everybody went straight into their own houses except for Malta who's already being super creepy out here by herself what you doing girl she's like you know just just plotting welcome back to the sims 4 Doki Doki literature club theme and as always you guys jumped right on the chance to find some awesome custom content from all around the Internet's to send me for this series and I'm super excited for a couple of them that you sent me that I had no idea about first up a couple of you sent me hair that was specifically made for the Doki Doki literature Club girls so kind of sad I put so much time into trying to recolor other hair if I had known about this hair to begin with I would have saved myself a lot of time let's take the bow off because the hair comes with it and let's see what this looks like oh my god Wow alright I'm after each shape or face a little bit it's making her head look real round with this but this is the exact hair of Surrey from the game so although her hair won't look as realistic that's okay with me because I want them to look like the anime girl versions that they're supposed to be so you guys don't mind alright there we go exact hair color and bow and everything I'm gonna leave everything else the same but her eyes some of you guys sent me a link to the actual eyes of the tokidoki simulator girls so hearsay worries oh my gosh they're so cute some of you guys also sent me the actual japanese schoolgirl shoes and they have the color I need all the girls have these white and baby blue shoes and there's the new and improved Tori next comes Yuri here's Yuri with her exact hair and exact eyes and shoes and next is nut Sookie which I'm actually really excited about for her hair because I could not find her exact hair anywhere new and improved Natsuki and lastly Monica oh my gosh so much better there we go now they all look a lot more like their in-game selves perfect thank you guys so much for sending the custom content and last episode I ran out of time but I wanted to add their other outfits so I will be right back alright I'm ready to show off their outfits that I made however while I was making them I got some more awesome custom content thrown at me in the tweets one was from tea drawer 3 won 3-0 thank you so much for sending and making the Doki Doki girls hair and clothing however I got that after I already put all their hair to this I did test it out but as you can see it messes really badly with the eyelashes and I might keep the more cartoony style hair just because it makes them look way more anime but thank you so much for making I will link tee drawers Twitter in the description below in case anybody is interested in the more realistic style hair but because it clashes with the pretty eyelashes and I want a more anime cartoony look I'm gonna keep this hair but tiara also made the actual doki-doki literature club outfits which I will be using thank you very much for that and here it is take off your bow there we go she looks so perfect so thank you so much for that tea drawer I could not find this outfit anywhere and now for their secondary outfits ah Monica doesn't really have one I thought I saw one floating around but I don't know if that was a mod or a fan-made one so for now this is her outfit for every single outfit she sleeps in this she swims in this she lives in this outfit I did notice though and I didn't really see too much of in the comments so maybe you guys didn't notice but Monica's thigh-highs are actually black not white I don't know why I didn't catch that and her shoes are also different so here we go and her shoes her pink there we go and now she looks a little bit different than the rest of the girls she is different than the rest of the girls all right this is her all-day everyday outfit then let's go to C or E I know say Ari has her outfit open but I only got the closed one so this is gonna be good for now and here's say or he's out of school outfits I know her top is a little more pinkish but it kind of clashed with her hair so I've made it more of this pinkish orange e color and made her shoes match and I gave her one other outfit which is this outfit which is from the really disturbing hanging scene so yeah but I mean she does own this outfit so I get I gave it to her that's gonna be her sleep outfit and any outfits I don't point out I'm just going to make like her formal is gonna be this party is gonna be the same as this one oh and swimming I did give her a bathing suit I just gave her a blue one to match her eyes and Natsuki let's fix you there we go and Natsuki is out of school outfit is this I could not find the little kitty cat shirt exactly smudge gave her the white t-shirt and the pink little cutesy poopy skirt and matched her socks and shoes and then the only other outfit I did was a swimsuit which is this cute little white one and last but not least Yuri there we go Yuri's outside of school outfit is the big turtleneck sweater and those like black pant legging things and then I just matched her shoes to her hair and her bathing suit I just picture her as wearing a black onesie oh no pretty simple and yes we have completed them I always feel like my series I start off making them one way and then you guys give me just amazing content and then they look even more amazing by like the second or third episode so thank you so much guys I really appreciate it and if you're ever looking to send me stuff you should send it to my Twitter it is much easier for me to get links over there and the last thing I'm going to change is I never really set up their voices with their walk also a lot of you said that I should make Yuri insane but she didn't become insane until later in the game when Monica started messing with her game file and some of you pointed out that Sarah wasn't depressed until Monica came in and messed with her but I'm pretty sure she said she's had depression for a long time I think Monica went in and just made it way way WAY worse but Yuri was definitely not insane until later on in the game so I'm not gonna put insane but somebody gave a good example that she's not really a snob but maybe more so a perfectionist and I agree I like that about her and it'll be a little bit nicer than her being a snob but anyway I'm gonna start with nuts zookeepers and I'm gonna give her a really cute little voice Lane oh that's definitely her voice and she's had a cute walk I'm gonna give her a tough walk because she tries to act really tough even though she's super cute so I can imagine her trying to look tough even though she's not all right Yuri you're he's gonna have a deeper voice Puka Noi oh no no no Aaron boyish annoy yeah there we go to me that later all right I guess I'll just do a normal one for her nothing the other ones fit her Jared Monika Oh a double yeah hers is just kind of like a normal and her style it's gonna be super feminine cuz she's the popular pretty girl and lastly say Ori is simply gonna be sweet come on oh yeah it's cute hmm she's perky she's also goofy she's also tired bouncy I guess I'll do bouncy because she always seems really happy and bubbly and stuff even though she's not on the inside all right and now we can finally start all right and here they all are they look so cool it looks like I have anime characters in The Sims this is gonna be an awesome series I can feel it already and this episode is pretty much just getting everything set up most gonna add some stuff to the houses that you guys suggested in the comments of last episode we're gonna lock the protagonists door for now until I add him so I think for now I'm gonna lock all the doors to the houses except for the girls that are supposed to be in that house but not Sookie okay I just locked all the doors and I just claimed all the beds for each of them so they know where they're supposed to be a lot of you suggested putting a piano in Monica's house which I agree I think I also need to put one in the school so I'm gonna put it out on the balcony right you also said that URIs should have knives in her room whitshire I'll do that which fine I'll give you that let's see if I can find something also a lot of you said URIs room was shown in the game fun fact it it was the protagonists room not her room same what Natsuki it was not NAT Sookie's kitchen it was the protagonists kitchen I look at the details you know oh look at that perfect there there right above her writing err yeah happy and that's good enough I want to start playing see where everybody goes everybody went straight into their own houses except for Moloch who's already beat super creepy out here by herself what you doing girl she's like you know just just plotting nope there she goes they literally all just went into their houses to either watch TV or play on the computer girls so I tried tinkering with the go to school mod again and it's still not working so if anybody finds any way to get it working with the new Sims mod packs and updates and whatnot that caused it to not work please let me know on Twitter so I can fix it because that would be fantastic if I could go to school again like I dip to the yandere simulator series but first things first anyway this episode we need to make the literature club and actually a couple people suggested maybe I should try to take over all of the different clubs and that might be a good goal to try and achieve just turn them all into literature club clones that literature club takes over but for now we got to make the first official literature club I don't know if it'll fit oh it did the doki-doki literature club I know it's just the literature club but for the sake of this series we're gonna call it the dopey one and of course the book will be our icon alright so I couldn't copy and paste the whole description from the actual game but I did hi Monica here welcome to the literature Club it's always been a dream of mine to make something special out of the things I love every day is full of chitchat and fun activities with all of my adorable and unique Club members and that's pretty much all I could fit from the description invite-only Club hangout is of course the high school Club requirement teenagers only Club activities reading writing give speeches you know cuz they have to prepare for the festival and that's good enough perfect congratulations Monica has successfully created the doki-doki literature club club now it's time to croute new members and hit the town alright so sorry is vice president so we are gonna go recruits a ory first how convenient we live right next door to her let's go talk to her she's just running over hello say worried would you like oh wait no we did we're not inviting her yet we must we must create a little bit of a friendship first you're so cute it's like all the stuff you didn't see before the Doki Doki games Lubich keep getting to know each other I think they're good enough to invite saiary to the club and her except she's a bit close by to club like invite to lick Doki Doki literature club are you kidding it love to join yes you will now be vice president say hurry now come with me say Ori we need to add at least two more people to be an official Club right let's go to Yuri's house she must be upstairs yep reading of course homework complete wow what a good student alright let's add her you don't really need to be as close with her as we were with say Ori fight to Club the body I could just go into the bathroom ask her to join the club yup did she accept what's going on yay and then Monica takes a selfie all right off to get the last member all right there we go Yuri why did you bring peas what are you doing why did everybody just disperse no no no no no stop going to your electronic devices we need to go no we need to go to nut Sookie oh she's standing outside play bad she wanted to say hi Monica is here we're sorry come on everybody's gonna be here oh my gosh everybody's here this is so cute alright Monica and fighter yeah I'd love to join we have our club look at us we're so cute alright our first official meeting will be tomorrow wow you're you just left your bowl on Sookie's doorstep you so mean alright a first official meeting will be tomorrow after school everybody get some rest actually everybody do their homework except for Yuri who already did hers fine I'll clean up Yuri oh my God look at this Yuri awesome Wow shut up mac and cheese in the bathroom to hear Europe your mess good say or he's doing homework Sookie's doing homework Monica's doing homework and you're he's already bed baby laughing in her sleep she's also like the bed with makeup lips yeah everybody's completing their homework good job girls and it's midnight she should probably all go to sleep everybody's sleeping except for Monica who apparently doesn't need to sleep because she's the devil but that's okay cuz I think that's gonna be it for this episode of The Sims 4 doki-doki literature Club I'm sorry I know I bet you guys wanted to go to school today with us but uh next episode guys next episode I'm afraid this episode might be too long because of all the detailing that I fixed but hey the club is formed look at this look at this doki doki literature Club in The Sims 4 is official so our first school day and Club meeting will be tomorrow I don't think I'm gonna do any type of strict ruling just yet like strict rules for the game except that I think each time they meet at the club they need to up their writing or reading skill probably writing skill more so and then when they're at home I'm gonna try and focus on Natsuki upping her baking skill Monica upping her piano skill Yuriy upping her and maybe upping her reading skill if I'm focusing on writing at school actually sorry I don't know what skill to up for her we'll figure it out we'll figure it out yeah I'm so excited for next episode for our first club meeting in school day as always guys if you made it this far in the video make sure to leave a like before you go leave me comments below on some ideas for the series if you guys like the new hairs or not if you like what I did with their outfits I'm so glad they have the actual uniforms now Oh Sookie's is so cute I of course do read your comments that's where a lot of these changes came from subscribe your canoe to the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always I will see you guys soon

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  1. Poem for each of the members of the DDLC

    I have a best friend, I love him with all my heart
    But what he doesn't know, I'm falling apart
    I'm feeling so sad, im dying inside
    I cant handle this anymore, I'm going to commit suicide…

    I like to cook cupcakes, the members like them a lot
    But when he came to this club, he says that I'm cute, well im not!
    My dad doesn't like me, he abuses me at home
    My dad will not like him, I need to leave him alone

    So quiet, so calm,cant wait to read some horror
    A new club member?,can't wait until we are together
    I need him in my life,when did my addiction began?
    One day I will get his heart, but for now I will have his pen

    Sayori has a friend,can't wait to meet him today
    He looks so handsome and nice,I will make sure no one will get in my way
    I will make their lives worse to make sure I have him, in time
    But just beware because in the end he will be mine!

  2. Sees yuri knives calls 911
    911: 911 what is your emerge-

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