Everything is going fine and we are world
record holders, so… Yippee! We are currently at 10, 000 feet at 12 o’clock
on Tuesday now, Tuesday, the 8th of September.
Been flying since Saturday, the 5th of September,
11 o’clock at night and it’s now 12 o’clock, so you
can work it out, I can’t work it out. I think it’s 60 hours,
it’s just over 60 hours or so. And we’ve had our world record
for 2 minutes MUSIC So here we have the infamous port of Dover,
queuing for the ferry at Dover, having driven down
from Nottingham via a certain point to pick up
some life rafts and life jackets, so we are waiting for the
ferry to take the car across to Calais and then Germany.
Currently this is the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race,
the initial briefing in Geneva, we are in a hotel and
we are being told all the things we are going to have to
do and not do and this is the opening ceremony. We have
the FAI opening it. We are welcomed and the national
anthem of the FAI is being played. MUSIC The race is called the Gordon Bennett Gas
Balloon race and it’s the longest distance from where
they take off, so in this case it’s the longest distance
from Geneva. The balloons take off and they go wherever
they want to and they just end up, they can go over any
country they want to, within the rules, and they just land
the furthest distance from Geneva. We are in the preparation stage here, but
let’s move in for a closer look and see if they have any… We don’t have any…
LOUD BANG What was that? A balloon going up there… I thought a balloon must have over pressurised
and gone up, I didn’t hear a flame but I just
thought it’s got to be a balloon popping, but I couldn’t
understand the sound at all. And what actually happened was,
one of the pipes supplying the balloon with hydrogen
burst. And they are very, very expensive very well maintained
pipes, so it’s quite unusual for one to go but it did.
MUFFLED SPEECH Well here, we have all the sand bags on the
outside of the balloon. There is more than we are actually
going to fly with, but the reason there’s so many
is to stop, to make it stable, so it just won’t take off
on its own. MUSIC AND APPLAUSE So now, we’ve just launched, it was almost
immediately after launch , unfortunately, I couldn’t
show you the launch because I was busy, I had my hands
full. But now this is a view of Geneva, just after takeoff. I am flying with Anne Webb. Anne works at
Manchester University and she is a hot air pilot, she
does not have a gas license, this is her second gas flight
so for her it’s quite incredible. We have just flown through
the night and this is dawn just coming up over the French
coast. This is a place called Montpellier and then
we fly on to a place called Beziers, where we go out to sea
for one and a half days. So this is our view of land currently.
We didn’t realise till later that this was
going to be a very significant view because when you have flown
one and a half days you want to see the land and would
be grateful, so this is us about to leave land. We are looking at the Swiss team. This balloon,
I don’t remember exactly which one it was but I think
this is either the one that stayed with us and did
a very similar track to us or the one that ended up coming
second. I don’t quite know at this stage, I need to
look at this footage more, but anyway, this is another
balloon. We have flown I don’t know how many kilometers,
maybe 400 kilometers by this stage and there is
another balloon right next to us. But now we are over the sea, so all is calm
and the balloon is heating up, so it’s all a different
story really. So we’ve got past the, well you wouldn’t
say dangerous, but the place where you need to have a bit
more skill. During the day it’s a bit easier, so hopefully
we are going to sunbathe and relax now. So here we
are, we’ve got a view of the coast which is fantastic,
we didn’t have that view for a lot of the flight, most of
the flight, a lot of the flight, we didn’t see the coast. And
we spent, as I say, we went out I think it was about 7 o’clock
in the morning we headed out to sea and we didn’t
arrive back until the following day at about 4 o’clock
in the afternoon, so a lot of time spent over the
water and a very slow flight over the water as well, which
was fine until the last day, well, until about 2 o’clock
when we could see land but we were going painfully
slow towards it. We were going about 5 miles per hour and
I kept on thinking, what happens if the wind changes
and we have an offshore breeze and we get blown back out
again, but we made it, so that was fine. So this is how
we fly, we have the sand and the scoop, and we just throw
it out. And this is me ballasting a little bit of
sand. You can see that sea down there and at some point we ended
up being closer than we would like to the sea,
so we just throw some sand out. This is Lancashire hot pot with potatoes,
onions, carrots and celery. Have a look. Do have a look, it’s
quite saucy. Yum, yum, yum, yum! Sunday dinner(!) Well done. I think that’s the coast I can
see behind you. How are we doing? Well, I am not going to say anything, cause
it is the fatal last minutes but, we are still approaching
the coast which is good, so we do hope to be coming
across the coast which is a massive relief because we
have been over water since… forever!
LAUGHS Well this was sunrise but what was incredible
was that ridge line, I don’t know if it comes out
on the camera but that cloud was just flowing over that
ridge line and coming down the side of it like a waterfall,
like water over a waterfall, just incredible.
MUSIC So at this point we have just discovered that
we’ve broken a world record. It was 11:56 and apparently
the longest duration flight had been 60 hours
and something and we had broken that so this was a point
which was amazing in the flight just to know we had
broken a world record. We broke the world record for the
women’s world duration so we are the two women who
have been in a balloon for the longest time. We’ve had our world record for two minutes!
It is a ladies world record, so now we’ve got to
beat the men’s world record. I don’t know what that is
but I think it is considerably more so, so we’ll see about
that one. We’ll work on that Maybe for the next flight, we’ll go gently
PLANE ENGINE At this point in time, it was a couple of
minutes after we broke the world record, we heard this incredible
noise in the sky and it turned out to be an F 18 fighter
jet. And it had been sent up to come and signal and say
hello to us and congratulations for getting the world
record, but it was just incredible. We think our race control contacted the Spanish
authorities, told them there was two women in the sky
and one of my friends said that there was two
unescorted females, so the Latin blood said that they
had to go round us and have a look at us. So it was
fantastic, absolutely amazing. So here we are, still in the air, after 60
odd, 9 hours or something, and we have decided to fly on through
the night, but we started using ballasts, so I
suddenly decided to land, so I am sorry I could not
show you the landing but it was a very last minute decision.
And here we have it, we have landed in a field in Toledo
near Urda, in Toledo, Spain. Here we have the only
problem with my landing and I thought they were cows,
but of course we have landed in Spain, so those black
things at the end of the field are bulls. So here we
have the farmer and he has come out to protect us from
the bulls which was great. Amazing! 1000 and I don’t know how many
kilometers, 60, I don’t know how many hours of flying
and a beer from this wonderful gentleman. We discovered at the end that we had come
sixth, and we had flown for 69 hours and 22 minutes.
APPLAUSE So now we’ve landed, we’re safe and sound
and we are at the awards ceremony. We have driven all
the way back to Geneva and we are getting presented
with our certificate for sixth place and also congratulations
for having the world record.

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    But I actually think that they either had a box that they would use, or either some sort of compartment on the balloon's carriage that would allow one to defecate.

  2. Warm air requires some source of energy to keep it warm, and in the case of hot air balloons, that source of energy would come from burning fuel; which is a limited resource.

    But when you have something that is naturally buoyant to the surrounding atmosphere, it would be and is, a better choice, especially for prolonged flights.

    And as you can see, the balloon is made out of a certain material that prevents the hydrogen from escaping; giving this balloon enormous amounts of air time.


  3. Seeing as 'TrashPoet' has removed his comment out of embarrassment; I have taken the liberty to repeat exactly what he said; and what I replied to.

    "TrashPoet (1 hour ago)
    They are filled with Helium, which does not explode. Go get yourself an education."

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  17. @jacegil A balloon tends to be larger than most 20lb objects, thus the air resistance is more, for example when you take 2 sheets of paper and crunch one up, the crunched up one lands first despite being the same weight.

  18. @intermitrj there's never "free" energy. There is renewable energy, not free. Nothing in this world is free

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  21. @Soulrider2012 also wind resistance and air resistance are two different things, a balloon travels with the wind so whilst airborne there is no air resistance except when moving between different directions and/or speeds at different altitudes thus having wind hitting the top of the balloon differently to at the bottom as it climbs or descends between the different winds.

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