(crowd clapping) – I’m a ask you a question. How many people in here married? Good. How many y’all in here thinkin’
’bout filin’ for divorce? (laughing and crowd clapping) Here some o’ dem. (crowd cheering and clapping) And you should o’ seen (mumbles). ‘Cause see January, is
the number one month for filing for divorce. You know why? ‘Cause you just comin’ off the holidays. You two spent way too much time together. See normally you at work, but you been at the house
for two weeks with them. Oh oh oh. Now you just want out man. See when you spend a
lotta time with somebody that you don’t really wanna be with, everything they do get on your nerves. (crowd clapping and laughing) You know some ladies, especially ladies when you through with somebody, you through with him. (crowd agreeing) When you thinkin’ about leavin’
you really already gone. You know what I mean. You really already gone. (crowd clapping) ‘Cause it be little
stuff like good morning. Good morning? Now you thinking to yourself it be a real good morning if you weren’t here when I woke up. (crowd squealing and clapping) Everything he do get on your nerves. He and that butter and toast. (crowd laughing) You don’t like the way
he butter the toast. Look at him over there, is digging in that bread with that knife. (crowd clapping) What’s all that scrapin’ for? You ain’t got to dig in the bread that damn hard to put that butter. (crowd laughing and clapping) When you tired o’ your man, you tired of him. You’re in the car driving. Speed limit 70. He doin’ 69 and a half. Why you drivin’ so slow? That’s why we always late. (crowd clapping) (all laughing) He being there watchin’ TV. He laughin’. Look at him in there, why
you gotta laugh so damn loud? What you laughin’ for it ain’t that funny. Jess in that laughter ha ha hee hee hell. (crowd laughing and clapping) He can’t do nothing right. The man on the phone talkin’ to his momma. Ina na on the phone wit’
your damn mama again. Mama what the doctor say. Mama how you feeling today. You ain’t ask me how I feel today. (crowd laughing) I was just (laughing). Some of y’all in here, you wanna laugh but you sittin’ next to the person. (crowd screaming and
laughing and clapping) (laughing) Well folks, it’s only
21 days left in January, hang in there is almost over, don’t even worry about it. (crowd clapping) Hey let’s do some Hey Steve.

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  1. I agree Uncle Steve. Don't make your new man pay for what the past did. Now if there's red flags laying around, that's your decision to leave him alone or pick them red flags up and ignore 'em.

  2. Perfect question and perfect answer: That hunter will give you signals that you are not the one.. When you call him you can’t find him!! do you know why you can’t find him… coz he don’t want to be found.. that was a very smart notice that all singles should be listen to ,,

  3. simple stop dating chad and tyrone. 9/10 its obvious the man dont want a relationship but that exactly what yall are attracted to.

  4. I feel like Steve’s advice is too generic (“everyone has issues”, “you can’t drive by looking back”) in this case. Unfortunately some people have suffered more than others or dealt with traumas that reshape them in a negative way. Not being cheated on but abuse, assault, etc. It’s important to empathize with people in such cases. However, I pretty much agree with everything else lol

  5. “It doesn’t mean they are not gonna play if is the wrong one “ HOW, HEARTLESS, MEN ARE!!! Jesus!! Women who have little boys should start raising them better!

  6. Most women do not want the right one.
    Most women like drama & heartaches, and a point to prove that they can change a man.

  7. Some people in the world are just fillers. It's not meant for everyone to have someone. Stop forcing things and just accept you're going to be alone… adopt a stray cat.

  8. I hate that he is so right! Lots of us needed to hear this. “Red flags and signals that you are not the one”💔Always trust your gut and listen to your intuition.

  9. Steve Harvey if you are reading this, the black girl wearing the dark green jacket and yellow top is cute😍😍😍

  10. "if your call your man, and you cant find him, it means he doesn't want to be found". So sad & true at the same time. Always believe that if something or someone is important in your life , you'll make time for it him/her.

  11. Most women can hunt for anyone. So it goes both ways. Maby she is into finding loose men. Some men like loose women and then complain they cheat "like a man". She could choose anyone it is up to her.

  12. Oh, if only I had heard this about 9 years ago. Let me tell each and every one of you that this is so accurate, and if you don't listen to yourself, you will end up broken. And currently, I am a broken mother of 2 with a third on the way, and all i feel is the pain I have always felt. He told me time and time again that I wasn't the right one, and instead, i came up with reasons to try longer. I hope that whoever needed this video or advice gets it in time. Be happy, beautifuls. I wish you all the best.

  13. Take it from someone who's been through many many jerks while looking for love if God hasn't sent him yet it's either because you're not ready or he just doesn't exist.

  14. See the problem is that men can’t seem to see that other men are constantly doing dirty women… if your cousin texts saying she misses you and she goes ballistic, it’s not because “all women are crazy”, it’s because men have repeatedly hurt women and given them valid reasons not to trust us. Come on now, women don’t act like that for no reason. Get real and look on the mirror fellas.

  15. hey I have a quick question if your in a relationship and your says that he will help you with something and he didn't ….. but he still wants to be with you and still want have sex with you but he's not helping you to your goals should that person stay or go any help Steve Harvey

  16. Hi, Folks.
    Trubble being that Steve had either failed to mention or totally ignored one basic biological fact in his reply. That fact:

    Women are 'hunter's too. They are pretty much always looking for the best 'sperm donors' to father their offspring in order to give their offspring the best chance of succeeding in life. This is a large part of why 'nice' men get ignored, at least until women find themselves on the slippery slope of declining sexual marketplace value.

    Just a part of my 0.02.

    You all have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

  17. (0:07) The old lady with red head twitched as if she was having repulsions after the word ‘infidelity’. 😅😂😂

  18. A person has to heal in order to move forward.
    ▶On another note.
    If they're replacing Steve show with Kelly Clarkson show, can somebody tell me why?
    Like Kelly Clarkson but I honestly don't think she will pull folks in to watch or give the same vibe that Steve does.
    Not fond of his personal life but I think that he is a great Entertainer.

  19. The right woman for a man is dead simple for us men.
    Pretty, fine ass women are a dime a dozen but a woman of virtue who hasn't been round the block, no baggage, multiple past partners etc.
    Be sure you will me the right man to any man. A modest woman in character, compassion, and not been round the block is what any man is looking for.

  20. I know alot of people dont like steve mostly those hateing blacks lol..anyway but what steve just said in this segment is sooooo true…ALL OF IT

  21. i laugh at this stuff cant believe cheating is a thing im a guy and have never done that its too much energy and sneaking around and having to have two phones who has the time for all that loool nahh and im 25 i know dudes older than me who act like children 30 plus wth loool

  22. She cheated too. She look like she club every Saturday night. She hesitated when he asked about infidelity

  23. I don’t know why everybody thinks men don’t have intuition as well we all have it some people just don’t use it

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  25. I've cheated and been cheated on. Infidelity is NEVER right or FEELS good. It's hard to move past it. Just ask God to give you the strength. Don't allow ur past to ruin ur future. Ur stronger and more valuable than ur past. I love TD Jake's teaching!!!

  26. That is straight up disrespectful. I never have and never will have time for a man who I call and he don't answer and trying to hide from me. My best friends don't even do that ish to me. Thats just rude.

  27. Steve. I live in Dubai, and the dating scene here is ridiculous (men never looking for anything serious). Can you give me advise?

  28. Don't worry about it or worry yourself to death unless he give you something to really worry about. Then don't be so desperate that you stay when you shouldn't.

  29. Exactly your intuition is usually right and I Thank God for me being able to move on and also grow from my past mistakes. Continue putting God first in everything and take time to Love yourself first/ everything else will follow

  30. that Is so true!! my ex gave me so many red flags!!!! OBVIOUS red flagsss and I chose to ignore them. wont pick up the phone, gone for a whole day not one text not one call, marks on his body, always had an excuse to not see me…. boyyyyyyy I knew! I KNEW! I spent 4 years questioning him! accusing him! because deep down I knew but I didn't had any evidence to just leave… until I found the evidence and I left….but trust me… I should have left sooner… I should have left since that first red flag popped up cause you know how it is wasting 4 years?! but I am sooooo happy now!!!! I can breathe better!!!

  31. Haha now c'mon Steve stop giving them advice haha they ain't gunna Change cause the D too good and they too emotionally invested

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