by Jada Center Holliday flied to deep center and he's Alton faked him out the old veteran acted like he threw it back to the pitcher kept it in his back pocket Carpenter was off the bag and he tagged him take a look here Oh Asbury drills us what to write Bautista's on the rod and makes attacks phrasing is natural between second it teeth dismayed to find offensive plays here this city gotta put a star next to that one that saves her run let's see what happened he's off the hidden ball the ball trick he lifts up his foot shuffles his feet and lost contact and goin snap the ball on Frazier at 200 excuse me 231 against brothers huge jump and they got to go good bluff by Lazaro those two scans to say oh that never works when the runner takes off the second and a first and third bluffington throw just warmth on Altuve used to take Celine [Applause] into that field round third gonna hold them there Cabrera up with a ball and the Diamondbacks have the tying run 90 feet away with one out in the eighth inning and yet another pinch hit by the guy they used to call Tony the Tiger right now Todd Jones would love to get a ground ball it's Counsell in the leadoff spot who comes to the plate well I don't know if it would be as big for Craig Counsell to get they tried to hidden ball trick and I and I think they may have gotten the runner at third base least two Raptor arrows out at third base Mike Lowell had the ball caught Jones was not on the mound you can't be standing on the mound in that hidden ball trick now Bob Melvin is going to come out there it is right there he's off throws it down to third husky dog are pointing to the backstop Duke so a known a runner Jared Anderson fell for it Joey altough behind the play ran back looking for the ball and Jared Anderson takes off from second little did he know that he was gonna get tagged out at third in the air to Center inciarte he's got it he tries to deke the runner [Applause] by NCR table a little bit farther off the bag but Freddie was not on the base and blindly did a nice shift to get his foot on the bag and take the throw sure aware of the concept high centerfield will Meyers under looking at his side runner tags those four andre ethier makes it 5 to nothing of a sacrifice fly rvi 30 have seen Loney has the ball and he's right about the pitcher's mound there you see James Loney right there ok now he's got it Uribe over here on the left he's got his head down now Escobar has the ball he throws it over to Longoria so now the ball is over at third base Longoria has it nobody knows Uribe third-base coach nobody is aware that Longoria has it Uribe steps off boom your matchup [Applause] [Applause] they got him you've got it but no one's there at second to cover wild they do pick off Faulkner's from second base I can't believe that just worries SEO Wichita pick off Travis that may be teams have in the repertoire but severe yourself see it used and for South Haven executing that to perfection middle infielders they're running towards the outfield pointing at the baseball that's not their shorts still got the baseball and then we took a runner down at second great job great call by coach weeks right there didn't work I haven't seen a sign yet of you I don't know unless the mustache is so still might be ball is thrown away that into the well now they've cut it off and Stevenson is going to be out how about that for a decoy play pull everybody in the ballpark including us it is an outstanding play look at this now watch these guys come on the dugout this is one of the better plays you see look at that decoy see those two guys that isn't by accident they're all look in there and there's Rona he gets the ball from caspere's action it's an easy out and the throw is never even made pitcher had the ball the entire time off the back of the mouth a fake to throw that brings dick Williams out of the dugout but one of his frequent strategy session Rowley fingers reveals the substance of the discussion point of the first base as if we were gonna walk and then he told me we were going to have Gino stand up and looked like there's gonna be an intentional walk and Gino would jump back down to the kitchen box and pitch to her Williams he wanted me to throw break-in dizzy he specifically said slider and not a fastball without dealing with the walkies at third barman Bernard a pinch-hitter also walked he's at second one out Tony Pina came back and he signaled for to their counter displacement he blessed him sprites Rico

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  1. Ah yes, the ‘ol hidden ball trick. Oldest one in the book. Works on the playground, works in the big leagues.

  2. Fun Fact the pitch at 4:27 wouldn't of worked if it happened in the Majors as it's against the rules to fake a pitch the trick someone going off the bag in the MLB

  3. .
    . When Two Men Was
    . On The Base, Do The
    . Trick Play,
    . Does The One Who
    . Who Holds The Ball,
    . Surpose To Held The
    . Ball In His Left Hand,
    . & Tag Him With The
    . Right Hand / Glove.
    . Is He In OR Out.

  4. Went from electrifying mouse traps to baseball trick plays. Going on YouTube at 2am in bed is always weird.

  5. The mere fact that the runner just goes off the base taking it for granted that the baseman has thrown the ball back to the pitcher is straight lazy Ness for mine. KEEP YOUR EYE ALWAYS ON THE BALL!!

  6. @2:56…The way the 3rd base coach is completely useless being both unaware of where the ball is and careless about the runner at 2nd base.
    I would have yelled at the 3rd base coach so bad for not watching or signaling the runner.
    The way he passively walks down the 3rd base line with no regard for the runner is appalling!

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