I bet you thought some NBA records couldn't be broken like 72 wins in a season yeah that turned out well then there are some records that are absurdly unbreakable especially in the NBA which like baseball has been an evolving league I mean in the early days players were not permitted to dunk for Christ's sake mostly because they couldn't even the three-pointer is a relatively new thing so is tanking oh well anyways here are five unbreakable NBA record number five Kareem abdul-jabbar scoring record there is very little that Kareem abdul-jabbar hasn't accomplished a six-time NBA champ three-time NCAA champ 19 time all-star karate master and airline pilot wait a minute I know you you're Kareem abdul-jabbar Kareem has done it all and his 38,000 387 career points is likely a record that will stand the test of time Kareem Bourne Lew Alcindor has a ton of things going for him to preserve this record number one he played 20 seasons and averaged 24 points a game he also was a tower in the middle and had a devastating skyhook that really just couldn't be blocked Karl Malone is next on the list with 36 thousand nine hundred and twenty eight but his body wouldn't let him get towards the record LeBron is the highest active player with twenty 8787 but as a swing man it's going to be difficult for him to continue to score like he currently is as he gets older personally I think the record is safe until the next great Laker comes in and starts bawlin number four Rasheed Wallace 41 technical fouls in a season to say Rasheed Wallace had a bad attitude is an understatement in 2001 Rasheed literally got teed up every other game as he must have constantly whispered into the refs ear that his mother was a whore all season what get out what's really unbreakable about this record is the fact that second place on the list is Antoine Walker with 23 and now the league issues a suspension without pay after 16 texts and every tech after that is a one game suspension thereafter so under this rule said she'd would have gotten hit to his wallet about a quarter of his annual salary though telling a ref he is a bitch might be worth it number three Michael Williams 97 straight free throws probably the biggest misnomer in sports is the term free throw as it's sometimes can be very challenging here however on the flip side some players were good enough to hit them with their eyes closed but nobody has been as good as hitting them consecutively as Michael Williams who hit 97 straight in the year 1993 spanning two seasons and 19 regular-season games the previous record had been 78 by Calvin Murray which he obliterated I'm also really surprised someone like Mark Price or Larry Bird or John Stockton or Jeff hornacek or Craig Ehlo doesn't have this record number 2 Wilt Chamberlain single-game scoring record 100 wilt the stilt was known for scoring hail but probably the record he has known the most for is a single-game scoring record of 100 which he said way back in 1962 against the Knicks what's interesting about this record is that there is no footage of him scoring 100 out of his team's 169 points on route to the victory so we are left to assume that all the Philadelphia Warriors did that day was feed the stilt down on the low block and let him score in his much smaller opponent however this isn't entirely true as the Knicks enter he was matched up against was 611 Darryl Imhoff give credit to the still this was no easy task the closest anyone has come to the record was of course Kobe Bryant who scored 81 points in a game in 2006 in probably Kobe's favorite game of his career as he got to live out his dream of taking nearly every single shot in a game and not having to app even he said after scoring 81 points that 100 in a game is impossible also we'll never took a photo like this number one Bill Russell 11 Championships Bill Russell and the Celtics didn't use to have a dynasty they had an empire and from 1957 to 1969 bill created a legacy and became the only player in NBA history to have to pull his pants down to count two how many championships he has because he has 11 including a stretch from 1959 to 1966 where he won eight straight that's just absurd to think about how dominant that is when the goat himself and the measuring stick of goat miss MJ has six and as bron-bron is finding out winning rings is very very hard so let's look at why this record will never be broken one it was in an era before the salary cap so super teams could be kept together longer – there were only eight teams in the league in 1959 and fourteen teams in the league in 1969 the last time Russell won and the playoffs were only one two three rounds three the leave wasn't rigged as bad as it is now and for Russell was really really good no other player besides Russell's teammates has more than seven rings as a player and big shot bob has the most of any non Celtic with seven of course LeBron could challenge for the record as he laid at that out for us one time not two not three not cool not five not six not seven agree with my list I think I left any off leave a like comment and subscribe and don't forget to follow me on Twitter at Five Points vids I'm five points vids and you made it to the end of this video

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  1. Please note, I meant to say Lebron James is the highest ACTIVE player with a chance to break the record. No disrespect to Dirk, who is the highest active, but likely cannot break the record

  2. John Stockton assists record will never be broken on how the game is played. He was the unselfish and durable. That's hard to come by these days in the NBA

  3. Steve Kerr could beat the Bill Russel ring record because Kerr has like 9 rings counting the ones he got as a coach

  4. No shit, Rasheed Wallace always argued with the refs. He was like the Draymond Green of that day
    (Ball Don't Lie)

  5. Make a video about 10 reasons why new Orleans is the greatest football franchise ever and why drew brees is the goat

  6. Me the goat hmmmm I don’t remember his team beating a 72-9 team I don’t remember him coming back from a 3-1 lead I don’t remember him postering Jason terry oh wait that’s lebron 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  7. This video could use more of the awkward zoom-ins/slides of guys’ legs and crotches.
    Did no one else notice those?

  8. But Lebron makes 10,000 points in five years so, he gonna brake Kareem's record.

    Btw I knew that Lebron makes 10,000 points in five years is because of Dean Schorder's comment

  9. I said if wilt chamberlains avg 70 points a game in a season I would hit myself in the face now I need a stitch

  10. My Question Is ?…. who was wilts competition some of his accolades shouldnt count due to lack of his comp rt !

  11. John Stockton career assists will likely never be broken. Playing along side the second highest scorer for 17 years or 18 years whatever it was… a duo like him and Malone never come along.

  12. It's Calvin Murphy and Craig Ehlo was actually a very poor free throw shooter. Great 3 point shooter, but poor at ft

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