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For The Record – a great New Zealand documentary featuring, among others: dr. dub vinyl recording

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  1. Most vinyl mastering engineers nowadays don't cut that good. I'll take an 70's 12" over the new vinyl pressed any day!

  2. 7:10 "TheVinyl does not allow really square waves."

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  3. These are the people that make me smile!
    These are the people I want to hung out with!
    These are the people who make me happy!
    I could totally work there!!

  4. I think it's not really fair to compare digital to analog because it depends on the equipment being used. 

    I've seen comparisons of vinyl to a high end DAC on the same system and there was little difference between the two.  The turntable/cartridge/phono pre amp was around $150K and the DAC and transport was around $50K and they both sounded pretty darned close. So, it boils down to what equipment you're using and the condition of the record, etc..  if the record is worn, dirty, or has a lot of static and the cartridge is worn, then vinyl sounds far worse.

  5. have you ever checked smoke under a microscope? theres tons of other things on the master, but definitely not the smoke. even if you blow the smoke on a virgin laquer you wont see it und 200 times magnification – and trust me i'm an engineer 🙂

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