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  1. It's kind of ironic that gruff faced folks with so many facial growths would say that the reconstructed faces of the remains are plain or homely….have they never looked in a mirror?

  2. It would be nice if someone could figure out a way to use excess laboratory time to process the HUGE backlog of unprocessed RAPE KITS!

  3. That Keith Fitzpatrick Matthews looked like he fell in a barrel of fish hooks. I find that distracting, and have a hard time taking people like that seriously. A reflection of their judgement.

  4. It's amazing how we can now piece together someone's life/death. How horrific the women's delivery was, which ended in death of all four of them. I never realized how advanced Roman medical care was in this time period. Now we wait for the next mystery and for more advanced scientific research to tell us even more about people from centuries ago.

  5. Pregnancy was risky right up until the 19th even 20th century and of course still is in many parts of the world . My aunt gave birth to triplets in the mid 1950s . The incubators were not in working order in the hospital they were born in so they were transferred to another hospital 30 miles away . Despite weighing 3 and half and 4 pounds none survived the journey . Many of the women who have Caesarians today would be in real trouble without surgical intervention . Who would choose to be a woman ?

  6. Why is it obvious to me this woman died after giving birth to the first triplet? It was all so clear from the positioning of the skeletons. Usually I like the show but this seems like people needed a shocking show and played a bit dumb. 😑

  7. One was still born, he was dead, the second one got expelled after she decomposed and the gasses pushed the baby out and the third was never born that’s why the third one is under her belly.

  8. Okay but. They were buried in the dirt. "Coffin birth" i.e. the 'eviction' of a fetus post mortem" is called that because you need the free space for it to happen. If dirt is packed all the way around, there's no room for the baby to go, gas or no gas.

  9. Freak boy with all the face crap jewelry ….duh. How does one think that crap improves your appearance? I can only laugh….a little.

  10. This video scared the shit out of me, thought one side of my headphones has stopped working but it was just the video itself.

  11. I swear I called nearly exactly the conclusion they came to from first seeing the case.
    How did it take them so long to figure that out?

  12. Very informative, good work !! I Love the series!! What did happen to the remains after all the testing was completed? I think it would be a beautiful ending , if they re entered them in a final resting place ; with dignity and great care. They gave so much , it should be reciprocated .

  13. A few of the comments in this thread are either disrespectful or narrow-minded. Welcome to the unabashed and uncouth Youtube Comments page.


  15. I have watched numerous programs of facial reconstructions  from skulls . I am at 20.31 in the vid and I know it will look just like the reconstructer

  16. I’ve loved this series. I went to Uni in Aberdeen and feel so proud that these highly talented women are my peers – and so jealous that I’m not part of the team! They are amazing. They bring a sensitivity and warmth to each case that I’ve never seen before. Especially the one about the little preserved boy who was “waxed” as an anatomical model. The archaeologist was a bit of an individual. If he has that amount on this cranium…what must the rest of his bod be like?🤔🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. Realistically, what are the chances one, much less all three, would survive to the age of five, and what are the chance of multiples would survive to the age of 5?

  18. Looks like she was just pushed into the grave. Triplets, stillborns, and one stuck in the birth canal, signs of a witch, perhaps.

  19. Please PLEASE don't use music when people are talking. It makes it hard for those with hearing problems to understand what is being said.

  20. coffin birth is only possible in modern days where we are buried in a coffin/casket. There is space in order for the gases to truly expel a baby. In olden ages they would have been buried in dirt which gives no space to expel a baby. Not that I'm an expert but I recently watched a lady talk about this exact same thing and it completely makes sense.

  21. A slave that is not productive is put out to die – similar to babies born – the slave owner may use her for sexual release but – unable to feed or clothe the baby puts the baby our into the forest fields to wither and die . human sacrifice to the Druids

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