so this is the main entrance of guy is 2019 it's been here at ice bsd or indonesia prevention a exhibition center in the bsd district has been here for many many years now and the peripheral activities on the outside even before you get in quite quite interesting all kinds of stuff actually it's hard to actually peg which category it falls into but that's the crowd of people all up as a chimney something actually well I'm sure many have actually bought one but there this is heading into the parking and there's a cute little yellow chimney there how lucky you are Indonesia to have this car officially here fantastic as modification calm has got a their own booth here very very nice this is a something it looks ready for the zombie apocalypse it really does and even the rescue services are here to show what they can actually do some nice zodiac up there so just taking a walk around the perimeter of Gaius I think I've pretty much covered all the holes in there already it's just three main halls but they are huge halls and here are the the outside activities I did notice some some motor sports cars some motor sports cars out here just now so we'll take a look at so that's the all what you see in here this is all part of guys or there's no getting through that's only like three main entrances and here the motor sport cars that I was referring to just now it's very cool sounds like proper race cars actually and proper 4×4 as well as a nausea there I don't know why that was Pepa zero yes it's a Pajero interesting things going on out here as well I've noticed quite a few people trying to get in through the doors that are on the sides here they're all sealed keeping it tight so GT radio has got some cars out here in gt-r a delivery this would be very cool this would be very cool for evo and Euro 2019 yeah zombie thanks or GT radio cars coming in so remember if you ever come here don't just stay on the Intel oh don't just stay on the inn sorry I got distracted don't you stay on the inside come out have a look at what's going on yeah I'm not really sure what's going on but I think there's a photo shoot I don't want to get in the way hi hello are you the GT radial girls yeah what's GT radio doing here today okay the shirt from GT radial and the second session we have our own custom oh nice very cool so these are all GT radial cars yeah sure nice very cool thank you so much greetings from Malaysia all the way from Malaysia just for just for this yeah there we go this is a love sign right thanks alright so yeah walk around have a look that's Lots going on even on the outside this whole area is dedicated to a guy as 2019 it's amazing what you can get away with this you know when you have a when you have the pass okay so from guys 2019 I think I'm just about done I can't feel my legs anymore and I'm gonna have to go sit down somewhere and just chill it's a beautiful evening I've enjoyed this so much thank you guys for inviting me for your Motor Show again really really enjoyed it thank you it's been great and until 2020 this is Chris signing off from ice bsd at gaius 2019 Motor Show guy Kindle rocks man guy Kindle ready rocks I love it so as the Sun is setting I'm heading off you all take care be safe be cool and stay tuned for a lot more coming from evil enduro 2019 as well as a surprise from Germany coming soon take care y'all much love bye

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