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Garlock thrives for over a century in Wayne County

“Mark: We are putting the spotlight on Garlock this morning. It’s one of the area’s largest employers in Wayne County. From Garlock, I am pleased to welcome to the program Pu DeMarco, who is a Manager for Financial Reporting and Analysis, along with David Campos, who is the Director of Sales. Great to have you both here, welcome. David: Thank you. Pu: Thank you for having us. Mark: David, let’s start with you. Tell us about Garlock. David: Well, Garlock is a primarily an engineering company. We’ve been manufacturing for over 132 years in Palmyra, New York. We focus on critical applications of fluid sealing products. So we’re seeing the petrochemical, chemical processing, pulp and paper, primary metals, really the industries that built this country. And in those critical applications, there’s aggressive media; caustics, acids, abrasives that flow through the pipelines. And ultimately what our job, our purpose really as a company, is to protect the people from the process, as well as keep the process operational, so that companies can function at a very high rate. Mark: We’ve got an example of some of the things that you manufacture right here in front of us. What is fueling your growth? David: Really it’s been a multi-stage approach for us. We focus a lot on being very close to our customers and our distributors. Trying to learn new problems to solve. Re-engineering our existing solutions. And right now we’re really focused on growing through acquisition as well. Mark: Pu, how can companies take advantage of what Garlock has to offer to grow their own brand, so to speak? Pu: Yeah, well, actually, actually we’re looking for opportunities to leverage our engineering, laboratory, and manufacturing capabilities as well as our global reach to the most challenging industry application around the world. We partner with local universities, other manufacturers, and companies, offer innovative solutions to solve market problems. Mark: Well you mentioned solving problems across the globe, and yet here you are right here locally. Over a century in business here. What is it about this area that has continued to allow Garlock to thrive? Pu: We have had local presence over 130 years. We’re a proud employer and community partner for the Wayne County with 550 employees. We continue…we look into this region for our talent. And we continue to build our partnership with local universities and colleges to find talent to fuel our growth in this region and also globally. Mark: There’s something about your company that fits with this region as well, isn’t it? David: We care as much about meeting our financial objectives as we do about growing our people. What that does is creates an environment where people want to work and they want to stay. I mean I myself have been at Garlock 14 years. Pu’s been there almost 10. So between the two of us and the different opportunities we’ve had within the company, it really keeps us grounded here, where we were founded. Mark: Let’s finish there. You mentioned opportunities. Might be looking to add more employees in the next little while here. What types of positions are available? David: Well we’re always looking to add great people. Primarily right now we’re looking at skilled trades. There’s a tremendous shortage of skilled trades out there. We’re looking at operation folks, people work on the factory floor. As well as of course engineers. Folks in IT. We’re starting to grow our presence in IT as well. So, really any good people would be great. Mark: Well, it’s great having you both in studio. Thank you for coming in and continued success at Garlock. Its great to share your story with our viewers. David: Thank you. Pu: Thank you Mark. Mark: If you want to learn more about the company, or about potential job openings as well, the web site is We’ll share that on our site as well, at” NOW ITS TIME FOR A

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