era places the pipe moon the second moon that we usually go for you'll Ben runs are okay fork moon what fork moon in luncheon let's get these rhymes pls thanks Abby for the hundreds can you can I haven't really considered it I mean it would be kind of cool but I don't even know where I'd put it I mean it could just be like really small or something but I feel like that would take up my computer's probably like not even good enough to fucking run that I feel like my shits already like max I don't watch yeah I thought about shift when you mentioned that – I really know anybody else who does that actually bonking is like two seconds well depends where you bone I'll give you bunk just on something on the ground it's like two seconds but if you Blanc on something high up you got a fall all the way down yeah like a standard bunk is just two TV cam is like right when you like press right when you start your timer it starts a video of your PD so you can kind of like in real time watch the difference between the run I'm doing versus might be here sixty-four thanks hundred bits and a good long preciate it nope mr. Glueck focus one bomb doesn't mean after he said no but I mean it depends on the bond and some bonds are intentionally good I missed first clip though one time no I didn't get permission because like there's so many there's just so many looks like people use it just like mascots and shit it's like we have to ask Nintendo for like Lamar you like oh my god that wart is giving me a fucking hard time now first try just the warp was bad do all my fucking of course something has to happen every time something has to happen can't avoid it you can never get a good run something has to happen and when you ledge grab like that and you do a get up you can't move Mario until you fucking okay I want to fucking please just because of a bad roll canceling it's not hard just easiest shit dude five plus five keep going wide here all of a sudden that's like a new thing get a capture card fuck dude oh I was complete another dog shit because I miss that fucking one bath like you know I really fucked up if I lose time on that split I'm just have to talk to them normally the staircase there is too hard to not get a fucked up [Applause] nice to go look herbs nice about salmon once there okay [Applause] thanks chef boyardee for the prime appreciate it welcome to call me as drivers yeah Oh boys here we go pal nice clean flame from Twitter I appreciate it welcome to the Conway's chill thanks easy skate thanks loudest [Applause] thanks Benji fuck man thanks JP [Applause] celebratory hands in the air celebratory hands in the air celebratory hands in the air celebratory hands in the air celebratory hands in the air celebratory hands in the air crowd I was here yeah you guys should stay long the donations beautiful yes dude this is that you did it you legend let's cut you young roads a house in Nik remote here's to not choking out mean more to come if this is sue Bauer ha God is here let's go sour milk or yogurt can we please get one year stove food delicious mr. reporters friend Rick fireball – enjoy dude holy shit dude backpack best dude yes yes fuck yes fuck yes dude fuck this shit holy fucking shit let's fucking go dude okay I almost fucking I almost fucking like shat the bed on those fucking pillars dude oh my god yes I got it let's see the better dude [Laughter] people oh okay okay I had a run earlier that died too fucking Mac dude and I did I really didn't think I was gonna get another one today I'm like thank fucking god thank God that was the run dude finally come all this way okay fine oh my dear Justin I'm like I can finally like I can finally fucking live a little bit dude oh my god Trev fell on the way to my house and his hand is like bleeding yeah I don't even know like I'm so bad I'm so behind on fucking shit like I'm gonna guys we're gonna be streaming for a little while longer obviously we're gonna be celebrating and I gotta thank us shit ton of evil man I woulda do that happen man you did it how do you find yes you you've been wreaking some hard what you can I mean I don't want to Oh so I kind of like okay I was shaking so hard that like on those pillars dude a lot I miss I miss one of the shots in the first one and I couldn't I was trying I was trying to jump and shake but like I was just doing this shit holy fuck shift I don't know do this too much shit going on there's so much shit going on of course be oh thank you like dude my headphones my headphones are all fucked up too everything's like glitching out I can't hear shit I'm still fucking shaking and yeah I don't want to say to you it's done it's gone dude are you a fucking legend amazing to see or journey over the past year entertainment Nick rope hog holy shit bro you know trial fucking congratulations fuck I'm so proud okay all week I've been bringing back shit runs from like wooded and I knew I had to have like a crazy like I'm SSO for the and like Bowser's is pretty nice and I almost did I almost threw it you think I don't know I'm just so thankful I'm so I'm so thankful I'm so thankful dude there's still too much shit going on so late yeah we're gonna be here we're gonna be here for a fucking while we're gonna be here for a bit um yeah I guess I'll just let you guys go crazy Oh like it's it's weird cuz like like it's just done I don't know like it's just done dude fuck you yes fuck do you think I don't you can finally relax no yeah finally Congrats Jesus Christ alright I can't stop like shaking that was so why show the splits um one saying here I can how do I do this I'm sorry fucking no capture splits there's a split I don't know where to put him put him over Trev put him over me oh yeah I didn't even I guess I should change my fucking title we got sub-1 bitch I'm so fucking happy Aaron honey I don't need to say we got so I can just we got 15 that's my actual boy he did it so what's nitros path looking like for any percent no one yeah we got it we gotta talk about some shit Oh Dan okay I was definitely hoping for like a mid 5x at least like I really should have done it if I just didn't mess up that first pillar but you know what fuck it fuck it uh chaos curbs fucking door you yeah I I hope you destroy my ass I'm kind of glad you got 5959 in a way like I would rather he get that than like 59-58 I mean it's nice it's like it's just someone yeah like it definitely came like coming down to that it's definitely like more of a relief I don't know what are you how are you feeling right now well dude Kate the run I killed 20 K bits for set hours well the run that I killed earlier to make like I felt like I was gonna fucking die see here's the thing right I want to get farther you know how like over time you get further and further on pace yeah and you keep making it eventually it's gonna happen right but like I needed to put myself in that scenario of like feeling like that on Mac so you know what that run died so this run could live in a way the fact that I felt so nervous on that previous run kind of made me more prepared for this one and I actually think like you that happened for a reason that happened for a fucking reason everything happens for a reason gotta love it um dude SuperMario fucking honestly any vision dude it's a dead category dude I just and what an amazing gift how like it just comes down to sub our dude like fuck how perfect is that like this run dude fucking this run kind of like the worst I was behind was I think on exit' tower yeah I lost like fucking five seconds in Tower dude and then I'm just like Kate micro mode like remote-activated fuck this shit okay alright yo thank you guys so much for the grats oh yeah wiggler weather soft wiggler was even worse than my other PB mm let's fucking go dude yeah I could I guess make sure you're following the channel if you're not you know like all these fucking people here we got bigger things common common it doesn't it doesn't descend there it's it right now any person might be I plan to retire this category unless something unless something big happens to this category like if there's some crazy discoveries like I might come back to it or what maybe one day in the future you'll just get this like random spark and you'll be like you know what I want to get rolled right let's go not only potentially however the any % GS a-league it's still going so I'm still on stream I'll do like the occasional any percent no reset just for like you know just say warmed up for the you can shit but we're gonna be moving on to darker side I'll go back to that I ran dark side for like the month of October so I already kind of know it so I we should be able to get back and do it like pretty quickly and then dude we sports man you guys want that fucking Wii Sports action oh I'm gonna give it to you maybe not tonight but we're gonna get back to that shit I'm gonna gonna dabble let's go gonna dabble in sm64 again fuck it and we'll just be straight-up fucking ballers okay we're gonna do a lot of shit it's gonna be fun check toadette stats oh yeah I guess I can I can still play the game let's go I just realized I missed Mario's saying thank you so much for playing my game I was gonna say fucking thank you Mario actually deserved it from 104 and 20 seconds to 59 59 thanks for everything from 104 22:15 everything between schubauer is for the Conway's sue Bauer is for the Conway Neubauer is for the Conway's sue Bauer is for the Conway's sue Bauer is for the Conway's sue Bauer is the Conway's Bauer is for the Conway's – Bauer is for the Conway's I was gonna say though fucking thanks Mario for obeying my orders you son of a bitch finally obeying my orders he never fucking listens cunt okay oh wait wait wait toad stats I've never checked most my toad standards wait why am i checking my toad stats what do you want what do you want to see specifically toad stats oh wait I'm not even on the game I'm not even paying attention yes yes dude yes dude no we have ripped road yo WTF : way am I am I even doing the right thing I'm gonna go wash my hands cuz I've blood all over you know Travis Travis fell he like tripped and fell on the way here because he was like so nervous or some shit I was like sprinting here was like extreme my phone was like full blast I'm like running down the fucking Road little fucking Mario fucking like moons 103 and for but son it's just jumps I don't even know what these are nice work thank you you know okay again I I'll be here all fucking night thanking people but I will I will try to go through it so if you want want the shout outs I'll be here you're nuts thanks Bob 103 is gentleman for his Cathy thrus huh you're the best Nick thank you fucking college dude there it is take them dude GG thank you can't believe it's over dude oh my god say it dude this record is definitely not saying it's so very so very it's over it's over it's over it's over it's over it's over yeah sad this records not safe bye hey are the first bitches so I wanted it so I won I'm about to get fucked soon okay with that look tweet the splits oh yeah yeah what the hell why didn't I do that the thing is okay so I got to do a lot of shit right all right I got fucking tweet this out I gotta get some clips I got a I got a upload this I got a fucking thang a million people and I got a do a bunch of shit shit's going crazy right now my head's about to fuckin explode celebration song do you am I gonna get coffee right straight submit to sta okay I mean what looking at the dancing that's ditto my dad's just checking out the alerts I don't even know what to say I'm so glad you got it hey thanks bro okay I'm gonna I'm gonna make a picture this one side grats yo thank you for the dough no claws a year what even is today March 23rd nah I got my first record January of last year yeah I got a here I'm gonna fuckin well you did like one of the greatest accomplishments in gaming history yeah well that was the first like recorded in getting us but that's not like it wasn't the first one it's just at the time when it was time for them to take the the free times I was you know thanks Matthew alright I'm gonna fuckin ya guys get on Twitter right now I'm gonna I'm gonna upload the splits and you all better fucking like it and retweet it congrats man amazing job now take a stress vacation thanks to the bit okay wait I'm about to tweet so get your fucking likes and retweets already I need to I need to think of an eyetie good emoji to put I'm trying to make this message like you did it congratulations glad we got to see you make it all right I tweeted go like my tweet go like my fuckin shitty tweet and go retweet it and shit oh my god imagine imagine somebody just missed that imagine missing that holy fuck isn't that so satisfying to look at thank you guys for liking and favoriting and retweeting my tweets I appreciate it I'll show make sure to follow if you're not follow the socials I feel like sick to my stomach from that right yeah dude I honestly would have been really really really fucking disappointed if I'm like I'm honest I'm so burned out like I'm actually really burned out like I can handle it but it's like really like I'm pretty fucking burned out so like obviously like again I would have kept on fighting no matter what cuz like again III had to dude but like it's just thank fucking christ it's done all right at this point yeah if you guys want me to play some songs because like I can't upload that shit to YouTube if I play songs sigh at this point I'm gonna say bye YouTube bye YouTube and yeah let's play some fucking bangers or some shit

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  1. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support lately! <3
    Make sure to follow me on Twitch to catch these runs & more live!

    (Streams almost everyday)

    Also check the description for the FAQ if you have questions! 🙂

  2. 26:21 yo igualmente, si un tipo extraño cae del cielo para escucharme en mi depresión, le diera una luna xDDDDD

  3. Did Nintendo plan to make a route for speed running or do the speed runners find a path?

  4. Times it takes for NicroVeda to get a moon:5 secs
    Time it takes for me to get a moon:5 years

    Still looking for one to this day

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  6. Hey, I'm not familiar with speedrunning, can someone please explain the interface to me? What for example is The Sum of the best segments. Also doesn't it say his PB is 50.93?

  7. That was insane!
    It literally blows my mind how u just hit almost every Jump, every Clip, every roll cancel its just insane!
    Congratulations dude!

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