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  1. 2:16
    “You kinda goofy”
    “Wait why am I goofy, first of all?”
    “You wearing cartoons”
    “That’s friendly. That don’t speak jail.”
    “You kinda cocky.”

    This woman is one of my favorite people right now.

  2. damn why is that one girl so rude to everyone calling that one guy goofy and the other guy creepy damn thats hella fucked up

  3. Meth addicts are too obvious i swear
    But my best friend has attempted murder with a deadly weapon, but literally he got in a fight while he had something on him, they just pressed charges

  4. I'm happy that the lady in the green shirt stood up for herself! Who you were a few years ago doesnt mean you are the same person today! Also, congrats on 12 years of sobriety!

  5. My sister was in probation for about a year and holy shit the stories.. I went there once and oh my god it was crazy

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