Marc: Computational photography has been defined
and redefined many times. When I first made up the phrase for a course
that I was teaching at Stanford what I meant was somehow combining a bunch of images together
in the computer to make one, better image. Marc: The reason that we started combining
multiple images to make one image is to extend the dynamic range. But there are certain things about color and
certain things about tone mapping meaning darks & lights that we can learn from art. Marc: I’ve always been a fan of Caravaggio. This is his ‘Supper at Emmaus.’ Shadows are dark, there’s a lot of depth
and a lot of contrast, and that has been sort of the signature look of HDR plus. Marc: Averaging multiple images together cleans
up the shadows, makes them not noisy, and that allows us then to boost the shadows,
so you can see both the shadows and the highlights at the same time. That’s high dynamic range photography. Marc: We look at a lot of different art. So for example, we’ve been looking at a
lot of Titian’s paintings. This is Titian’s painting of the ‘Danae
Receiving the Golden Coins.’ It’s a great example of lighter shadows. Marc: We’ve moved a little bit toward that
this year. Not crushing the shadows quite as much. Baratunde: Crushing the shadows is a great
name for a song. Marc: Is that really a song? Baratunde: It’s a great name for a song… Marc: Oh it’s a great name for a song, crushing
the shadows. Baratunde: I’m offering this to you. Marc: So you know, this year, we’re extending
Night Sight. Baratunde: Ok… Marc: To Astrophotography. Baratunde: Of all the types of photos to apply
this computation resource to, why’d you choose Astrophotography? Marc: I just think of all the things I would
like to take pictures of that I have not been able to take pictures of with a cell phone
and the stars at night has been that sort of holy grail for me. Marc: All right, and. So let’s see what that looks like.

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  1. Everything is fine, except, it has no ultra-wide camera. I use this new len as often I use the normal wide len. I'm using S10 and I do love the ultrawide and I don't use Telephoto len much. Why dont u add Ultra wide instead of Telephoto? The survey from users on GSM Area proofed people use UltraWide much more often.

  2. The photography updates are always welcome, and the dual exposure controls are absolutely amazing, but why were there no updates to video recording? That has been the weakest area of the Pixel, and no noteworthy improvements were made from last year? Not even the ability to record at 4K60 with the rear camera(s) or 4K at all on the front camera.

  3. Jumping in here to request improved video. 4K 60 HDR video is a must! Please add this in the next Pixel! I love the photos my Pixel can take, and I appreciate all the new camera tweaks and features, but I would LOVE better video.

  4. I really appreciated how technical Marc got during his presentation. He put a lot of trust in the audience when explaining advanced camera terms and techniques. It helps me put trust in Google that they're not relying on too many made-up buzzwords to sell their features.

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