual word that Jesus Christ was saying from his own mouth so I read Mathew mark Luke and john all of it was sounding the same to me but I was thinking to myself this is not what I was taught about Christianity you know you are taught that God is one and one in three 1+1+1=3 farther son holy spirit Jesus died on the cross to forgive of your sins you know… and there was another thing that I noticed from the OT and then this is a beautiful lesson to Muslims because you are asked this all the time especially when it comes to dawah and I never put 2 and 2 together until I learned Islam and read the bible one more time is I wanted to know why did the Jews wanted to crucify Jesus so bad .why… so bad they could have just mobbed him anywhere and killed him on the street he is not like he had clans like the Arabs that they would have come in and back him up I said why didn’t they just kill him you know why were they so strict and sincere to tell pointis Pilate that you gotta kill him and you need to sanction it we can do it but you need to sanction it to kill him and I now I understand it it was that Jesus had a mission and..and that mission was to share God with the world and Paul even kind off tells on himself in his book of galatians as to why Jesus was meant to be crucified why the Jews wanted to crucify him Paul said that the crucifixion is the stumbling block for the Jew’s and he explained in Galatians that Jesus Christ this is how he tried to round about it explaining was cursed for us, to remove us from the curse of Allah by taking this curse upon us for it is Witten and he quoted the old testament everything that hangeth on a tree is cursed so I went back and studied the old testament in Judaic law and I realised that people who were crucified that was considered a curse upon them you had to do something pretty serious to get crucifixion cause it was considered a curse from God it was part of their law that someone is crucified, that person is cursed so wherever they buried these criminals like in the graveyards in Israel in Jerusalem in Palestine where they buried these criminals that were crucified this was considered curse ground this was considered ground that you didn’t go on you did nothing here because these people are cursed by God so I started to put 2 and 2 together that it’s not that they wanted to kill Jesus because they could have just killed him they wanted to disprove who he was this was there point to disprove who this man was he said he is the messiah they wanted to disprove it and they knew if you can crucify Jesus , then he can’t be the messiah he cannot be our messiah if you can crucify him and even if he is… if we can still force our crucifixion on him then that will determent his message so they understood this and knew this and this is why they wanted to crucify him and this is exactly why Allah saved him from him from it because everyone is asking why Allah saved him from crucifixion because … you cannot…that was part of his law that he came to fulfil that he could not be cursed according to this law he said I have come to fulfil the law to fulfil it therefore he couldn’t be cursed according to it and this why he went to the garden to get thimony and asks God to remove him from this because he knew how detrimental to his message of crucifixion so I began to see all of these things and I started to read, I got to the book of acts and started to read the writing of Paul the apostle and things went from this>actionactionlaughsAudience Laughsaudience laughsaudience laughsactionaudience laughslaughsaudience laughsAudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughs hardaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughs hardaudience laughsactionaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughs hard and he is being forcefull he was getting loud and banging on the mimbar and he is pointing in my direction>audience continues laughingaudience laughsaudience laughsaudience laughslaughsasks brother a question

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    One of the above verses refers to hypocrites, and the other describes the state of unbelievers. According to these verses, hypocrites and unbelievers are similar in that they are both are deaf, blind, and dumb. Just like unbelievers, hypocrites, even if they are Muslim in appearance, do not believe. The three main causes of unbelief are prejudices, wrong viewpoints, and submersion in wrongdoing. Unbelievers and hypocrites are deaf and blind to the truth due to prejudice, self-pride, egotism, igno-rance, or enmity; they do not have a sound viewpoint and thus cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood, between the way of faith and that of hypocrisy and commit, therefore, wrongdoing and injustice.

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    Beautiful and inspiring video. I am a born Muslims, but this video touched my heart, we the Muslims of today truly are neglecting our duty of learning about our own religion honestly and living Islam practically so that we can inspire and show to others the way Islam needs to be presented to the World. Today, unfortunately majority of Born Muslims themselves do not know or appreciate the beauty of this gem of a religion Allah (SWT) has blessed us with, and with certainty, we will be asked on the day of judgement why we did not let our fellow Non-Muslims know about what we knew about in this World. May Allah (SWT) bless you brother with Fazal and Karam, Ameen.

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    well for those people exactly i want to let you know that as much that God's existance is clear you need to understand that Satan and his army (Devils) existe too. so when you see videos like this you heart and mind start opening and receiving the light of truth at that moment the devil will fight for his life to make you turn away and forget about the subject completely. he wisper in your ears and leads you to another subject maybe a movie or a video game at that moment just to make you forget about it he will focus on you next 2 or 3 day till you get to your previous life.

    we as Muslims we are not asking you to convert we just you need to focus and really try to read the Quran just read it. go and order a copy of it maybe ask a Muslim friend if you have one or if you have a mosque next to you just go and don't look behind you. just do you best to just get a copy and read it. at that point the devil start melting and getting weak like he's nothing and you will feel inside you how peaceful you become by just reading it

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    By Time.

    2. إِنَّ الْإِنسَانَ لَفِي خُسْرٍ‌

    Indeed man is in loss,

    3. إِلَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالْحَقِّ وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالصَّبْرِ‌‌

    except those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and enjoin one another to [follow] the truth, and enjoin one another to patience.

    Your grandma was right, she told you to be patient.

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