Versailles wasn't built in a day it all began in 1629 when king louis xiii had a hunting lodge built replaced sometime later by a stone and brick chateau king louis xiv inherited this small chateau in 1666 the sovereign embarked on major building work over 50 years he continued to extend and transform what became Europe's largest Chateau the Palace of Versailles architect Louie DeVoe designed two symmetrical grand apartments for the king and the Queen louis xiv moved his government and court to Versailles after a new program of works Juilliard were massage replaced the terrace overlooking the grounds by the Hall of Mirrors which became the courts main ceremonial reception room mahsa further extended the palace to accommodate the royal family the court and all the government departments with the servants the kitchen and stable staff close to 10,000 people were bustling about the palace at the end of his reign louis xiv moved his bedchamber to the center of the palace this room was the hub of the king's daily ceremonial routine and that of all the versailles courtiers towering over the other buildings a royal chapel was finally built by massa on the same scale as the palace when King Louis 15th moved to Versailles he broke with strict court etiquette and fitted out smaller apartments for more comfort and privacy at the end of his reign Louis the 15th built what the palace was missing a real Opera House architect Gabrielle modernized the facades closest to the tongue in 1789 the French Revolution forced the royal family to leave Versailles for Paris the future of the palace looked uncertain with the Revolution the royal railings a symbol of absolutism were destroyed the King left Versailles for good their collections of paintings were taken to the Louvre and the furniture was auctioned off and dispersed but in the end the palace was preserved you during the first empire napoleon renovated the Kantian or for residents during the summer months sometime later louis xviii restored the symmetry of the palace by erecting the pavilion do for Louis Philippe transformed the former royal residence into an Historical Museum the former Prince's apartments were replaced by a large gallery of paintings the gallery debate I the fledgling French Republic took possession of Versailles and renovated the Salle do convey to accommodate the National Assembly and the Senate fair side today is the result of this long history a former royal palace with prestigious collections and historical museum a Republican palace it's also a living place which hosts festivals and shows dazzling as it did under louis xiv visitors from all over the world you they're Gardens of our sorry created by on-trail inaud are a key component of the royal residence they surround the chateau on three sides in the 1660s the east-west axis became the Khan collective the gardens surrounding the palace were made up of part our enhanced by fountains they are extended by paths opening onto copses with surprising lawns and water features king louis xiv herb the Grand Trianon built in the grounds as a summer family residence and a refuge from the hubbub of the court King Louis the 15th fitted out the boutique Leonore for Madame de Pompadour and Louis the 16th gave it to his young wife Marie Antoinette the Queen gave orders for the gardens to be replanted in the English style and built a rustic hamlet a working farm complete with cottages you

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