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  1. If they have a baby – it would be like a scorpion- Jax hybrid – which would be sick ! Takkehashi-Scorpion- BRIGgS!

  2. Even though cassie can take down a corrupted Shinnok, Takeda definitely takes the cake with Fujin infused powers to fight The One Being's Powers, despite his entire clan and his master Hanzo dying prior to fighting Hanzo's murderer and his victims.

  3. I want Takeda to return. I like his character and his relationship with Jacqui Briggs is too adorable!

  4. I was hoping this was a history lesson and hopefully a recipe for making Taquito's. This was ok also, especially since I usually don't make them from scratch anyway and just buy giant boxes of frozen Taquito's.

  5. Scorpion and Takeda are the only Shirai Ryu to make the actual games.. meanwhile Sub Zero, Noob Saibot, Sektor, Cyrax, and frost are all Lin Kuei.

    I guess I understand why though, the shirai ryu continue to get wiped out every game it feels like lmao

  6. It's so cool that you can make an interesting Youtube video with only clips of you playing the game and your narration.

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