welcome to historical conquest a game where you can actually use real people from history to take over the world or bring world peace you get to decide for your ultimate goal now to start off as I'm going to tell you about these are starter decks starter decks have 50 cards in them actually have 51 there so an extra card in each of these decks and these are all world history while these ones are just focused on something like this is World War 2 so all the cards in here are just on World War 2 the Revolutionary War the Civil War the Romans the Wild West the Crusades and the Civil War so that you'd use these to expand on any one of these decks and they can be used with any one of these decks so to get started let's take off all these cards from all these decks from here when you get your first starter deck you open it up the first thing you're gonna find is the rule sheet this will give you everything you need to know on how to play the game now putting off off the side I'm gonna teach you personally this is your deck now there's 51 cards in each pack as I said so you want to be able to take those cards and the first you want to do is you want to separate all your land cards that's these cards boom they're green here with about a blue background put those off separate all of them and then place them in the far right side now the rest of the cards in here have everything from conquers leaders and armies but also inventors technology businessman and economists I mean it has everyone from history so you take those cards and you put them in your stack right just right next to the the land pile this is called your deck now let's start off your game you grab five cards on the top of your deck and this is gonna be your hand now in your hand you have five cards all different with all different abilities but to start your civilization you need to grab one card from your land pile so we're starting in Libya which is in Africa as you can see the bottom of the cart that's really important to to recognize because you want to make sure that if you're in the same continent as an opponent those are the lands that can attack each other and if you're in the same land you want to beef up that land as much as possible so just say that my opponent was in Morocco also in Africa so I know that the first thing I want to do there is I want to defend that country from my opponent so I'm gonna play the strongest person I have the bottom right-hand corner there's two numbers three thousand two thousand first ones your attack that's three thousand attack or defense is two thousand so I placed them right there they're gonna be able to defend that that air that land from their opponent now say I find a blue car like this it says explore now the reason why it says space is basically give you a reference of what kind of Explorer they were Gus Grissom was the Explorer space if you want to find out more information about him read him right there if you want to be able to know how he works within the game reading the abilities right there that's how great the game is set up so with this with an explorer I basically play some right next to the land that's already active and because I play to explore I can always find a new land so every Explorer finds a new land another great thing about an explorer is they can transport so say I have a card in the same land as dress Grissom at the beginning of the turn at any point during the game especially at the end it's a nice little move if you want to move around your cards at the end of the turn you can actually move that Explorer that one card with it now say he wants to move around an army he can do the same thing only one Explorer can move each turn and they can only move one time so only one transfer can happen per turn so putting these back how they were now say that I have let me tell you about these areas so each turn you can only play three cards per turn one two three so I'd be done but I'm gonna show you this just to help you with your next turns so you have a technology card knowledge card maybe an event card like the Donner Party or something else all those cards have to be played in your on your minute or in your area Claud your civilization so in order to play them there if they were a land they'd be placed in the first row that's only lands get to be placed right there if it's a person or an army so a character an army it go above that land that's occupying so this is an army here I can have three other cards here the only thing is I could only have one army pearl and so if it's not a land and it's not a human or even an animal sometimes the animals are used as characters then it's placed over here which is called your active area and this is just not this not just this row but also over here as well but don't put him in this spot this rectangle right here that's your discard so say I want to discard a card at any point I get to discard them right there now for discards no I'm allowed to have five cards in my hand and any turn at any time up to five cards if I want to if it's my turn and I'm playing card say I played one card and I want to discard two other cards I can do that it frees up space for me to grab new cards off my deck hopefully I'll find like an explorer or an army or the chord that I'm looking for so every turn I can play three cards one of them can be played here and to completely be played here maybe two can be played one be discard you get the gist so another thing I'm gonna do is as soon as I'm done playing my cards so I played my three cards and say I did not let's hold off on the ones I didn't they were pulled from the side now that I played my three cards by grabbing cards from my deck because I'm gonna have three at the end of the turn allowed to grab three more or however many I need to have five cards in my hand at the end of the turn this would signal to my opponent that is their turn now also you're only allowed to touch this deck at the end of your turn if you play a I'm going to introduce you to a very important car that you want to know an interrupt card see it says interrupts right here interrupts our solid gold because that's like a surprise attack against your opponent if your opponent's attacking you say they're playing ok you know the experience of the Donner Party people getting lost in the mountains Rocky Mountains well because the ability because of the history the ability says that you lose 300 morale points and you can't attack for two turns well what would happen if I played interrupt say my opponent played on a part on me I played JP Morgan his abilities are interrupt reverse any event card your opponent plays automatically I'm reversing it back on them so they would lose the 300 points and they wouldn't be able to attack for two terms that's why they're solid gold that's why you want to keep these around and you want to keep them in your hand just for that surprise attack now say I want to free up some space and I really don't care if my opponent sees that I have JP Morgan well I can still use the ability at any point but the in truck basically that surprised it's no longer surprise my opponent knows I have it in my hand or have it in my civilization so at least freed up some space here so I can find my next card but at the same time the surprise is gone so it's just another thing to understand now going on say I drawed my drew my five cards or up to five cards it's my opponent's turn now for the first two first round I can't attack my opponent they can't attack me now that's land to land an attack is land land but they can't also interact with me as well with any cards basically allows me to set up my civilization allows them to establish theirs so any of the visibility's they become mute for the first turn while we're establishing in the civilization but on the second turn I can play something like the Donner Party or the San Francisco San Francisco earthquake on my opponent or I can also attack land to land and I'll show you how to how to do that but first off I want to show you something else that's really important one thing that I played is Alexander Graham Bell his abilities are increase your morale by 400 points gus grissom also says due to national pride increase your morale by 300 points so that wood right here is your morale counter now in order to win it's either world domination as I'm I'll tell you about later on or its increasing your morale up to 3000 points if I get to 3,000 points I win the game but in order to do that I play Alexander Graham Bell excuse me 400 morale points I played gus grissom gives me another another 100 points now you're allowed to have you're allowed to accumulate 800 morale points per turn after that it basically goes away so if you accumulate like if you played enough cars to play 1200 morale points sorry you still only get 800 points now in order to attack land to land this is why I'm giving the morale points first but also while we're on it I've already explained this a little bit but the Donner Party decreases your morale by 300 points it would show up on the morale counter so if my opponent plays this against me and I didn't have a reverse I'd have to drop mine from 700 down to 400 I'd lose that now this can only be played on their turn is that turn-based game but you get the understanding that you want to go with the claim your morale up as high as fast as possible before your opponent does and something like the Donner Party the San Francisco earthquake the great depression or the black play all these ones will decrease from well as you're trying to accumulate it now in order to attack my opponent land to land as I was saying my African country to his African country my army has to be satisfied with me so they have to be up to 800 morale points basically they're not gonna attack they're not gonna fight with me if they don't like me so do you have to 800 more points is very important but you have to be an 800 or greater in order to attack your opponent now say my opponent has Morocco and they have two armies on here or sorry they have an army and another person say mine is Libya which is in Africa now if I was to attack my opponent I would have to count up the attack points which is the first number which is 3000 here on the Nicaraguan Contras my opponent we attack would count the second number now the Mongolian army weren't that the best at defending they were always good at attacking a politician of course is not very very good when it comes to attacking or defending so there could be a lot less in attack and defense so the defense is 1000 plus 120 points okay so 1120 vs. 3000 obviously I'd win an attack if my opponent loses actually whoever loses no matter if it's the attacker or the defender the loser loses 100 morale points so I would have to drop if ayah the attacker with I've lost I would have lost a hundred morale points but if my opponent loses then not just lose 100 morale points they wouldnt have to drop their Burrell only they'd also lose a character to their discard pile that would mean one less person to attack and you're allowed to tag twice per turn you think I'd attack again of course so I saw a three thousand but now they only have a thousand obviously I would win again and that person would have to go to the discard or army we'd have to go to the discard so all of a sudden Morocco is on unoccupied if it's unoccupied I can simply walk in and take that land but here's a thing by me just having one card in the land that I was attacking from that automatically means that Libya is unoccupied and if that's true my opponent can walk in there and take it there's two ways of doing that though because you can't just walk over from North America to Libya and and take my African land I mean there's no sense that whatsoever so what you'd have to do is you'd have to have an explore your opponent could as I have an explorer come over here and take that land or say they had another African land they could actually walk in and basically take it and it would be it'd be without an attack so there's no attack the opponent would be able to take it and I lose that land so if you're going to attack your opponent it would be smart to have somebody in that land to help you but if you leave to be put placed in the land that you're you take so say if I take Morocco that would come to my side and I move either my army over here or that other person and I need someone defending both lands at the end of the term so on going I would now have three lands and they would have one less land now say that Morocco was their only land if Morocco was their only land guess what happened I just dominated the world and I win the game so just because I took over Morocco there one land they lost the game I get had world domination say they had three lands if I whittled them off so in the end they had no lands left again I would keep that land and I'd win the game so the the point of the game in the strategy is you want to defend your countries with as many people as possible because say I had say my opponent attacked me this time I had one land left and he attacked me with enough strength to take out one of my people so he my opponent attacks I'd have to lose one card if I lost the attack if he attacked a second time I'd have to lose another one like Gus Grissom but because I have three cards in each land or maybe even a fourth one I'd still have enough people in that land to defend it for one more turn they could not occupy it at the end of the battle so because that I maybe a little strategy always have three or more cards in each land but watch out there are also cards like the Alamo the Alamo will actually allow you to attack not just two times but as many times as you need in order to take over land but just one land so if he attacked me from Morocco and I was in Libya and he had a stronger army in that land he'd get attacked me as many times as he wants and I had no one left and then he would be able to claim Libya as well ok so that's a little bit about the attacks again to win the game two ways of winning one by getting your morale up to 3,000 points or by accumulating all the lands from your opponent now say that I had I'm raw Libya I had stolen Morocco from my opponent I had Colombia and then I found another Explorer say there was another Explorer that I decided you know I want to play this guy but my lands are full well you don't have to stay on the mat you can actually go off the mat and find a new land so one of the greatest games I've ever played was actually against a tournament champion of Magic the Gathering and he used a lot of the same concepts to play that this game as he did that that game and within three hours of playing he had 15 lands cuz he stole it from me his girlfriend and his girlfriend's mom interesting enough this is also a guy that didn't want to touch this game because it had to do with people of history and he didn't like anything to do with history he'd rather play with a fictional but he used the same strategies and he even plays it to today so this is not just a history game but it's a really fun game to dominate the world or to bring world peace and we have everything from starter decks much like magic and yu-gi-oh Pokemon we have expansion packs which these are all solid decks if you by Tesla twice you get the exact same cards in both but if you buy Tesla and Boadicea completely different cards in each deck and with this new 2.0 version you actually have that's coming up you'll actually have a rare card and each these decks so another great thing to do with that the expansion decks are used to expand on that deck say I wanted emphasis on world war to say I like World War 2 a lot and some of the things that are in there I can put that with any of these decks I can take out some of the cards from the Tesla deck I didn't like or I'm not gonna use say if I want to go for just morale or just for world domination I'm going to customize my decks to get the strongest decks possible now there's always new decks coming out the new one that's coming out actually hopefully this month is Mount Vesuvius Mount Vesuvius has a lot of whitter called downer cards like the Donner Party except they're on the Mount Vesuvius the Galveston Hurricane which is the worst hurricane ever and was in the year 1900 the Colony of Roanoke I don't know if you've ever heard of it all these different really interesting things that have happened and yet not many people know of that's what we focus on with this game so I want to tell you I wanna bring out some other things that have come up in other youtubes people have asked us these questions and so I want to bring them up so that you can understand them so I've gone through the regular play but also there are three ways winning again morale you can win by world domination you can also do a hybrid of either one whichever works works better or which one never you reach first or you can do a tournament rules tournament roles is where after you play the game so you play for 30 minutes you set a time we're playing for 30 minutes we're playing for 45 minutes and then say I have four lands and I have let's say 1500 points my opponent has 2,200 points morale points and he has one land well tournament rules are from every land that you have you get an extra 300 morale points at the end of the game so I have 1 2 3 4 4 times 300 is 1200 that would bring me up to 2,700 points as I said my opponent had 22 and he had 1 land he got the 20 2,500 points in the end of the tournament or anything new that set time game I got the 2,700 points I was 200 points above him I win the game also there's another rule that's come up and this is not rulesheet but a lot of people have gotten up out of their seats gone around to their opponents mat and been able to count up all the strength points that their opponent had before attacking now that doesn't really make sense there's no risk in attacking why would I attack if I knew I was gonna lose so and they would actually count up the attack points on there and then know us are the defense points of their opponent and they know what their attack is so automatically they know if they'd win the game beforehand makes no sense whatsoever so as an internet rule does that can become a house rule if you want it's not in the rule sheet so you choose if a person stands up and walks around the table to look into someone else's deck or even stands up to look over the table that I'm actually lose 100 morale points so their morale goes from 2700 to 2600 because they got up to look at their opponent some opponents will actually say it's worth it to know if they're gonna win that's their choice if they're playing for morale don't get out of your seat okay another thing is the difference between stealing and borrowing so there's a lot of people in the game that will say you gain the use of your opponent's technology card so say I have a technology card and I put it in play all technology cards knowledge cars event cards they have to stay in the active area at least one turn before they're discarded so say I have this technology card here if my my card sorry let's say it my opponent has this card say my card says that I get to use the abilities of that that means I get to use that abilities they keep the card but I get the exact same abilities so if it gives me gives morale I get to morale if it gives me an ability to eliminate one other people I get to eliminate one of the people or if it's the atomic bomb and they just wiped out one of my lands I get to do the same thing on them I can only do that on my on my turn though so say it increases my morale by 300 points or increase our increases their morale by 300 points and I get a card that says I can use their card I can't play my ability take their technology until afterwards so one of the one of the things that has come up before is if my opponent plays 300 and wins the game at 3,000 points great he won the game well the other person was a little bit set off because they had an ability to use that ability as well that means they would have won the game as well well you can't take something use someone else's ability unless it's an interrupt card until your turn so that person claims it first and then you get to claim that ability on your turn so that's one of the things that has come up you want to make sure that you guys knew that all right another thing is now say my card says I get to confiscate that technology will confiscate means I get to use it in my land I get to take it from them and using my land they no longer have it it's wiped clean from their their knowledge I get to use it I could use her abilities even if they have or use the abilities I get to use it as well now I was telling about the discard pile this is another thing that people have asked about the discard pile what happens if one of my cards allows me to bring back one of these these cards I've already used the ability one time but now I'm bringing it back a second time wait a second that means I get to use the abilities twice right yes actually that does if you take it from the discard it means they're taken out of play if they're out of play and brought into play it means you get to the abilities start all over that's only if they come from the discard pile okay another thing that's that's the difference between abilities and stealing abilities and using abilities but what if you steal a character now say my opponent has somebody in their land and I have something like William Shakespeare well William Shakespeare allows me to take one of their opponents to fight on my side well the abilities again I can use them but try to keep track of these cards sometimes it's hard which is actually the reason why we introduced using sleeves you can't in the end of the game it's really hard to say oh this is my card if I'm the yellows I've got a pink background it's not my card so if I have all my yellows and I have one pink in my deck I know it's my opponents I can give it back otherwise you can write it down on a piece of paper but that's one of the things one of the things we had to resolve between some of our players because there was arguments about it but say I use I received the Ice King from my opponent I can use the abilities which would be to increase my morale points and so that's another thing but see I had four people in this land and I try to take somebody else for my point say I wanted to take this person what my lands are full what does that mean it means I can actually discard one of my other characters say like a guy that increased my morale but his strength is really low he's not really needed anymore so he goes the discard oil available to take that card from my opponent and use him in my own car in my own land and I get to use their abilities as well but if I had four cards in here and I didn't want to get rid of any cards I couldn't place this card in this land because I already had four so you have to follow what the rules also if I have let's say I have my five cards and I want to play it and I don't have any more space they don't have more land I don't have any more space what do I do I want to free up some space for my my deck I can discard them like we talked about earlier or again I can remove one of the cards and replace them with another card that's what replacing is so I have no three cars in here but say always I can I play this guy say I played someone that gave me morale points I I eliminated Lois Clark Lewis and Clark and replace him with Alexander Graham Bell I got the former all points well I cannot discard him right away and put another card down say another card that gives me more morale points on the same turn I have to wait to the next turn before I can discard him so you cannot play them and discard them on the exact same turn any cards whether it's a person whether it's land whether it's someone something that goes in the active area another thing so another thing that's come up in the questions from my from our players is a duel this could be Aaron Burr could be khutulun or it could be the Coliseum anything that duel is you against another pump your opponent's cards if if I play these cards I get to depending if the card says I get to pick the opponent that I go against then I get to pick the card that I'm going to duel but if it doesn't so Alan Berg he will do with any one character of your choice okay so I get to pick which one if it if that part was not in there my opponent would pick a kit a card I'd pick a card and we'd be able to duel out the loser goes to this card with the Colosseum khutulun or Aaron Burr the character were the largest points wins they stick around in a duel you die you go to the discard so another thing there are house rules so you guys get to decide this this is your game so create House Rules if you have any questions you can always ask us we'd love to help I guess the last thing we're gonna talk to you about is the difference between an army card and a character card now when your cards say pick a character that means a1 seeing a single person single person you might have even two people like the trunk sisters that's still a character card because it's just two of them but if it's army army cards are distinguished by saying army and it means a plethora of people a lot of people which means if I have a lot of people on that card and I said my card says I can take a character from my opponent I can't take an army card I can only take a character so that's the end for the tutorial I hope you learned something I hope you're able to play this game if you have any questions please put them in the comments below because we'll use that to make their next tutorial because we're gonna make the ultimate tutorial there will be no questions afterwards hopefully so that every time a person comes and plays the game and they watch our YouTube they know exactly how to play no questions asked we're gonna try to make it as short as possible this one was a little more long winded because I want to get all this information out so give us any questions you might might have put them in the comments below so that we can answer them and use them for the next tutorial thank you so much we'll see you next time take care you have any comments or questions atoms in the comments below otherwise we'll see you next we'll see you tomorrow actually take care

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