another landmark that you should make time to visit is a chiang kai-shek memorial hall the memorial which broke ground in 1976 and officially opened in 1980 was erected in honor of the longest-serving leader of Taiwan which was once known as the Republic of China the hall is filled with symbolisms like the roof that symbolizes the number-8 for good fortune had two sets of stairs which would eighty nine steps represents Chiang kai-shek's age at a time of his death ascend to the main hall where a large statue of Chiang kai-shek can be found and if you time your visit right he can even witnessed a changing of the guard ceremony [Applause] Hall is flanked on both sides by the National Theatre and National Concert Hall and stands on the end of the Liberty Square which has become type a site of choice for mass gatherings even if you're not a history buff the tableau is an impressive site which is why it draws in crowds composed of both foreign and local visitors religion is an important facet of Taiwanese life as evidenced by the many temples that dot Taipei cityscape one of the more popular temples is sinked young Hall which was built in 1967 by masters Swan cool it's fascinating to see the temple up close and check out all the interesting details built into the structure like these dragon guardians on the roof which signify prayers for rain warding off evil and preventing fires and the Phoenix's long believed to be auspicious symbols the columns of the temple are carved with poetic couplets that reveal the following lines and unique beauty of Chinese calligraphy while two dragons are coiled around the center columns representing the universe at peace inside you'll find temple disciples chanting verses of the sutras and performing tasks for visitors as well as worshippers undergoing a ritual meant to settle the heart and mind seeking guidance by casting divination blocks or just simply praying our next stop is dinner and for that we went to Boston to ban Yankee you can offer full course meals and sit back as plate after plate is set in front of you while you watched a chef's whip up your meal which typically includes meat and seafood like live lobster in front of your eyes with skillful panache you

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