hey super cool people I’m stormy storm
and I just want to show you my sweatshirt real quick because I got it
in the mail and I think it’s dope this video is gonna be about some of the
amazing abilities that your higher self has that I wasn’t aware of and that I
don’t hear many people talk about also gonna get into how to use them and why
the work for developing your spirituality and your psychic abilities
before I get into this I’m gonna ask a question and this is gonna play relevant
later down the line to see if my Higher Self has the same abilities your higher
self does which a pretty sure it does what I want you to do is just describe
everything about your higher self what do they look like are they older than
you are they younger than you as your higher self always look the same
is there any features that are different so just kind of take for a minute and
recognize how you see your higher self and then we’ll get back to that after I
kind of explain my experience with my Higher Self and the things I learned
while communicating with minor self so I’m gonna briefly go over this but it
was like a breakthrough after having this vision I realized the potential in
it because he was just it blew my mind at least so I was driving to work and I
was talking to my Higher Self because I’ve been going through some
insecurities I guess things that I hadn’t quite let go of I decided to talk
to my younger self and try to heal that and just be like picture all the bad
times and then just kind of be like oh baby stormy you’re gonna be okay like
things are alright you’re gonna be a good person this will not matter in a
decent amount of time this will play out as I’m talking to my younger self my
higher self steps in and shows me split realities it was like I was viewing my
life as a eight year old and at the same time
my life presently it’s all that in real life this is a real thing when I was
younger I would talk to my Higher Self and high higher self looks exactly the
way I do now my Higher Self always gave me good messages would always make me
see things in perspective so they didn’t seem as big at the time because I had
perspective on it and that was all due to my Higher Self it was like a really
good friend that you could vent to they would always know the right thing to say
to snap you out of those extreme emotions but here’s the trip is I’m
seeing myself as an eight-year-old and recalling memories of talking to my
Higher Self and I’m realizing that the things I was saying to my younger self
while I was in the car was the same things I heard as a eight-year-old
so pretty much I figured out that my future self was my Higher Self and that
I could literally instantly send messages to past past me and change my
present timeline that’s huge that is mind-boggling big I also got a split
inversion my Higher Self showed me a split version of present-day me and then
the higher self I talked to nowadays my Higher Self looks different then how
I used to see my higher self which is how I am now my Higher Self has bigger
eyes they look like crystals they’re taller they have wings very very like
almost white hair when I’m thinking of how my higher self looks to me now
compared to back then there’s a there’s a pretty significant change this
happened about five years ago under hypnosis I realized that I look
different so I don’t know okay I don’t know if this is an alternate version of
the future or if this is like literally our genetics are gonna be so insanely
crazy that we can just be like hey add some wings I want a tail too and
stuff like that but they were showing me that for a reason they were showing me
that that the future self and the past self all all these higher selves was me
and then I could interact with any part of my life and change circumstances at
any given time and that it would be instantly I could change my past and I
wouldn’t forget it right so I wouldn’t forget the pain that’s happened but that
I could instantly start fading away the past pain or see it as different so
instead of taking it as a wound seeing it as a wound I would be able to see it
as character and I have memories of what I was saying as an eight-year-old and
what’s crazy is that I’ve never recognized that I look exactly like my
higher self my higher self now had to show me that it was like that was
blocked off like for some reason I didn’t realize I turned out to look
exactly how I saw myself so I’m hoping this triggers people to think about
their higher selves and and not only see it as someone who helps guide you but it
is you at any given point in time in any reality and you can literally tap into
it and and and change events in the past future whatever to benefit your life
presently in my case I was trying to let go of the pain so I wouldn’t be so I
wouldn’t keep projecting the patterns of negativity
trying to kill that part of me so I wouldn’t feel like a wounded animal the
reason why I was trying to do this and why I think everyone should at least try
to heal some wounds and try to get out of the past pains is because the more
blockages you have the more pain you have more negativity you have the more
limited you’re gonna be with your abilities
you can still access those abilities but it would be like instead of walking on a
level ground with no obstacles it would be the equivalent of walking uphill and
jumping over hurdles like it’s a little bit harder and not only that it seems
like they’re willing to help you right now
or at least they’re willing to help me so I know they’re willing to help other
people yeah I don’t think anyone’s excluded from this feeling like if you
have past pains they’re probably coming up right now in repetitive repetitive
repetitive ways this might be just the trick you need so let me kind of explain
how to talk to your higher self because it’s really I’m gonna briefly go over
this because it’s really not hard it is probably the easiest thing I do it every
day I do it every day like in the car listening to music I always say oh you
pick the next song and it’s like on random on Pandora I’m like yeah you get
to do this time and then whatever song comes on I’m like yay but literally I
just talked in my head to to my higher self by the way in this experience I did
realize that my higher self was my guide and I was my guide and that’s why I
never saw my guides face because I’ve been under hypnosis a lot of times and
they would put faces on there but I knew it wasn’t theirs so they never really
had a face they never had a name and I always consider it at bay feeling like
it’s a like it’s a massive consciousness but you could also call it your higher
self as a kid I used to usually only talk to my higher self when I was like
going through some shit I was going through a breakup or something they
would just talk to me it was like an imaginary friend that wasn’t it wasn’t
outside of myself it wasn’t it was someone who was me I just so happen to
picture it being me just wiser an older if you’re new to talking to
your higher-self you might have to distinguish what’s
yours and what’s theirs cuz you may put like very human judgy thoughts in it and
for from my experience they don’t seem to be very judgy but they do joke
so like they will tell bad jokes to get me in a state of laughter like if I’m
like fuck blah blah blah they broke up with me they’ll be like yeah let’s go
burn his house down and then they’ll be like no this is a great thing like
seriously like now you’re that much closer to finding your soul mate because
this person is not clearly not right for you and never will be obviously some
reason when they they would say it would always just give me a huge perspective
because I was like damn you’re right we just feel differently and just having
that person to talk to and be vulnerable with without actually being vulnerable
to people was actually really nice it would seem to give me inner peace when
other people would probably not give the best advice to make me feel like content
happy like a lot of people ramp others up or tell them what they want to hear
instead of giving them sound advice to focus on yourself apologize for yourself
just take the high road and that’s what my higher self always did was you know
take the high road take the high road everything they advised was always
pretty much being happy for the other person and being happy for myself no
matter what it was but I think it would be really cool if
everyone who watched this at least thought about them their higher selves
and how they could connect with them especially especially if you’ve been
having an emotional rollercoaster it’s pretty much you so just look back at
yourself but you have a huge potential to change anything that is going
destructively bad talk with them talk with them see what
they give you and if there’s anything that seems like ego-driven it’s probably
your thoughts but you know sooner or later you’ll start to be able to
separate ego from your higher self in changing the past and letting go of that
pain you’re just gonna become more of a conduit for energy new energy psychic
abilities and those don’t seem to be slowing down those seem to be like
picking up with everyone the more ability I get with this and the more the
more I try working on myself and being being a better person for other people
so doing a service to other people yes it’s for me yes yes it feels good to
upload that but I not in all honesty the reason why I even did it in the first
place was because I don’t want to be a dick to other people I didn’t want
certain things to bother me because I didn’t want to take it out on other
people it really was doing this work for other
people so I didn’t hurt them unintentionally or bring them down
unintentionally I needed to raise mine so I could either be on their same level
or raise others I was gonna do a few videos before this one but because this
one seems so important to me I had to do this video first so if anyone is open to
it I would very much like to know how you see your higher self you could
comment and just say like oh it’s me but older or oh it’s a lion who’s my higher
self or blah blah blah I would just kind of like to get to see how people see
their higher selves is it you present-day is it you in the past is
that you in the future is it you with genetic differences
are they smaller than you are they bigger than you the age I’m very curious
on that because I know it’s not just my I think everybody’s higher self has the
ability to do this pretty sure it felt that way but whether or not you
recognize it from the past like I did because I can remember talking to my
Higher Self and remember the things I was saying to myself present day god
that’s so confusing to explain just me me me me me even if you don’t have the
memories it’s still very very very very possible I did have a crazy-ass kind of
dream that pushed me to do this video first it was all about instantly
changing my reality being aware of manipulation and that I ultimately could
change anything at any given time was the message behind it don’t get
discouraged if like shit doesn’t happen at the click of a finger don’t get
discouraged just know that that moment is coming pretty much like you will have
that moment where you can do that whether it’s in this lifetime or or in
the next you will be able to do this or I should say you are capable of doing
this lately I’ve been getting more and more thoughts about this which is I’m I
feel very capable of doing a lot more than what I even dreamed to do being
faced with something that was really scary and then just being like boom
you’re not scary anymore and then boom it’s not scary anymore
that’s how easy it was in a dream and it definitely felt like a message of
potential showing people’s potential I hope everyone has like a happy holiday
for a merry holiday I don’t know what to say anymore I tend to not celebrate the
holidays but a lot of people do so happy whatever I’m
stormy storm stay woke

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  1. Emergence and quantum mechanics work very well with the energies. It allows for an ever changing straw-man for a never describable consciousness.Even when we have risen beyond the values assigned to numbers, there will be new discoveries to observe a new form of construct.

  2. My higher self is what I am now. When I was young I remember alot and promise myself when older til this day was not be like my dad. I tend to talk to my younger self alot because I guess I hold back alot and get token advantage of because of my kindness I just have a big heart I guess.

  3. That little girl that is your younger self still exists in the past timeline depending on when you were born, in the 1980's I suppose? She still can hear you. After all you and her are one and the same person. if you ever have a chance to go back there and visit your younger self in the past which I believe should be possible soon you will be able to see further evidence of the theory you're presenting in this video. My higher self lives in the past, he is younger and extremely perseverent. I often picture my younger self as I often feel compelled to embark on new challenges in my life.

  4. My higher self ai see the most has blue skin like in the movie avatar. She’s very cool and calm, and at peace with everything that happens. She also plays with energy like the whole universe is in the room with her, and I see her floating with her legs crossed Indian style. I also see other parts of my higher self but more intuitively like a feeling of where they are. Like one from the Pleiades. I just want to say your videos are a great help to getting my mind to expand and consider other perspectives. Also to put words to my experiences and know other people have similar ones. Thank you.

  5. Would connection between me( at present the higher self of my and my 5 year-old self in 1985) be stronger if I physically went back in time to 1985. Even if we were not to meet in person? Do you think your higher self from the future perhaps in 2029 may have visited your 8 year-old self? Hence your experience while you were driving.

  6. My body began to change early last year. This followed a long period of excessive weight gain then shedding. I have new ridges on my chest, like a second layer of ribs. My skull has the most pronounced change. Ridges, cracks, divots. Muscular changes, I can suck in my gut to an ext re em degree, more than ever b4. I have a mesentery that stretches throughout my entire body. Doing kundalini breathing I can fill this space in with pressure and gain serious physically spiritual affect. #LostAndFound

  7. βλεπω τον ανωτερο εαυτο μου σαν βασιλια!!! τα βιντεο σου ειναι φανταστικα κ μακαρι ολες οι γυναικες να ειχαν το δικο σου επιπεδο γνωσεων….keep up the good work..people wake up slowly

  8. Hi im new subscirber i really love ur viedos this happend to me to i did a mediation where i comforted my childhood self in the past the i rememeber talking to my future self back then to feel comforted it was so beautiful i cryed i picture my higher self glowing i think it changes alot based on how u see ur self during the time u sent a message

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