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From vital forests to a salty desert in only one century

Hello everybody, we are at Wave rock. In particular in a lakes ecosystem that now, as we see, they are completely dry and salty Only 100 years a go this ecosystem was completely vital Plenty of life, plenty of reptiles, birds, crustaceous other form of animals, but now it is completely dry and desertic What did it happen? In the last 100 years there was a massive clearing of vegetation this massive clearing was done for agricultural purpose In fact we are in one of the most important area for the production of wheat in the Wheatbelt But the lost of vegetation caused the lost of the roots system in the first level of soil Extensive planting of grain caused the lost of the roots system In fact the grain wasn’t anymore able to absorb a lot of rain water In this way the rain water reached directly the deposit under the top soil the deposit of salt the rain water dissolved the crystals of salt in the deposit Mixing all together, this solution surfaced in the upper soil And that’s why these lakes became salty and desertic This is an example that how the massive agriculture without an “agroecological” vision is able to produce a real damage We wish that ecology will be taken in account in all the agricultural practices Thank you very much for your listening and see you next time.

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