serve all the jail sentence of umbrella movement and live prison today it's my honor and pressure to join this movement unfortunately I can't join rarely or demonstration within the past few weeks but now is the time for me to join this fight it's time for us to urge Carolyn to withdraw the extradition law proposal and it's her responsibility to step down and she'll face how two million people already joined the fight and urge her to bear the political responsibility in the future I would join the fight and I hope more people can join our protest I hope to show my support to a protester who who have joined the civil disobedience and rarely they buy this and even overnight after yesterday rarely at the same time I hope international communities realize that how Hong Kong people we show our spirit and dignity we will continue to join our fight Hong Kong people already do more than umbrella movement will face the rubber-bullet will face the teargas but we have not step backward what we hope is under the crackdown of human right in Hong Kong our people around the world should realize that under the rule of President Xi we have not kept silence so there's no reason for people around the world ignore this issue the next step should be caroline stepped up and withdraw the evil law she is not capable at all to be the lead of Hong Kong

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  1. too young too naive!(年少无知的香港青年,多读点书吧,空谈误国,实干兴邦)

  2. Nhìn hình ảnh của Hoàng chí Phong tuổi trẻ dõng vạc hiên ngang..Gánh vác mảnh vườn Hồng Kong để tìm lại Tự do..Dân Chủ(sắp mất) trong lục địa CS….sao có nhiều vẻ giống T.C.Bình(người CS bước lên ngai vàng Tàu Cộng)một tay vạch trời vẻ ngang một Hoa cộng hiên ngang giữa khung trời thế giới(một con đường ..một dành Đai)cắt ngang qủa Địa cầu..??nhìn lại hình ảnh của Bà Carrie Lam(đặc khu trường)thật sự đau khổ vì sanh nhầm chỗ(HK)nếu được ở VN thì đâu có điều gì làm mủi lòng đến chảy nước mắt ..có thể kết hợp với Bà Ngân chủ tịch QHVN làm chị em cùng Đảng phu xướng phụ tùy…??

  3. Take note western crybaby Trump haters, this is an actual resistance against actual oppression. Oh wait, nevermind, Trump just tweeted something. Oh wait, Boris Johnson said burkas look like letterboxes. The horror!

  4. Britain is interfering with Hong Kong out of desperation of brexit but China is not stupid, if this doesn't stop, China will send in the military and navy, the island belongs to them now not the uk.

  5. Are they depopulating there like they are here in the USA they are depopulating us here with GMO food fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation ?

  6. Breaking News — Hong Kong demonstrations are set to continue against Sky and the BBC for blatantly lying & smearing innocent peoples names ..

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  8. U r what? 23? A typical HK youth, having lost of sense of identity and conscience, asking for freedom at the cost of exempting a murderer from justice.

  9. Who is the man to his right at the end? He didn't seem to agree with the end statement the man made about The Carey stepping down and withdrawing the evil law, sort of ushered him away? His Solicitor maybe? Or Chinese super secret agent haha

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