hello everybody hope you're having a great day here's Bob with another video to keep your boredom at bay and that rhymes this will be my first game of Thrones video represent in the north hope you enjoy it Game of Thrones is fantasy yes it's made of stuff but it's such excellent made of stuff that it has captivated millions of people millions sleep mobile one of the best things about Game of Thrones is that we not only have the main present story but we also have plenty of backstory history and lore twin doujin and it is so realistic you know in the fantasy sense that whenever we read it or hear about it it feels like we're learning about true events from another real world or like a parallel universe and well we can't help but dive into it to understand how it all came to be in this video we will be talking about Game of Thrones ancient history the chain of events that define this world of Ice and Fire the cousin effect responsible for this present story that we were so addicted to and for some context here's the world map that george RR martin created for us on the left side you can see that continent of Westeros and on the right side you can see the continent of Essos the dawn age is the oldest period of time that maesters and learned men were actually able to document in some way and basically the one thing that is clear is that Westeros was inhabited by two races that were non-human the Giants and the children of the forest no one really knows if they hated each other or not but they did dig up the bones of a giant and found obsidian arrowheads and it strips which shard the weapons set were believed to have been used by the children I have a question though how the hell did the children get their hands on obsidian if you can only be found in Valyria where there's volcanoes obsidian comes from volcanoes right was it a volcano in Western doesn't no one told me about or did the children have their own logistics business okay sorry back on track as far as we know the Giants and the children of the forest lived in relative confused in harmony until the first man from Essos decided to invade Westeros and take over the land that wasn't theirs even in fantasy humans suck why did they decide to invade I don't know humans always need to expand they were probably hadn't way too many babies and they had no more room for these babies so they needed more land to brace these babies and keep having more babies why am I talking so much about babies they should be glad I didn't have face because they would have broken it with all those baby pictures and yes you might argue that the quality of life sucked and people died very easily from anything so the birth to death ratio was probably balanced right unless Horan was a thing back then – which is entirely possible it must've been more wild and civilized right and I'm sure they didn't have whorehouses but come on what do you think what the entrepreneurs in that field and I get a feeling that the whoring back then was more like one man doing a lot of women instead of one woman getting done by a lot of men therefore I'm going to go ahead and say that the first men were wild and engaging in coitus without protection more often than they were dying and so my baby theory is complete now before I keep butchering gameofthrones history more than a maester on acid let's get back on track again shall we anywhere from eight to twelve thousand years ago the first men invaded Westeros by the thousands through the broken arm which was not yet broken there was a lot less water there and enough land to just easily walked over they of course started settling the land in South he started farming and prison villages but it wasn't until they started chopping down trees that they got in trouble with the children of the forest because some of these trees were sacred to them Avatar anyone or real world humanity for that matter these trees were called weirwoods and the children used to carve faces on them now that's not blood this is just red tree sap but the children believe that by doing this they were given their gods eyes to watch over them kind of creepy so cutting them this tree started a long as were the lasted about two thousand years the hunters among the children of the forest became their warriors and they fought as mentioned before with weapons made of obsidian but also some made of where would they had daggers Spears bows and arrows and such it's also believed but not proven that some of them could fight with magic many their wise men called doing seers the legends say that they were able to communicate with animals as well and go release the Kraken style on the first men but with a wider variety of animals that we're limited to see they could communicate across half around Delft until the past and see far into the future and even see events at a great distance through the eye scar from the weirwoods which gave the first men more reason to keep cutting them down the men fought with bronze weapons they were larger more powerful and more numerous so they were quite a threat throughout the years they were able to push the children back farther and farther north the legends say that in a desperate act survived the green seers gather at moat Cailin and working dark magic they were able to flood the arm of Dorne and turn the neck into a swamp but some party-pooper maesters claimed that this was most likely just a natural event the sinking of Len not magic their argument also stands in the fact that there was no point in flood in the arm if the men had already crossed it right makes sense but after all of these years of war a smart generation was finally born and they decided enough is enough we've been at this for 2,000 years things are not getting any better how about we just stop the children were loosing the first one we're tired and so the heroes and rulers from each race decided to meet up on the Isle in the God's eye which is this little thing over here and form a peace pact they also carved eyes in all the world woods on the Isle so that the gods could witness this pact it was decided that both sides would share the land the children were satisfied with living only in forest areas and swamps while the men were allowed to have the rest of the land but there was one condition the men had to stop cutting down the weirwood trees they both agreed to this and then the order of the green men was created to protect the isle and all the way with trees on the interesting thing here is that many years later the first men actually adopted these gods as their own and so this event Marty and at the dawn age and the beginning of the Age of Heroes which will be in another video but wait what the happened to the Giants no one ever mentions them in this war I mean what starting the war was cutting underwear with trees and I guess the child's don't really care about God's and weirwood trees so they didn't really have anything against the man and they had no reason to aid the children but after doing a little bit of research I did find out that the its belief that the first men hunted Giants if I were a giant I would find that pretty bothersome and if I didn't have the numbers to find the men back I would do what makes sense play it safe and retreat and I guess that's what they did right because you can't really find Giants anywhere but notice that the wall at these days and so that's it for now guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to watch more videos like this and you don't want to miss out on them you know what to do the button is somewhere around this page I'm not even going to put it on the screen you're you're smart enough to find it on your own oh there's also Twitter and Facebook double punch

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  1. I thought I had subscribed to you a while back but realized in a colab video you did I did not! I love your accent and you are just brilliant! I dont do this with all Subs but I actually went back to your first videos and stared from there and I know you are millions of subs, videos, and comments later but I noticed you answered your own question in your video about the children and dragon-glass. That was when the continents were still connected. So even if all three stayed in their own area it was connected and knowing the children and their under rooted cave systems they probably had a direct underground route to the “other side “ That or the hot springs theory under the Winterfell Crypts is really a volcano!

  2. You're my new favorite and I am sending you positive energy to help you get thru overload! You have to have fun personal time. How does the saying go "all wrk & no play… blah,blah,blah". Just read your sweet apology vid. You are so sincere. Belated birthday wishes. You do ALL THIS AND YOU'RE SO AWESOME. SENDING GOOD VIBES 💃🕉☮🎂🍨💛❣

  3. Long before the Dawn Age the planet could have looked much different, plate tectonics and what not. So, there could be obsidian in the ground from a long ago dormant volcano. I think Winterfell was built over a hot spring and has natural heating from that. Hot springs are where there is volcanic activity. I think, I don't know, maybe not. My point is there are many different reasons that the children could have had Dragon Glass.

  4. Dear Miss Val,

    Are you doing GOT Ancient History Part 2 ? I keep coming here for the past 6 months to check whether its out or not. GOT Ancient History part 2 just as you said you would make the 2nd video : /


  5. what did u do at 7:11 "Anyway!" cut scene, drink a potion of "how to get a hot instantly"? 🙂 Btw first time at ur channel. Loved it. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. New fan here! I've seen your name on the Game of Thrones videos and you were in our GoT/Westeros Slack for a minute, but never actually got a chance to see your videos until now! To answer your question, and it might seem obvious after I mention it, Dragonstone is likely where they got the dragonglass/obsidian (and it's my belief that that is how it got its name). Dragonstone does happen to have an active volcano on it named Dragonmont, beneath which likes much obsidian. Also the children of the forest may have originally come from Essos, perhaps crossing at the Arm of Dorne. It's my interpretation that prior to coming to Westeros they lived in the Kingdom of the Ifequevron, and were known as such (wood walkers).

  7. the only thing I can't figure out is how come when I stick my finger up my butt and pull it out my finger stinks? I've ran hundreds of experiments and the same thing happens Everytime. It's a mystery why this happens.

  8. I feel silly that it took me so long to discover your channel, but now that I have I'm a big fan, love what I've seen so far and looking forward to more! 🙂

  9. about obsidian,
    i think it based upon the real life obsidian glass which is basically formed silaeceois(uh…. contacting lots of silica) material at high temp cools down very fast. so if it's anything like the real one, there are multiple sources like volcano, even dragons…dragon fire…i think is very hot…i remember Somone mentioning there were dragons in westeros long beck….just a thought

  10. there could be remnants of long extinct volcanoes,or just volcanic activity, which would have created obsidian. As you know, rock lasts for a very long time, so it need not be fresh.

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