so man pacing is a different beast here we go 5k record on the line and we are off here we go a 5k record and the Canadian record is in the cards right now so they're looking I mean the first lap obviously they're you know it can be up it can be down but the first 800 they want to be at 207 so we'll see how this the the pacer goes it I think they want a negative split it they do want a negative split so pacer out early and then you can see cams tuck into second rich Peters in third rub for two laying a five and I don't get the first split did you know but you know I was just going to say this mark when you're a pacer you can't worry about having to be up front right away into 200 you know that that first lap you don't necessarily have to make that gutsy hard move right away to get up front let everybody get their nerves out and then slowly push your way up to the front and then lock in that pace but the thing is the most nervous person here is the pacer 62 for the opening 400 so they want to be at 63 5 and they're at 62 8 so we're looking good settling in I'm not sure how long this first pacer is going to be there but I think rich Peters hangs in until 3k and then the rest is up to Galen and cam and Chilango is doing the whole deal I don't know I assume so he's not in pacer position no he's not training would been true not too far away from Boston 134 through 600 one last note you can buy the organ project singlet gear singlet shorts and hats go to organ organ project Nike organ a full kit for just 90 bucks not bad you get a discount if you there's first 75 there's 75 kids let's sell those kits out what they're wearing right now is what you get and you can not even wash it you get actually Galen Jersey 206 perfect they wanted to be at 2:07 oh look yeah look Rose like okay yeah you guys I'm not gonna do happy yet so they're locked in here and you know what they're not that bunched up and that and that's an issue to you don't want to be stepping on somebody's heels and that's why Galen is just a Titch to the outside off of cam shoulder a Titch at it a skosh if you will I don't know any either of those mean yeah who's our number six here that's okay so that's Ruben Csonka is this it as world away he's got a 1356 he are not six Taylor Gillen Taylor Gillen on a chest 1414 is his seat I'm 238 exactly where they want to be locked in this is guys are doing a good job paste in here to link is just going uh yeah sure this is this I'll just I'll just hop on this train thank you very much he's smooth don't think that to langa and Galen don't have a little bit of right so long it out so many times on the cross-country course we go ahead to Oregon and Liberty right yep 3:10 right on pace we want to be at 342 for the next split this guy's killing it it's doing great and I mean and dick Peters has had some pretty good 3k and especially mild credentials to his name and this is his home track he's not gonna overwhelm he was there when Galen was due boom lock it in 342 Dickey P was rich Peters was at the workout last year at BU he was right next to Alberto want watching Galen on the treadmill he knows what's at stake here I'm sure I'll Bertos been in his year I don't think he'll let this pace falter I don't have as much confidence but it's always a scary thing all right they want to be able 4:14 here boom fourth oh nice as you see a gallon or alberto yell to Galen or Cam chin up okay you know every every little form where your head placing if you're looking down you're bending your shoulders go Alberto is on all that well it specially you can't just head down and lose track of time I mean before before you know you're going to step on some of these heels you're going to be out of it for two seconds and boom balls are gone picks up a little 4:45 Wow 4:45 75 they want in there for 45 45 it's strung out perfectly right now Galen I feel Galen you can sense he's a little bit uncomfortable he's antsy you know yeah he's getting he's hitting in Cam's back straight about and cam looks good but I'll say this camp always looks exactly like this no matter how much he's hurting 5:17 right on paste okay 5:17 man rebate ago that the thing that scared me about this was one Mitch wrote that no one's ever run 13:07 in January oh I read that I was like so early I read that and I was a little scared about this but you know what time but you know what Gailen fell short at World Championships last year I bet he was a little bitter and I bet he was ready to just hammer training as soon as you could I know but that's like that's the history of the world January 549 so now there's a little more space between cam and no they keep on there's a little bit of obviously tension Peters is swinging out wide a little bit now I think he felt that cam was getting on his heels a little bit too much and he let him in I hope Peters well Peters is falling back now oh man not so Gillen so we have our man Taylor Gillen still leading the charge the sky is killing it they wanted to be at 6:21 in or at 6:20 nice Peters is gone boom he got blown up well at least you was conscious enough to just make the move and let him move to langa still just chillin both of them talking they're all just chill they also look very comfortable they're just so antsy you know they're not usages it is locking in splits like this alright 52 all right I think I rabbits gotta move yep I was just gonna say he's looking to tie up man came in to leave that was an awesome job rabbin e but now it's now it's the organ project boys can they do it I don't think there's any more cavalry huh it's going to be just them so again 13:07 that is the American record let's example anga as I is loving it right there II look at eating race for him 723 they're on pace here they're picking it up because that that last lap they went from off paced under pace by second so they the plan was to be hit 756 and then start picking it up I think they picked it up about a lap earlier let's see where they're at here they're going to be under 756 definitely oh man they're going to do this 755 locked in 1307 is it in the cards as the fans starting to get louder here everybody's starting to get antsy right now cam Levin's look smooth could campy Galen could even could the Canadian record be fastened to the American record at the end of today I don't think so but you know anything's possible as Alberto said in that video if you don't go after records you'll never have a chance to break them two miles here 26 826 sorry Alex it's picking it up the energy it's just growing quietly ambitious is the whole crowd right now they got disappointed in the first race they don't want to go out on a limb yet these guys starting to lap some runners here I think I get out of the way there you go good on them got out of the way boat trip get out of the way all right it's a 858 that was a little slow these guys gotta move kala a little he got antsy that was slowing us all right with that pass a little bit wrong central it handles raised here we're gonna have a race trial they're not gonna give up that's why they he's gonna break this record is cuz it's gonna be your race yes Sam Jenga makes this record right now I agree whoa love fest a slugfest between Ruffin Chilango gotta love it 9:28 they are under pace whoo talega looks good yes look really good are we at Terre Haute hahahahaha Laverne Cox country the flames worse the Ducks locked in and look at this Gailen stride really starting to open up now this is gonna be fast this is this is they're going to go sub 1305 oh man they're 958 on it whoa there two seconds under right now nobody's run this fast this early that's why it's a record oh man they're battling I love it this is why it's going to get broken right here Galen and Chilango Oh bitter old rivalry look at this people on the track gotta love it we need to be a 1031 1028 they're gonna do it cuz can't Sam beat Galen here oh man I just I don't think so Galen still got that you know that 53 type speed that he can drop at the end of a 5k I've never seen that from Chilango I've never seen it but he has been working with been true and he's got that strength factor right now Wow this is it it's going to happen folks it's going to happen 10:59 yes like grimace oh the energy go and there's a gap here it is gap to langa cake Chilango respond man I wonder what this eight hundred splits going to be chilling is not done man Galen Rupp opens it up swinging into the homestretch now Jelena's holding on to laying around on here three laps to go 1129 Luke 1129 there are about 1305 pace right now he looks good he looks smooth he doesn't look great but it looks like he can hold this Wow we want to be at 12:04 for 1307 pace we're coming up on 400 meters to go here there is about a 15 meter gap now sigourney oh go to the arms Galen 400 years ago it's 12 flat 12 lat he's got 400 to go Katy break 13 1 no he's a cool kid 13 I mean you break 13 here what he's at 15 second line not 100 he's got to drop like a 28 on his last lap he might break 13 here for the arms look at that this screw 1307 we want 1259 go for it 13:30 12:30 Thiago 29 he'll break round always looking back come on gala how we starting to tie up down the backstretch we go gala rub going to smash the American record of their time gonna get it oh wow 12:49 1250 come on a little home stretch he's he's trying to gather all the finish lights right there they go faster though 13 flat 13 flat 13 oh wow Marty no one dare a new American record act by six seconds can rub compassion – Wow some mash is that American record almost breaks 13 in mid-january cam just finished as you saw July 13:04 Wow 13:04 for killing 13 19 oh we got the USA champ chance Cuse me Wow

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  1. Wow this makes me realize how lucky I am to get to run on tracks like B.U. And Reggie Lewis as a high school kid who’s from New England whose division rents out the facility for meets

  2. My best mile time(which is also my most recent mile time) is 5:48. Any tips on how I could improve that?

    I'm in 8th grade btw

  3. Shalanga was only 2 seconds off Rupp's time of 1302 coming in around 1304 or so. But it is significant for a white dude to run this kind of time.

  4. Gotta love how everyone respected his race and let him pass on the inside la e instead of making him do extra work when he lapped them.

  5. Seemed like the slower runners that Galen was lapping were getting in the way a bit. I wonder if he could have run faster if they had not been there. He might have gone sub 13 min maybe. He made a brilliant run of it. His face looked so tired at the end. I really enjoyed watching this…but I wish that one commentator wouldn't do a high pitched "Wooooh!" and damage everyone's ears…ha ha. At least they were informed.

  6. Yea, but I bet he can’t beat me! I got a 20:54 on an outdoor course. Every course is different so we will never know i guess

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