the NBA is a League of players and records and stats so heavily tracked in the sport aren't the biggest deal to the sand or the players probably the most important stat people pay attention to our endorsement deals and jewelry but when you keep stats sometimes players get the ownerís duty of fouling things up so bad they on a record that nobody wants and like jock itch they are hard to get rid of and here are five NBA records that may make you scratch your head oh that pun was so intended number five highest career turnovers per game average russell westbrook three point nine two Russell Westbrook is an amazing basketball player now that he's successfully kicked Kevin Durant off his OKC Island he has become a triple-double machine a one-man band of many talents shooting scoring rebounding being impossible to play with and of course having the highest per game turnover ratio in the history of the NBA hold on Russell this isn't a bad record to have because let's look at the company near you when it comes to who else like to do the Tony Romo out on the hardwood second is Magic Johnson with three point eight seven turnovers per game followed by Isiah Thomas with three point seven six and then mr. practice himself Allen Iverson with three point five seven a game I mean listen we talking about practice all those dudes in the Hall of Fame in fact everyone in the top 10 for worst amount of turnovers is in the Hall of Fame except for Eric Allen's twin brother Reggie Theus who gave up the ball three point four times a game so maybe Russell shouldn't hang his head in shame but I mean the stat doesn't lie he gives up the ball almost four times a game and that's a direct side-effect of his hero ball brand of play you can dispute me on this but stats don't lie take that for data take that for data number for quickest time to foul out of a game bubble wells three minutes on December 29th 1997 Bubba wells of the Dallas Mavericks was given an unusual job playing against the defending champion mega team the Chicago Bulls wells was sent into a game to do nothing but molest Dennis Rodman like a creepy uncle until he fouled out and well in which this was his only NBA season was very dedicated to his craft of trying to find Dennis Rodman's genitalia as he accomplished his mission to foul out in three whole minutes I guess the strategy was to put Rodman on the line and get some usefulness out of well to average three point three points a game in 1997 and was about as effective on the court as a folding chair talk about your all-time backfires as Rodman went nine from 12 from the line for the game and Don Nelson pseudo hack-a-shaq strategy did not work as they lost 111 to 105 and they were the Mavericks and those Bulls went on to teabag the entire league on their way to their fifth championship in seven years judge Buller has three rings Lal copter number three he was career blocks for a player over seven feet tall more than 82 games played Chuck Nebat 111 there have been many tall players in the NBA and you would assume that being much taller than your opponents would result in some natural things more rebound more easy buckets and of course more block shot but like any athletic skill you actually have to hone your trade and apparently 7-foot five-inch chuck nebat didn't have much of a skill set other than being seven foot five despite a career that spanned nearly ten years and included winning an NBA championship in 1985 with the Lakers Nevitt only appeared in 155 total games in his career and only recorded 111 blocks which is 0.7 blocks per game easily the worst ratio among super tall NBA players over seven feet even Sean Bradley averaged 2.5 blocks a game and he was hot garbage out there 7-foot tall male vagina Roy Hibbert averages one point seven three blocks a game a full block above nevets mark so basically this dude didn't do any finger wagging in the paint averaged 1.6 points per game and basically someone told him hey dude you're tall you should play basketball and he listened number two most time playing in a game without a single stat contribution Kenny Walker 12 minutes hi-yah Kenny Skywalker the man who was really good at one thing running towards the basket and leaping into the air with flying squirrel like grace and he violently slammed the rock through the hoop oh yeah too bad he wasn't good at much else as Kenny Skywalker wasn't a great shooter though he had a wicked fate and on December 11 1993 Kenny Walker did something that I actually have in common with him he recorded absolutely zero stats in an NBA game the big difference in that commonality is that I have not and never will play in the NBA Kenny Skywalker was out there on the floor dressed in a bullets uniform for 12 minutes zero points zero rebounds zero steals didn't even take a shot it was like he just ran around in a gym clothes for 12 minutes and then just grab some pine and that was it now lots of players have done this as I think that's only slightly less than Darko milotic's entire career stat line was but no player has ever logged so many minutes and contributed nothing and we all have that person at work don't we number one most missed shots in a game without scoring a single field goal we've all had our bad days right at that time you forgot to hit the mute button on your phone and you're called your boss a fat pig the other time when you had to kick a dildo off the field for work you know it happens but Tim Hardaway well he had a really bad day Hardaway the architect of the UTEP two-step was playing for the Warriors in 1991 against the t-wolves and to say he got off to a bad start is an understatement now Hardaway wasn't known to be a shooter as he had incredible dribble skills but this night was exceptionally bad Oh for 17 from the field back that's right he hoisted up 17 shots and didn't hit a single one of them I mean you would think a jumper on the wing or a layup would have fallen but yep not a single one despite his performance which would have made even yang kadar a went his team still somehow won yeah we all have your bad days like when you say on a radio show you hate gay people and you have to spend the next seven years learning how to accept gay people at least you finally got that part right and luckily sometimes you get another chance 17 of them to be exact agree with my list think I left any off leave a like comment and subscribe if you're not already and on five points and you made it to the end of this video he'd know he should be in a locker room while we in a locker room and it's just a whole lot of other things so I wouldn't I wouldn't even be a party

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  1. Your one liners and jokes were too funny. Especially the molesting uncle joke. I liked, shared, and subscribed to your channel just because I know your videos will be great. Great video.

  2. If you’re the star player on a team you’re liking to be heavily defended which would lead to more turnovers

  3. 7 foot male vagina Roy Hibbert XD!!!! I mean I guess you're not wrong. He never lived up to what people thought he would be.

  4. "seven foot tall male vagina" @4:04 minute had me ROTFL. you can't say those things out in public anymore i miss it when we could.

  5. Stats don’t lie yes. But you left out context to slander Russell Westbrook. Obviously when you have the ball so much you are going to turn it over.

  6. I just beat russ record on 2k hahaha 4.1 turnovers per game but. But i avrg 17.4 assist per game and 36.7ppg

  7. Westbrook isnt even in the top ten in career average turnovers.. Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Lebron is top 3. Where are you getting your information?

  8. At 4:23 thats pétur guðmudsson thenonly icelandic player to play in the nba

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