This jesus really defined my faithful har sir my taste buds are dancing all over my tongue Take a look yeah, oh please I don’t deserve such an honor ah Don’t be bashful every time you know makes you more of a person yeah indeed indeed That’s the finest tongue I’ve ever seen your highness It is so nimble so sharp and witty yeah The one responsible for cultivating it with our finest cheese’s from all over the world. Oh yes. Yes sire What would you say to some well ripened? Parmesan cheese from Italy I would say but of course Master cheese Mama What do we have enough money for it hmm? There’s hardly anything left in you? We’ll be lucky to get bread for this right, Mr.. Mouse so we can’t get any parmesan no Not to worry my dear sire we’ll do what we usually do we will make a trade oh Right my dear sire that is so true. We’ll try the chandelier and we’ll throw in one of the paintings if not for you One in only one dizzy, but so crazy about Duchy some Junkie you a man time yum-yum-yum-yum-yum Hey there, please be careful Hmm dare in just a few weeks this will be the best goat cheese the world has ever known Daddy can I borrow this but remember to return it this time. Thanks Nobles are saddling their horses this will be the best jousting tournament the world has ever seen I’m leaving Who’s going to babysit Susie? Okay, but the tournament is about to start now First we work, and then we play oh Boy darn it ah That’s the third time already this month. Why do you have to sweep outside when I’m making cheese? You always make cheese somebody has to keep this place tidy yes, but Hmm Okay, I’m sorry Hmm, I Like making a best of all anyway hmM Mommy can you babysit susie for me all right, but come home for Supper I? Really hate to disrupt you but I’ve been waiting all day to be milk. You’re in trouble. You’re in trouble Johnny night you better get to work now. Okay, not again I Hope you cut your fingernails not like the last time When will they ever Outlaw child labor those kids today? whatever, oh afternoon readings afternoon Good afternoon What about my cheese you promised? I’d have it a week ago my apologies ma’am, but I only have one tea. Oh Come back later the day after tomorrow. Oh shame on you making an old lady run around It’s lucky or the last cheese makers in the village she uses the cheese and mousetraps anyway Mommy Mommy Johnnie’s missing the bucket Come on. Mommy Mommy There, I’ll let you taste it once. It’s infused with the scent of fresh air I’m not at all fond of cheese. It stinks. It pays the bills so give it the respect it deserves Good shit cheese. That’s the ticket Go go do your thing Off our man. Where’s the bill? Excuse me your highness good morning. Get up There a savory omelet for breakfast your highness one. That’s full cheese of course I smell I smell chatters Imported all the way from England eat. Oh What a symphony of flavors? uh uh But last night I ate far more delectable cheese in the Village Is it possible that there could possibly be more cheese makers in our kingdom again? Oh seemed? So I haven’t eaten such good goat cheese and ages could you please go get me another location? Impressive metal you have there cheese maker To the king but well this is a first a goat knows how to speak and can also read My ability to add was on the weak side though we’ve carried out a thorough search your lordship Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a single whole block of cheese. We must have been robbed last night. Oh that settles that I’ll try my best to explain it to the king somehow Is that all the livestock you have we can’t even have any more livestock? Our goat is jealous of everything that has four legs even the table Cheese makers as talented as the likes of you deserve to be put to better use I do Step aside shrimp Goodbye. Goodbye take care Livestock a lot of nerve he hassle My what big teeth you have said little red riding hood to grandmother? all the better to eat you with said grandmother and then bid little red riding hood wasn’t grandmother really the wolf though ah That’s another fairy tale for a little kid Red riding hood was wearing armor. So when the wolf bidder He chipped his tooth the wolf it is funny. But my mistaken got a sing in his elbow Satisfied now Mm-Hmm. I like that more The Bell Rang and that was the end of this story One More HMM. Tomorrow’s another day Get up Johnny Aah Get up Johnny Step aside, Lord Let me take a guess at what’s for breakfast today Potato pancakes Mm-hmm. That’s my sock silly goose flapjacks, maybe That’s my other sock silly When will you grow up Johnny? Huh? Hello, I knew well They’re gone What about it? they’re already up in that case mom would have surely made the bed if She and Dad went to the fair she must not have had time I’m going to pasture. I’ll be back this afternoon by God, I can’t wait for over. I know for sure they went to the fair Meaning of course that their legs will be mighty sword instead of work. We’re going to play all day My name is Sir. John new puppy My sweet Lord this place is a mess where have your parents gone? They went to the fair shame on them asking me over and going to the fair for Heaven’s sake if They asked you over they wouldn’t have gone to the fair would they then where are they? Hmm. We don’t know Mommy and Daddy have disappeared Jumpin Jehosaphat the Devil already has them – why will the devil have a parent? But they are cheesemakers lucifer is very particular about his cheese See this look Curly doll shedding his summer coat Look at this That’s cool Same thing happened to the nats about you and Pro Zoo families They made cheese – God help them and save them are they gone forever You have only three days to get out of hell Then the devil cleans out your ears with cotton swats and uses you as a basis for noodle soup Noodles ooh hahaha. Ooh Auntie’s back from Grazing hMM Who is going to tell us bedtime stories now? I’m just gonna cook for us. How can you think of food now? How can you think of stories at a time like this? Oh? That’s it. We’ll find hell and go to mommy and Daddy’s rescue whoo, but how will surely fail How are you? Just giving up are you whining like little kids, but we are just little kid speak for yourself, okay? Okay, susie And Johnny then I have to tell you a story all about how important not giving up is Once upon a time your dad and I went to prague to Build Charles bridge it was magnificent Everyone down in us, but we actually did we worked on the construction of Charles bridge The prager’s couldn’t stop singing our praises We’re Gonna kill you goes indeed Everyone twisted our arms. So we would stay in work Did you really build a Charles bridge no? We did if not for us there’d be nothing, but a ford in Prague how cool So as you see you can do anything that you want So that do you believe will rescue your mom and Dad But we only have three days left Or the devils will make a basis of noodle soup out of them, and they’ll clean out their ear wax Yeah Tragedy the last cheesemakers have already gone to hell Lucifer has a shall we say a weakness for gourmet cheeses your highness I don’t have to continue placing orders for expensive foreign cheese’s indeed You will your highness this cheese came all the way from Africa Cheese not your living bean that makes you halfway We can get an entire box in exchange for the antique painted wardrobe That’s located in your bed rated for oral drown in my own saliva I’ll take this into my bedroom ah Watch out devils will hunt you down. Please do attack you Only a girl would think of that What if they go after Auntie come down? They’re trained to go after dirt. I happen to like your idea I better start washing up Hmm. Do you have fleas me? Huh? Be prepared Someone here should have some advice at least I hope I Haven’t been here in ages. Give me up here man. Hi good First pay for the 18 beers you owe me from last week Ha ha give me two beers right now so I can round up the bill my brother from Prague warned me about you It’s sold longer. We wait pay the back. I don’t think so. We don’t have any money precisely Another beer this way not there. Hey bartender. I want another beer. I said, I’m just about had enough with you Press him like that. He’s a fairytale hero speak to him with the respect. He’s too Soon as you pay up son I’ll pay the entire tab of whoever here can tell me how to get to he’ll Eat past this is our chance. You know the way to hell, we will think of something To go to the Devil’s male goat, how do I get there? We’ll help you find it our names are tall broad and sharp eyed we’ve looked for the Devil’s mill many times now I’m assuming you found it to some nerve horned one. We have some excellent References you can ask Alibaba he’ll tell you who took care of the 40 thieves Go ask the witch who hold her from the oven when hansel and gretel Victor on top of that we were the ones who said the seven dwArfs when snow white blew them off Give us the job and we’ll give you hell in return Holy smokes guys you can’t breathe in here I’m going to the men’s room Ouch who put the wall here other way Come on, please Auntie Please goat All right, all right, you’re hired Let’s see please sign this here here and here hmM. I? love Goulash All that makes for good friendships hmM better start cleaning up after myself then typical Fairytale trash wow You certainly had your fill gentlemen the bills for the entire bus tour you have to pay if you want quality Mr.. Sharp, I’d could you please take a look and see how to get to the Devil’s myth? No? The contract states I’m entitled to rest after meals What about you Mr.. Tall could you stretch out and take a look no. I can’t I hate to I Won’t even bother to ask you go ahead and ask. I’ll just take care of drinks and roll out the barrels. Yeah So what now then are we just gonna stand here, or what? Why don’t we take a seat then? It’s smoky over there, too A storm is brewing we can’t miss out on that must be the Devil’s mill. Let’s go Shouldn’t we be going bust Early hey there hello let you guys go wait for me Darling Jesus you’re so sweet Chili dishes we apologise greatly for the interruption sire we’ve come to get the Wardrobe yeah, which wardrobe. Oh, yes now. I remember go ahead Okay, you take the right side They have like mics down there, too Something tells me the forest hasn’t accepted ours I’m not surprised. I don’t let guests in at 90 years. Sorry guys I hate to be a pain But I have a feeling we might be lost that was some idea trudging through the woods in the dark quiet What’s wrong a really dark? I’m frightened of the dark you guys. I’m frightened stop it the sooner We find the Devil’s mill the sooner Jamie and Katie will be liberated You only have two days left or the devils will make them into noodles, and they’ll make cotton swab soup enough talk I’m the boss yeah one rotten apple spoils the bunch Abu what Abu I? Say smoke, it’s just the way seeing this is the way home sleeping There I knew it the Devil’s mill get up All weight right here. I can’t stand sweeps Sorry guys hate act like a pain again, but there should be a water wheel at the Devil’s knew That’s true. Wheel is there a wheel here? Oh? Hello anyone home I’ll try this way be careful So guys what’s going on in here? Huh? oh Hi there, howdy. How do you do? Oh daddy? Is that you please don’t lick me You hear me alas doesn’t look like the Devil’s mill But it’s devilish least Da da da da da go Lie down halle on da da da da da Da? We say we hate to bother you, but do you by chance know where we might find the Devil’s new? House squirrels are the cheekiest of all you look so pretty hi dear damn a boyfriend, huh? Huh? you lost your hand ah Here you are Spray water of life on it it’s up there le they’re Great yeah He’s more than that Hey, just like new you can always get an extra hand Remember to put the potion back alley There’s still something missing that soup it needs That’s it. Soup is good food some of this It’s going to get damn hot in here. It is quite warm. Let’s discreetly leave It won’t open go outside That’s cold that is impossible. This is really really important She forgot to take her herbs again wash your hands and come to the table Oh boy, what a ride let’s do it again. Okay. I’ve had enough Come on. Let’s be on our way, okay Did you hear that too? Oh? Yes, I forget if you want to find the devil’s mill. You must go north and follow the River oh No Darned Arm Sorry to disturb you your overbred highness But as you can plainly see your cheese poses a grave threat to castle operations as a security measure I will have to defuse it for the safety of everyone I was afraid that would happen I am so sorry Do what you must my faithful horse, sir? You have to give me all of them going on dugong We’ve been walking one two three hours now the contract states were entitled to a break Mr.. Broad you are like greased lightning. Yeah That’s how I always do it. He flies like a balloon Really fully are you okay? Sure those two are teasing me I think we’ve lost our way Mr.. Sharp, I’d find the way to the Devil’s mill. Oh He can’t see he has cataracts. Why do you wear a blindfold to look cool? How about you Mr.. Tall can you stretch out? You can’t do that. Yeah Low blood pressure if he stretches out too fast he faints might you try is stretching slowly No Matter will use the northstar to guide us instead The Northstar we’re off to the River and the Devil’s Mill So I’m doug Don’t bother you like a broom Scuse me oh River we did it. We did it except there’s no way we can follow this river please stay here This is my kind of travel finally, haha, please do dry. We have arrived we found our way here Excuse me is something wrong young man. Oh Sorry about that, Mr.. Tall Jonny started in okay, then no. He’s poking me Shush you two mustn’t argue anymore. I See great distances something tells me. We’ll be there soon forever Never see stick and I’m freezing cold. This is really a trip from hell to Your right yeah, yeah, the contract states. We are entitled to supper Where where is a contract you must have dropped it in the river you’re not entitled to suffer anymore Yeah, now that I think about it. This isn’t such a bad trip after all is it there Johnny Susie dear have you ever trumped on a trampoline I see something over there. There are shoes of what ah a red light? That’s gotta be run those roofs nose man, so far What have you got there? No, I can’t sit anymore Beware we’re coming to get mommy and daddy. We won’t be able to save them if we’re tired and hungry Benefit is cheese Excuse me Good morning, your highness Get up Get up, please Pity we had to sell the alarm clock Get over here Wait earthquake. That’s wait the women and children Oh, you’re up Oh, come on. Come on. Did you have a bad turn the clock is larser last night? I ate my beloved goat cheese again Ha ha ha ha you’d have to have gone straight to hell for it the devil kidnapped all of the cheese makers You’re not far from the truth. I found it by Devils Mill What uh-huh? What if you took it from? Lucifer himself Don’t draw ss. Conclusions. He’ll get revenge on awesome. Just one piece of cheese. What do you mean? Hell is full of so much mystery Look at the Devil’s man How are we gonna attack them do you want me to attack the devils totally unprepared I? Am a sword from Daddy Aha, and I have flees from Mommy I Have lice from Grandpa. I have horns and I have brains. I have an empty stomach Hello, haha. Hello anybody home yeah, uh Let me see let me see vote me let me come in – ah I can’t see he never could silly you’re wearing a Blindfold Here’s an upholstered armchair. Oh, that’s my tummy found the doorknob. Those are my heart. There’s someone here I’m sorry Not a devil in sight when if they only come out in the dark that’s how it is in Fairytales It makes some sense for the devil would come this far in the boondocks. That’s how I see it, too We have no choice, but to wait till nighttime We can’t keep waiting soon time will be up for mom and dad and the devils will make them into Earwax soup with noodles This is our only chance Anyone have a better idea. Oh Just not you see That’s it your little job There we’ll put the rest aside for later Tomorrow morning, you’ll be receiving a package of gouda from Holland yes, but there’s nothing left in the royal coffins You have nothing to worry about your most excellent highness they’ll take your royal crown in exchange for it I Did not know it really breaks my heart Oh, please in my family for generations now as you wish your highness But you know how important it would be Oh come on soviets There, so please sign right here the agreement goes into effect tomorrow morning Good job. You lazybones until I tell you to stop it is a rare honor to make jesus from all I’m so tired Follow the last day and ah the old Glutton finally signed the contract I’m Gonna. Have you all executed The imperial Crown will at long last be mine. I mine all mine I Was really scared downstairs not even a mouse in sight? Get up now this isn’t the Devil’s mill. We have to find it before it’s too late No, we did it the Digital third type, this is a century Damn work Yeah beer Over which that no no, no stuttering brotherhood. What do you want you? Up up up up up What do you want here? Yeah, so kindly get out of here once you return Jamie and Katie to us you have no right keeping them in hell You’re stuttering is embarrassing you stutter in nearly every fairy tale – maya – we won’t take orders from you Iii, will put up with you shame on you ouch of that stuttering jerk Katie and Jemmye haven’t done Anything wrong kindly let them go no no no one’s Gonna Give us orders me not even if hell freezes over come on guys cut it out. We’re almost brothers I have horns too, then figure it out yourself The devils aren’t even what they used to be it being nice doesn’t work. We’ll have to be nasty What do you say darling, please please? Diamonds finally I’m going to beat you only thing you’re going to be there’s a rug sir sister better It’s drafty in here my milk could curl You hear that? Which one of you makes that devilishly good goat cheese? We all do In that case you all have to go to hell because as you can see I collect cheese makers And get the devil The charade is over come on come on darlings my heart Hmm. I can’t help you I’ll start with you your easiest to fold Sorry, what coward you are hurting a child stay out of my sight you monster My sister low right now stinky ah double bigs out of you One but wait until tomorrow you’ll be down surprised That wasn’t either a devil or a bat I can’t believe my own eyes neither can I royal cheese maker? Yeah, sometimes even the worst hell is here on Earth That was lucifer was it it? Why do you think that? He’s after us. We haven’t brought a living soul the hell in over a hundred years Yeah, if we don’t fight somewhat by Sunday only cotton swabs of us Mm-Hmm. I think I know a good candidate for hell, oh I assumed the throne in the morning finally I’ll be rid of all the cheesemakers once and for all The scoundrel if I were 200 years younger, I’d teach him a lesson I don’t think there’s a way that we can reach the castle by morning unless Never good, and it’ll conflict. We make sure the fanta gets licked. Whoever asked us to you will make me with McRoberts disappear when the Good knows we are on inside Dragons Giants lose the fight Scoundrels must get out of here villains will all disappear Aliens of the Reddish Hue will make Mincemeat out of you Will be rubbish disappear when the thought of interfere This night I see lights That was well. There’s a chance. We can get out of here in time. Let’s go gorgeous Finally, oh this will belong to me. I can’t wait Castle Also Beware a Secret Stash The castles being invaded by devils the gas is invaded by devils We hadn’t been found out hurry hurry hurry, so we make it a light the way I Need to say so but I’m running out of energy the magic is fading yeah, I’m sorry guys Couldn’t it have lasted a little longer? A suns coming up, we still have to get up that hill Hey calm Down Climbing the Hill will be a piece of cake Hurry up. He’ll hagin put a peg under him. Don’t try to light my eyes like the way You’re resting I like the way If Mr.. Broad starts rolling we’ll never find I feel like a dung beetle kid. There’s only you ate last Like I said piece of cake. No it was look water Stop drinking Mr.. Broad. We have to get up that hill not down. This is standard procedure When you make an omelet you crack a few eggs Then tell us how to get to the castle Mr.. Waters, right? I’m sorry to secrecy Okay, as you wish You some muscle gonna stop the armored man the arrow slits your majesty. We don’t have any arrow slits That’s no excuse don’t detain me I was high Thanks return the water later, please remember Mr.. Right like Forefathers brought back water here by the handfuls Download double tip advantage save yourselves the devils. Are you go what? horses medallions my alarm you So this is it or sir Here’s our water mister water Sprites excuse me majesty your majesty Tunnels have infiltrated the can where should I hide now if I can advise you majesty its darkest under the Candelabra ah the coronation hold hey Stay calm guys, it’s cool Duh this way keep quiet. Don’t worry. Just keep quiet. Keep quiet. I don’t know very quickly That was close come here Pal in last We didn’t plan for this as the back-up plan Go on I’ll solve them Now that I can see more clearly it appears. We are trapped this place is like Paris. It’s not smoky at all We have come to rescue Jamie and Katie your majesty. Oh So we’ve also come to warn you you’re in grave Danger Your majesty I have such good news for you the intruders have been ensnared to the dungeon with them Siren don’t believe our sorry there, they’re cold Wait, just a second your highness You’ve not yet eaten this delectable cheese aged goat cheese all the way from turkey Yes, take a whiff of this your highness Turkey my foot you shark Me a shark, but I don’t even know how to swim You kidnapped my whole family and now you’re cooing like a turtledove what a fool. I am. I nearly traded my home for you, Jesus arrest him If anyone comes near me. I’ll choke the king with his own cheese It’s nearly dawn in the morning the crown will be mine I will be king and give you what’s coming to you Once the cop cries your goose is cooked prepare. You congratulatory speeches. I demand flattery cry already I Have it all in black and white that old fool forgot me signed it. Yeah From now on I’ll be your king and whoever calls me her sir Will be a head shorter I had an awful Awful childhood The kids made fun of me said my head look like a horse’s they brought me off Him once they even put a saddle on me Now I’ll be the one who’s laughing Kill them and the cheesemakers, too Find it. We’ll do it. The good old-fashioned way It’s time for a little siesta If anyone comes looking for me. I’m resting so I’ll be fresh for the afternoon executions This situation wouldn’t have happened if cheese hadn’t blinded me now. Now sire. I’ll stroke your bald head This is completely my fault Do you wanna do? I’m asking you do you want to give up before we even start goat? Good. Do you want to whine like a little kid, but I am a little kid That’s no excuse you can do anything. You want remember whose daughter you are And now these are the tasks for next month punish every single one who laughed at me Outlaw horses What mama’s done my sister? Look a row you’re funny come this way, okay? you you What Hooda what up? How dare you what do you think you’re doing you little hole again little passionately horsey horse sir now You’re gonna really feel it what what did you say? What what is this? I can’t believe it come here come here come to me I’ll catch you come on. Come on. Come come on Get over here What’s this no? What is his name? see oh I want to go down to my mommy and in the you Need an internet out thanks. There’s a time lucifer’s waiting um Mommy Daddy Johnny Susie, Susie, where is Susie? Soozee Thou is Cool. HmM Considering your girl Johnny hi Mommy my Children oh No cheers were not in the contract and to me Please it is They hold their dreams like horses reins because new fear it causes pain. Oh, it’s you This is on me who could be a butyl parent nights and Mulder ever visit on the everyone here is oh You can cocktail cleaning that Without ever feeling better you might have saint peters dance get refreshed never has a chance You may not know what’s really true. No one will make mincemeat out of you Let me ask you. What makes your cheese, so deliciously heavenly goat it could be because it’s a little theory ah The rest once your work is done. The kingdom must not be neglected ha Hmm boys you oh

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