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Free Guy Official Trailer : 20th Century Fox

[Music] [Music] Mondays my right show you said it guy don’t have a good day have a great day hey bud you ever think that there’s got to be more more than what stuff we do day after day being shot at run over taken hostage today’s gonna be different hi this isn’t you you don’t do this man [Music] he’s just resting please if that man is dead Wow [Music] is this what recreational drugs feel like guy this one it’s a video game and it’s full of bad guys I’m a rule breaker I’m a rheticus maker we need you to be the good guy [Music] Wow giddyup is that a Glock in your pocket know what it’s two bucks [Music] [Music] I’m not gonna be the good guy I’m gonna be the great guy okay well enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity you go

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