if you're not careful history can be a dry old subject but a Maryborough on the Fraser Coast celebrating the past is about as lively and as loud as it gets Mary Barra is Queensland's finest heritage city and walk down pot sides Wharf Street will convince you time travel has indeed been invented there's a feel of being on a movie set as you pass a proud array of Architecture from the mid-1800s when Mary Barra was a thriving port and the Gateway for new settlers to Australia you'll find a museum on just about every corner and very often a living breathing talking heritage treasure – this is one of the oldest buildings in there though this is the bond store with goods such as opium cigars tobacco rum wine beer spirits and perfume with Mary heritage leads daily tours through the heritage precinct and she'll introduce you to another meri synonymous with this city the author of the Mary Poppins books PL Travis was born in Maryborough on the 9th of August 1899 in this building that's directly behind us and that's worth expecting this day that's not the last of Mary burrows famous Mary's the Mary Ann is a working replica of Queensland's first steam locomotive built here in Maryborough in 1873 she runs joy rides in Queen's Park on the last Sunday of each month and every Thursday as part of the city's heritage markets if your taste for history runs more to the McCobb Mary burrows ghostly tours and tales will take you deep into the city's dark past with land light tours of historic sites including the cemetery

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  1. Same moved in 2016 and raised there had LOADS of friedns in 2019 I'm planning to go back and see my friends!!!

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