“I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you”- OH you know, Maybe that’s a little bit much there, maybe we should calm down a little bit, alright? [channel intro] “I love you so much that I even touch myself with the pen I stole from you” {Strong Voice} I JUST WANT TO PULL YOUR SKIN OPEN AND CRAWL INSIDE OF YOU!! I want you all to myself. And I will be only yours Doesn’t that sound perfect? (no?) Tell me, Jack Tell me you want to be my lover. Do you accept my confession? Umm.. No? .. but yeah? Does it matter? I don’t think it matters. Ahahaha. 🙂 [more laughing]>:) [maniacal laughter]>:D OH, fuck! Oh, Jesus What the fuck?! Jesus Christ, man Oh, God, was that gonna happen no matter what I picked? Ohh, that is sooo fucked up.. I mean, I thought she was gonna die by a knife and “cutting herself” (lol cooting) And I thought that Monika was gonna do it, but I thought- and I thought she was gonna be next But I thought it would happen off screen I didn’t think she was just gonna fucking stab herself in front of me out of nowhere. Does this text actually mean anything?>:( Is there dialogue in there that I’m just not able to see? Oh, that is messed up dude.. that really caught me by surprise [Jack’s fart sound fx] Well, I’m traumatized. I saw dlc in there, but I think that might just be a coincidence Doki Literature Club? Downloadable Content? Dead-loadable content? (Yeah that’s what it means} I really wonder what would happen if I tried to load. Oh shit, no. Not Auto This doesn’t mean anything to me.. Yuri, I’m so sorry She was my waifu! Of course, the two girls I kinda thought about between.. Yuri AND Sayori [SaYuri O-O] Both dead. Monika, you bitch ([Monika’s face RN] ;-;) [Pewdiepie’s turn] I love you so much I even touch myself with the pen I stole from you I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you [P] OKAY! *continues reading* I want you all to myself and I will be only yours. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Tell me, pewdsiepie. Tell me you want to be my lover. Do you accept my confession? [silent moment of contemplation] {Meanwhile in Pewd’s head} NO!>:D I clicked no.. I can’t- I can’t say yes to that Aha.. Ahahah.. Oh! nnooOOOOOO… Noooooo! No, no no no no no no… What was tha- ah god.. Goddamnit… I’m sorry, Yuri, I’m really sorry KK Lost Pause’s turn I love you so much I touch myself with the pen I stole from you I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you- OH you know, Maybe that’s a little bit much there, maybe we should calm down a little bit, alright? I want you all to myself. And I will only be yours. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Tell, me my McBride! Tell me you want to be my lover. Do you accept my confession? [silent moment of contemplation] You know what, yeah sure! Why not? Sure Ahahaha Ahahahahahah [more laughter] [slight gasp] [Lost’s mind] The F***!? [gets stabbed] [ding] Yah! :😀 oooooooooof *doge?* Wooooooooo ‘kay what the fuck? oohh.. Yeah, I totally get.. this I totally get, I- yeah right okay [beep] I love you so much that I can’t even touch myself with the pen I stole from you? I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you I just wanna wear your face I just want you all to myself, and I will be only yours. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Tell me, Scrubpai Tell me you want to be my lover Do you accept my confession? Everyone’s saying yes, alright we got lots- we got tons of yeses Haha Hahaha! OHH, no! Did I make a mistake- [sharp inhale] No! What?? Oh my god, oh my god this is crazy.. [beep] I love you so much that I even touch myself with the pen I stole from you.. I just want.. to pull your skin open and crawl inside you.. I want you all to myself And I will be yours Doesn’t that sound perfect? Tell me, Senpai! I’ll tell you anything!! The music’s stopped?! It started back up, it’s okay! It’s okay, right? Everything’s fine! The music’s back! MONIKAAA! Save me! Tell me you wanna be my lover Do you accept my confession? I DON’T WANNA CLICK ANYTHING Don’t make me click nothin’! It’s- Is she laughing at me? Ohh, god.. what do I do?! What do I do?! I don’t wanna click anything, leave me alone! Monika! Come back! I’m sorry I didn’t pick you first.. Uuhhhh.. I- I- It doesn’t matter, I’m sure.. I’m sure it doesn’t matter! Okay, I probably should tell her yes I mean.. If I say yes, she wants to get close enough to me to crawl into my skin If i say no, she’s gonna be like “BLAWRR” and stab me, I’m sure I-I’m screwed either way Monika, I hate you I said YES Ahahaha Now the music really did stop.. ..okay Hahahaha [clears throat] alright, happy, it’s cool, we’re fine.. We’re not de- dea- ooh.. Ahahahahaha! [more laughter] [maniacal laughter] OH WHAT? [cough] Wh.. WHAT? [nervous laughter] What just h..[wheeze] What?! Uhh.. I’m not dead! But she is.. I wonder what she’s saying to me I can’t- I can’t, tell.. jibba jibber jibber jibber jibber jibber sweet Jesus, save me, alright [beep] I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside!
Mat:[laughing] No! Nooo! Nooo [nervous laughter] n o
Steph: Mat! Steph: Is that so weird? Mat: I-I saw it in a Star Wars movie this one time! they did it with a WAMPA!
Steph: Ha! BE MY WAMPA, MATTYPATTY! BE MY WAMPA Steph: Do you accept my confession? Mat: Ohhh… this is a no-win situation. Mat: OHHHH the- nope!
Steph: Ohh, oh no.. Nooo
Steph: oh no.. Mat: Nooope!
Steph: I think we have to try and save her with a yes Heads yes, tails no. Okay.. Mat: Good- good catch. It’s in the couch
Steph: Whoops. I may have intervened. Okay Mat: Tails no Steph: Tails no Mat: Tails no, alright Steph: Tails! Thanks Chris! Here!
Mat: Oohh-kay Bloop! Hahahaha! [inhale] Hahahahahahaha! [sharp inhale] Hahahahahahahahahaha! [maniacal laughter] Mat: OH- Are you kidding me?!
Steph: AH! Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.. Mat: Ohh..
Steph: Oh, no! Mat: No! Are you kidding me?!
Steph: Oh no, oh no, oh no.. she’s stabbing herself Steph: Oh no.. oh no.. Oh no! Mat: Ohh!
Steph: Ohhh! Oh, no! Mat: N- Are you k-
Steph: Oh no.. Mat: Your- Steph: Oh my gosh, right there! Oh my gosh! Mat: No! Oh my- Steph: Oh, I thought she would just, like, disappear or something! [beep] [groovy music]

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  2. Yuri: I just want to cut you open and climb inside of you.

  3. Things you can notice in Yuris death:
    Her eyes turn grey
    Her blood turns black
    Her skin turns pale
    Because as time passes by she decomposes

  4. Cool thing, as the days go on while you're with yuri, things change. Yuri's cheeks become hollow and the blood becomes dry. Her eyes turn grey and her smile fades away.

  5. Monika:yuri…..i did this..
    Natsuki:everyone…please help us so we can save yuri…
    (I almost cried while i typed this😢😢😢)

  6. Кстати, кто не в курсе, то текст юри , когла она умерла имеет смысл… Там рассказывается вся история сначала… просто нужно скопировать текст этот и перевести код, приложение забыл :с …. Секретиков интересных много в оки доки

  7. Yuri's got stabbed in the chest?

    Don't worry…



  8. i was laughing at GTLIVES reaction then when i saw yuri stabbing herself my laugh went to sad face really FAST heres the emoji reaction for me ( 🤣Laugh-😐Frown-😥😯😢😭😨😱🤯Mind Blown and sadness )

  9. Everyone else: WHAT NANI

    Me: this is awesome
    Also me after 5 minutes: YuRi BeSt GiRl DiEd Of PaPeR cUt



  12. If u skip through the days fast you can actually see her start to decompose. She becomes snow white and her eyes lose color.

  13. do you guys think Yuri may be begging for help during that whole thing? notice it says her name at the top of the dialogue. and whenever that black effect appears over the text that's Monika speaking over the speaker, so Monika's probably covering up what Yuri's saying. also notice that Yuri didn't stab her heart. and this would explain why the colour in her eyes fade away over time

  14. Okay, we get it. There a lot of Flex tape jo- THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE! HOW ABOUT A LITTLE MORE?! * DELETE * NOW T H A T S A LOT OF DAMAGE

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