dueling's cinema yeah I remember you Ellen are and then her old boyfriends summer summer Phil bass you I remember little things that we go to Christie creams in our little track suits and like big loop earrings I'm still wearing we all used to wear like neon the clothing I used to wear really bright colors I'm alive like yellows gas blues I've changed so much since I was 14 yeah do you think I need different you know no no you knew me when our braces yeah thank you so much has a cow like younger yeah like we used to hang out in a group when I was friends Wow dreams just done it thanks so much thank you back in the day I felt like we were quite flow I mean you the ones are quite flowing have you date great girls my ex is Greek well she I would she like was she very great no oh really what do you think but Rico so like on its truth because I say that is true but I've not someone Greek but Greek guys are kind of notorious for like being mummies boys and there's born prance and they're like women have to clean women have to cook women have to do this but I know that they're very loving and good-looking some of them like they'll interview you in your first day I've had it before with a Greek guy before and he asked me how many guys I've slept with in my first day and I think I'm so rude be intrusive it's very intrusive like it doesn't matter three girls these days I don't know why but everyone seems to be like lost or not you mean lost life it's hard to meet someone who knows what they want who's actually yeah knows more about life than just how to apply makeup I haven't dated groups like in a very long time because I know what weeks are like a council I last week I day it was like March always fits my mom I'm never marrying a great guy your mom is going like most Greek wise up she would say yes not so much okay parents probability to do yeah yeah having certain values and certain them certain morals it's probably balancing my family I can't have a lot of old-fashioned traits my priorities I definitely meet someone build a relationship build something solid do you like pop in and out of each other's houses a lot 407 all day long remember I was a kid I used to go and see my cousin's all the time every weekend and my English friends from school be like you've seen them again you was there last week make sure you subscribe to get a regular serving of love and romance Oh

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  1. I am Greek and I would say the guy looks more Greek Cypriot than Greek. Not that it matters, we are very close anyway, but there are far more Greek Cypriots who migrated to the UK over 50 years ago, so I would guess he's second/ third generation Greek Cypriot raised in North London. It just so happens that diaspora people carry the values of their culture the time they left the country. This is why things they mention might sound very odd and old-fashioned. Modern Greeks and Greek Cypriots are not as stereotypical as these two describe it. People from the countryside, maybe, but not city people.

  2. they're stereotyping giant groups of people with such conviction. people are individuals– you can't group them like that. red flags.

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