“Jump into a wormhole… and travel to Deep
Space High, the school in space – but hurry because lessons’ are about to begin…!” Alright! That’s the end of the lesson for today but
don’t forget your homework – a History of Robots in Space. Find out as much as you can and submit it
online tonight! Class dismissed! Right! Let’s see what I can find out – I’ve
found this website on remarkable robots where you can tap in a question and get an answer
from an expert, so… A History of Robots eh? “What was the first robot sent into space?” The first robot in space was Sputnik 1. It was launched October 4th 1957 by the USSR. Its job was to send radio signals back to
earth which gave scientists helpful information about the ionosphere – a very high part
of the atmosphere. Cool! I’ve seen a model of Sputnik at London’s
Science Museum! Funny to think it’s got something in common
with the ExoMars Rover! Ok, let’s ask another question. “How many planets have robots visited?” Whilst the only place in space that humans
have visited is the Moon, robotic explorers have set down on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan
and Jupiter, as well as a few comets and asteroids. There are robots closer to earth too – on
the International Space Station. Wow! I love the ISS. I wonder what robots are used on the Space
Station – I’ll ask more about that – “what’s a cool robot you’d find on the ISS”
Dexter is a robotic arm developed by the Canadian Space Association. It is a very cool robot. Dexter allows for delicate manipulation of
objects outside the station, reducing the number of space walks and increasing the ability
of the ISS crew to maintain and upgrade the station. Ok, maybe just one last question – “which
robots have travelled the farthest? NASA’s Voyager missions are notable for
achieving the milestone of having a robot actually leave Earth’s Solar System. Voyager 1 and 2 were launched in 1977 are
still making their way out of the Solar System. They have entered the heliopause, a distant
region where the solar wind starts to drop. A bit further than the ExoMars Rover will
go! Thanks Remarkable Robots – I’m ready to

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