there was a time many years ago where I was at a UH like a walkathon raising money for a cancer and it was the middle of the night and I'm out walking the track and I'm just thinking about and processing just how hard life is sometimes and the things that we face and the battles that we face and I felt Jesus kind of interrupts my thoughts and say Kim I've given you a powerful weapon and I looked down and like I could just see in my mind this sword and on it was written choice the gifted to choose that in everything I'm facing I can choose God when the lies come in I can choose to believe his words above the lies when I'm scared and I don't want to move I can still choose to take a step forward and to trust him when I don't know which way I'm supposed to go and I'm feeling kind of scared about will I make the right choice will I not make the right choice I can still choose to believe that he's gonna meet me there when I step out and that same principle that same gift applies to people you can choose people you can choose them when they don't choose you you can choose them when they reject you you can choose them when they hurt you you can choose them when they are a big mess and a huge inconvenience to you you can choose them because that is what God did for you and if we are going to be Christ's followers if we are going to exhibit the love of God and to and to walk in this and to truly truly represent Jesus this is a no-brainer and there is no compromise in this it is 100 percent I am choosing to obey the command he gave to love him and to love people but I don't want to just love people because I'm a Christian and I say yes I love you brother I love you sister no I want to actually get down in the dirt in the mess of their lives and I want to take them by their hand and I want to say I see you and I hear you man that's heavy that's painful you're hurting I'm hurting I feel that I'm gonna walk with this through you when we walk with this through this with you this is what Jesus does for us and you know the beautiful thing is when you choose people your father sees that and he's like yes look they're one of us they are doing exactly what I gave my life for this is the message of the gospel lived out this is what Jesus has called us to do to choose people and when he does there is a grace that is poured out all the grace that you need His grace is sufficient there is so much beauty in that moment there is breakthrough in that moment because suddenly we are not alone there is an army of people with us fighting with us carrying with us and this is what the church should be and should look like the church is not a theology and a building the church is you and me and we are the church every single day not just on a Sunday morning we are the church when it's inconvenient we are the church when we have a busy schedule we are the church when we're afraid to speak up speak up we need your voice

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  1. Amen. This is so good! We are the church. Everyday. Choose God = choose people, and choose people = choose God. It goes hand in hand.

  2. A Muslim follower of JESUS…. I know this sounds like a complete contradiction, but it's true! People from any culture can genuinely become a follower of JESUS. This is why JESUS' mandate to all of his disciples is to MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS (nations-cultures).

    If it weren't possible to be a follower of JESUS in any culture, then JESUS would have specified that you can only be a disciple (follower) of JESUS by denouncing your culture…but he didn't! He was primarily concerned with the person's relationship with him. (Samaritan woman, Roman official, Syrophoenician woman, the royal official, the demoniac of Gadara).

    ​I want you to hear the story of my friend, Faisal. Faisal's story is one of the most unique and genuine transformations I've ever witnessed.

    ​"I was born a Muslim in central Uganda," he says. "My Dad was a Muslim religious leader taking care of two districts in the central part of the country. He was an ambassador of the Ugandan Muslim Supreme Council, a body that oversees all activities of the Muslim community in the country. He spent 35 years supporting initiatives for the spreading of Islam.

    ​"As I was growing up, he taught me that Islam is the only true religion and that I should observe the Pillars of Islam and spend my time encouraging all my Christian friends to convert to Islam. I am very proud of my heritage and I identify myself as a Muslim.."

    ​"When I joined one of the Cornerstone Academy schools, where I was accepted as a Muslim, I learned more about JESUS. His message transcended what I had learned, while growing up. What I began to learn created what I can call an internal struggle within me, what in the true sense of Islam I would call 'jihad'.

    ​"During that time of feeling the internal struggle one morning at around 3 a.m., I heard a voice saying, 'Don't fear! Follow JESUS, because he is a word of truth.' I tried to check around to see who could have said that to me, but I did not find anyone. It was a strange experience. Later, I shared it with my friend.

    ​"I tried to resist this call to JESUS, because I thought all followers of JESUS are Christian and I did not want to become a Christian. I believed JESUS to be exclusively related to Christians and therefore, as a Muslim, I have no relationship with JESUS, even though JESUS' character and personality are so attractive and relevant to mankind.

    I also thought that I had to stop praying at the Mosque, join a Church or Christian gatherings and worst of all, I knew I could not tell my Dad that I had converted to Christianity. I remembered some time back, one of my elder sisters had converted to Christianity and things did not go well for her. She lost the relationship with the family and left home."

    ​"However, during this time of being all alone, I started studying the Injil (Gospels) with a very big motive of knowing who JESUS is and how can I live my life as a follower of JESUS. I found myself loving JESUS, because of his genuine concern for the total welfare of those he encountered. It was demonstrated, not spoken and included healing, moral teachings, crossing of social barriers, comforting, calming, freeing, touching the untouchables and befriending sinners. It was a genuine unconditional love!

    ​"A big surprise for me was to discover that according to the Gospels, JESUS was not a Christian. And JESUS never urged or required anyone else to become a Christian. To me, JESUS was greater than any religious classification. I came to the conclusion that JESUS is universal. He came for all cultures and that included my Muslim culture. After going through all of my internal struggles, I realized that following JESUS did not require me to abandon my Muslim culture. It's not a matter of religion or culture; it is about the revelation of God's truth as conveyed by JESUS' transformation of my heart.

    ​"It's difficult to explain what happened in me. I felt a definite renewal in my heart, as if a real connection was created inside me. I felt everything was new inside of me. I had only known doing what I was taught to do, but now with JESUS I found an inner peace and freedom I had never known.

    "I and a few friends have initiated small groups around different universities in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, composed of Muslim and Christian friends who sit every week to reflect on the teachings and person of JESUS. In addition to these nearly 20 universities, we meet in a weekly core group that sits every week in Kampala, Uganda.

  3. I love this! We all need this reminder from time to time! ❤️! Choosing to love people is Christianity lived out! Jesus said to his disciples, if you love me, keep my sheep! To love is one of God’s greatest commandments and his ask from us!

  4. My Dad has been behaving in an abusive way towards my mom and even right now .My heart can't take it. Iam really suffering from stress and depression those past few months. Please uphold my families in your Prayers🙏

  5. I want to be like Kim. Please pray for me. I am so weak. I know what I should be doing but then I completely forget and do the opposite. I sin. I sin so bad and so much. I only think about it after it's already done. Then I go and live my life, I might fast, I'm doing great, then * BOOM * a moment in lapse of judgement and I'm sinning back to square 1. How can I be like Kim and others? I want to be a man of God. I pray for God to keep me from sin but it still happens. Please pray for my deliverance. I don't know what to do.

  6. This words you speak are not your own but the Holyspirit speaking through you. You are truly a blessing to me and many others. God bless and increase you Ma'am. Mezoh from fort Worth Texas


  8. I Receive conviction. 😁😁😁😁Aloha Ke Akua! I love you ABBA! Today, I went to YOUR child this lost and looking for something to eat tonight,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and break bread and fellowship. POWERFUL SOOO POWER!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah God Most High!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽♥️♥️🤣♥️♥️

  9. The church is a family. Those who chose to go their own way, on their own, chose isolation. That's kinda lonely.

  10. Well said in order 2 have a better relationship with God we have 2 reach out 2 those who are in need cuz when Christ walk d earth it wasnt jus 2 think about himself He came for the lost but by His grace we are still alive to make it right

  11. Thank you Kim for speaking hope truth and love for letting your light so shine. We have been saved for a purpose we have a purpose we matter life matters. may God Help us to live as we ought to live as children of God knowing that the power of the Holy spirit lives in us. Jesus said I will be with you I will tell the father to send a helper to help you .

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