Ever wanted to learn more about the WRs that
you all missed in the last few weeks? It’s on this show: My RUSH Pa- oh, wait no,
shit, we’re gonna get sued! God-
So to open this episode today, we will go over one of the most recent world records
in one of the biggest games ever: Yoshi’s Cookie! Which got a world record for round one category
by konkuu 5 months ago in 2 minutes and 6 seconds. See? We are fast. We never miss a single week. Let’s kick off this episode with some juicy
WRs. What about another 70 star record by Dwhatever
in 47:08, two 1 star records by Dowsky who sits at 7:14, and two 0 star records by Dowsky
again who sits at 6:36. Moving on to Odyssey where Tyron’s insane
grinding has finally paid off. After many months of grinding, he finally
pulled off the first 58 minute run with a time of 58:59. This comes 6 months after the first subhour
time by NicroVeda, who remains 1 of 9 people to ever get a sub hour. (I hope I didn’t butcher your name, I’m sorry.) Despite the recent sub hour runs being aided
by the much faster loading times in patch 1.3, the execution in this run is still near
perfect, and we congratulate Tyron for bringing down the run by a whole minute. [various screams of excitement by runner and friends] Moving to the game where there’s green Mario
but for some reason people call him Link, Breath of the Wild. It had another massive record set by rasenurns. They obtained a time of 27:57 in the any%
category, beating sketodara’s previous record by almost 30 seconds. The run had great consistency and performance,
and some slight luck from getting an unloaded door, but some small time loss from loads
and mistakes means this run can still be beaten. For the next news, I don’t actually have a
script, it was stolen. But I think it was the highly popular Untitled
Goose Game has seen a honkin large amount of speedruns, which is why my script is gone. Glitches that allow flying indefinitely and
clipping through walls with props have allowed yisk to terrorise a community in only 2 minutes
and 24 seconds. (Can you please give me the script back? I need it!) Getting into spinny news: Crash Bandicoot! WhitePaaws has set the first ever sub 40 minute
time in the original Crash Bandicoot any% with a 39:57, beating the previous 40 minute
flat record by Tebt_W, and his own PB by 7 seconds. He had many previous runs on record pace,
even ones that died in the final couple minutes and PBs that lost 7 seconds, but he stuck
with it to break this major barrier. (Wind Waker did it better.) Getting back to our red plumber, a new strat
was found for Super Mario Bros 3’s All Fortresses run, which uses a wrong warp similar to the
game end glitch to skip to a later section in the game. This has brought down the record set by mitchflowerpower
6 months ago by almost two minutes, with Zikubi holding the record with a 43:30. Now for a truly violent game, and not just
Kirby. A massive new bug has been discovered in Grand
Theft Auto: San Andreas that allows running any line of script code, which allows the
player to warp to any mission they want to, including the final mission. This was explained in a Reddit post by Powdinet,
who noted that it could save over 3 hours in the 3 hour 52 minute run, but cheekily
ended the post by asking how many years it will take until the trick was pulled off. As people like to do, he vastly underestimated
the dedication of runners, and only a little after 24 hours later, Joshimuz became the
first person to pull off the glitch with a 1 hour 32 minute run. 3 other people have pulled it off since then,
including the original discoverer Powdinet holding the record with a 25:52 time. Unfortunately it is that time of year, and
we want to go over this real quick. [Games Done Quick] has been the source
of more controversy lately over the banning* of two speedrunners. One controversial, and the other a cheater. Trihex has unknowingly been banned since SGDQ
2019 but was not informed until the games list for AGDQ 2020, which was a very last
minute decision. He was banned until after AGDQ 2020 over the
usage of a homophobic slur from October of 2018, during a rowdy session of Mario Party
where he immediately and lengthily apologized and received a 30 day Twitch suspension. This left the issue of trying to [replace
him] in the accepted 4 vs 4 Mario Maker 2 race, where the runners were ultimately allowed
to pick anyone to replace him. For our second item of drama, the speedrunner
ConnorAce was called out by roninpawn for allegedly submitting a spliced record to GDQ
to get into the event. While Connor admitted to having the spliced
run and it being on the submission at some point in time, he stated that the run had
been replaced by a valid PB before the submission period was over, meaning it shouldn’t have
mattered. Whether or not he should have [had the spliced
run] there in the first place is up for you to decide, but the fact that his PB was never
submitted to the leaderboards until today has sparked some discussion about whether
GDQ should accept PBs that haven’t been accepted by leaderboard mods. GDQ has not addressed this publically, however
all of ConnorAce’s runs on the GDQ YouTube channel have been privated since shortly after
roninpawn’s initial allegations, and before Connor’s side of the story was fully shared. So after I finished recording all the other
things, Lexi decided to once again give me something new, and that is unfortunately that
there is a third controversy regarding the AGDQ, where the Final Fantasy 8 runners revoked
their run from the event. The run was set to be a coop run between 3
runners: Muttski, Tojju, and Luzbelheim (I hope I said that right), but 24 hours after
their run was accepted, one of the three runners was denied. Tojju had provided an invalid submission video,
so they sent in an old PB that was only 5 minutes over the 8 hour 45 minute estimate,
but received no response. They did another run with no practice and
easily got a run under estimate and sent that in, but were ultimately told that they still
couldn’t run. As a result of this poor communication, treatment,
and retroactive rule enforcement, the other two runners that were still accepted decided
to remove their run from the event, as they aren’t running if their friend isn’t running. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this,
and this definitely fuels the narrative that the GDQ team seems to not take into consideration
what to accept. They seem to accept while just looking at
the game more than at the run, and this has been kind of the case for quite some time
which is very unfortunate. They definitely need to step up their game
in this. For now we just hope that something just as
extraordinary as a run can come in to fill that gap because that’s 9 hours that still
has to be filled in one way or the other. On a more positive note, a new glitchless
Portal tool assisted speedrun has been completed by Jukspa, which uses save states and frame
perfect inputs to beat the game in 13 minutes and 30 seconds. It’s a great showcase of how even without
glitches, the game can still absolutely be destroyed, with complicated puzzles being
beaten in seconds through developer oversights. At the end of the video, thanks as always
to our Patreons who give us money. And to our sponsors: Dollar Shave Club, RAGE:
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points. If you’re lucky and a God and you know exactly
when we upload. Lexi can’t keep me here forever, right? Wait, where are the keys? Goddamn ghosts. Alright, take care and catch you all later. Bye-bye!

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  1. RUSH is back! Yaaay!! I'm going to work through GDQ, and I'm not watching until they figure out how to not be unfair in their runner selection process. So I'm counting on you to keep me up to date on the happenings again. :>

  2. I need to buy a new Mic. I'm sorry for my massive volume problems. It sometimes refuses to properly pick up my voice, meaning during recording you can hear when I put it near my mouth. Also sorry for the p and m sounds. Next month ;w;

  3. There’s been too much controversy around AGDQ for a few years now, idk if I can trust them being the big event for speedrunners anymore if the controversies keep coming

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