How I BOUGHT 19 motorcycles in 1 day (a personal record)

now how do we bring back 22 bikes? take
two vehicles still wouldn’t be all of them. we rent a huge trailer from like uhaul
uhaul doesn’t have anything bigger than we have yeah maybe we can rent a tractor trailer so one day we have to pick up twenty bikes
so we can we have couple options on how to get the bikes. we could of we
figured we fit eight bikes in the back of the trailer. yeah
maybe one of the back of the van so now many sport bikes they’re most are like
bigger touring and adventure not touring, cruiser and adventure bikes
right so maybe eight bikes might be too much around and we can fit somewhere around there so if we had to do it maybe three trips right
it’s a lot okay figure like what four hours a trip yeah probably
it’s a lot you know yeah now we’re 10 up an hour Ted back then to unload the
bikes and then it takes us like an hour hold everybody’s eyes a lot because you
got to kind of situate on the right yeah it strapping down one by one right
and then stop it for food and right so like that’s only four hours every trip
that would that be three trips that’s fourteen him in like a three day or two
day event that’s the whole day yeah so the other option was to you could have
rented my brother and his truck and his truck trailer which we could’ve put all
the lights in there but we I would have to figure out a way to situate him in
there and that wasn’t going to seminary bucks so I drove past Penske and I
thought maybe I read a big Penske extra big box truck 26 foot it’s if we
couldn’t do that because they said there’s it’s considered hazardous
material nature immersion seems like a CDL version a non CBO version oh we’re
gonna see of course but then they had a flatbed save twenty six foot flatbed
truck and I think between the van and the flatbed we can fit everybody in
there comparisons 4runner in Harrison’s for you Japan over here since the world all right so we were supposed to make
this trip yesterday Monday I walked I would say it was actually one of the
coldest days of the year it was nine degrees with a wind chill that made it
feel like negative twelve it feels like a warm summer day compared to that what
is it fifteen degrees that’s a thirty degree
change I’m about to take my shirt off it feels amazing compared to yesterday
another thing when I told the guys I’m like at six o’clock on my guys it’s too
cold we’re not gonna do this caleb informed me that he’s been
throwing up all last night and he was pretty ladies he was gonna take a day
off now he was gonna come in if we if we if we were gonna do it that day my guys
are craving for me to this trip there guy thank you for blessing us I pray
that you will keep us safe on this trip as we travel keep us warm and thank you
for thanks for the opportunity that you have given us God thank you for
forgiving us of our sins and help us to want to love you more and to learn and
grow closer to you thank you for sending your son that down the cross for our
sins amen all right so well we will be you but
we’ve been doing for the last couple of years with these Harley dealers is we’ve
worked with a couple specific Harley dealers like in the last couple videos
with Panem’s and a couple dealers that we work directly with on a casual basis
and what they do is they let us know when they have a trade-in
we put numbers on them then we go when we pick them all up what we wanted to do
this year was start off the year by getting a ton of bikes so what we
decided to do was call up some of the Harley dealers that we don’t currently
work with and that’s how we kind of started putting numbers on all these
different bikes so most the time we’ll call up Harley dealer I’ll talk to the
general manager I’ll put a number on 10 bikes and then
the general manager and he’ll say okay you know what we’re willing to sell you
three or and sell you two but this specific case we called up the general
manager I put a number about 20 for 23 bikes
and pretty sure we got 20 of them so they literally sold us almost every
single light before the number which is pretty unheard of which is
awesome the Harley dealers they’re really not
incentivized to sell anything other than a harley-davidson
that’s kind of what they that’s their bread and butter that’s the brand that
ran to selling new and almost Harley’s so when they can get rid of their other
stuff to us kind of helps both parties out so that’s kind of what we’re headed
to do we’re headed to have basically pick up
and buy 20 used bikes that we put numbers on with the dish that we’ve
never worked with that part like we’re meeting anyone no it’s always good
to have ear for ear buds right in your ear
I think that they’re not you’re not giving them your full attention
especially when you buy a lot of bikes from wonderful you would we got a lot
here what color and how big all the colors we’re never thought a cycle I got
you we have we have a bunch of them in the bottom of that little red barn there
okay and there’s one sitting on the stoop here and out of the house and the
far garage we have six or seven more I think okay it’s the best uh what truck
do you have like you have us liftgate or what you got we have a lift gate truck
we’ve got that Penske truck right there the 26 foot then we have a family
trailer okay let me get with my that’s my general manager standing there
talking what is it careful take a look oh that’s awesome
yeah there’s let’s say there’s tenders on things all the scalp so this is one
batch Oh identify baby perfect for the ice there’s some long sausage out here in
the driveway that they have a see how dogs wear it that’s a 2016 famous area
just might be a bike stop this always physically gonna get all these
pipes it’s a lot of coming back alright guys as of right now things are
going a great we have four bikes on the trailer now hoping to get seven total on
this trailer which means I got to get another 12 on the big truck I think
that’s doable if I have those if I have to seatbelt a bike next to me in the
front seat I’m going to do it it’s mine what’s happening Oh for this true for this strategy to
work we have to fit two bikes right here you gotta find the smallest bike that’s
not gonna get in the way with the victory and hug it up as tight as we can
do you think that there’s any way they live a small loading dock with your
trucks but yeah it’s gonna be super sketchy on
the side Oh call is that by 6 feet for second thought you’re serious it’s
like the problem with this lift game you
can’t fit a full bike on it this way you know like shimmy it up and then
shoot me and out so the strategy is put the game room right here one ramp sylphiel fit all these I’m pretty
confident but we have to I want you all the time what you do let’s do our blessing today you got me
as awesome got the gala paper oh you’re amazing awesome you are cool that’s
awesome yeah what do you pick up a lot of bike today
funny where are you located can I come to your place yeah we’re in a world like
2008 it really get all that yeah did you see the tape that guy that’s
3000 all right cast your votes right now in
the comments how many bikes fall off the side of this I don’t know our strapping
them over here so here’s the strategy we’re gonna run the strap underneath
here put two screws on each side of it and then screw this whole thing down and
that’s gonna be what holds the strap down the whole collective of all the
screws keeping the tube up or down see if it works
if it doesn’t we’re a lot of trouble come we’re gonna get these off yo you
know I’m negative no I just think about every side thing
it’s negative all right so what’s what’s crazy sketchy about this is you’re
rolling up your legs are wide like this and you really you might not be able to
pull your leg down safe yeah you know I mean yeah so I say we put this bike on
first this is the most dangerous bike because over here game music got the best in me
ever since I was a child music creeps into my dreams wakes me
into sweaty sheets gotta push it all antenna read I left
the key on maybe they can jump it we’re doing the boxes we probably won’t push
it up no that’s crazy we need anything now we got this oh you
want to push it up I can do it no are you crazy
alright well have fun Kayla all right yes
that’s impossible it – yeah go get your precious spin I’m just just gonna try it
this is like not a light bike so I think with key is for the boxes if the battery’s right here
No dang No hey kyon that’s good that’s good alright
okay hold on pump start super ténéré attempt number
one yeah we’re good Oh they’re so cute and their matching denim
jackets hold on this is my third time riding a
bike you’re doing a good job for your first time yo this one’s for hairy pink can’t get much easier than alright what
bike setup fit honest I think the more I think one of the best bike that will go
in there will be that shadow that’s out it was dead but it like a push it on
their key pop oh you want to push every single bike up this freaking death trap
of a hill Oh what happened heard the pop star why didn’t we put all of the super
dead bikes on the battery right there it’s like I didn’t know that the ténéré
I killed brown well one of us left the battery in the key on they said it could be done all the bikes that came out I don’t know
why we would have worked on a sickle one more bike but it worked out perfectly
on the bike they’re super secure they’re secure enough that I could use the bike
to climb up into the front Hey
do it again charge it again alright let’s go on let’s go I say part of the
guys and I said quick
no fatalities fellas it was a pleasure very nice to meet you expend their way
off Jeff thanks for everything thanks so much
oh geez no sweat I did I did easy left so this is Sven
he’s the man here ha ha this guy thank you for the kind words guys this guy not
only so less 9 to be confused with 20 well if you guys knew how good he
treated us here you should and we’re just like wholesalers you know I mean
okay so so look legit customers he brought hot chocolate it’s a girl
I don’t know we’re letting everyone know that you guys are the best
really oh hey thanks smile so if you come here you go when you get talked to
frog or so you get and you get free uh free hot chocolate yeah absolutely and
bad jokes and bad yeah great how much great jokes alright guys we’ll see you
guys we’ll call you about 20 minutes when half the bikes fall off the trailer
thanks for everything thanks guys have a great day be chic the upper I’m starvin man yo did you
guys eat breakfast not ever utter net breakfast do you live in Locarno off
it’s 3:30 it’s 3:30 working outside all day long
I’ve need breakfast and there’s some really good Red Robin so we’ll see all right so it’s not that steep of an
angle but the problem is even when we’re just taking off the trailer you know the
me because we’re backing up we start in the center and you go we end up out this
side like we we have to be perfect I don’t think it’s gonna slip my mind my
earlier concern is I would move a slip you know I mean why did it I’m not as
concerned we started in one meal out oh yeah definitely we can get good these
middle ones out sometimes just crop triangle out and set where we wouldn’t
like obviously run so that unless okay here’s a crazy idea do we take this first row of four and
put it on the lift to bring it down and then after that what you can either let
me individually take them out and then after that we could actually turn the
bike around then ride it off I mean I’ll try it I’ll try a couple
more backwards I’ll just go real slow the problem is it’s all front brake you
know just lug the broom and when that wool when the when the front brake locks
up oh just slide right because you can’t really use your rear brake the kids are
using the other foot to stabilize yourself yeah so so one idea was like
someone hold the strap you make like a strap loop around the front that goes
around like the front forks I’m just kind of like just kind of walk them you
know leave if that actually makes sense I’m not gonna be shorter all right
another thing we have to make sure we don’t lose any of these cuz if they fight they end up on the
floor they’re gonna tire oh you know me yeah we actually might need your
Harrison and we don’t have it back me up we’re
good keep coming you got about a foot yeah
cut it she’s coming keep coming straight back oh yeah turn
it you got a little bit all right three two one one more so it’s 7 o’clock 7:30 I’m Bea I’m just
beat up it up since like 4 o’clock in the morning and I’m excited cuz I’m
about to I’m about to take the truck take the truck back to Penske and the
guys left and then I realized I gotta put the steak sides back on the truck
this is a bad idea I do not know why I let you talk me into doing this this is
legitimately dangerous

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